4.20 @ SPARC

I am at SPARC, and I am really disappointed to say I just spend $63 on a half ounce of weed. Just a couple of days ago I was looking into the prospects of purchasing by the pound for $250 per. Ugh. It wasn’t a lit 420. Now there is ppl at my table. I’m gonna smoke a j.


Wow. What an evening, especially after the day I had. So I closed up my computer after a group of three people sat down to my same table at SPARC and starting talking to me just a little bit. I thought it was about to be a full on conversation I got into, but it really wasn’t all that much. So I sat and smoked the vape, sharing the Volcano with the 3-person group and then one phone-loner sitting next to me. Eventually they left; in reverse order, and then a group of five gents from NYC sat down. Well they just said New York…but I think they meant the city. To me, they implied that they live in the City of New York, not just the state. I chatted it up with them, and found it interesting when I asked: “ever been to Chicago,” and the guy closest to me replied “No. I hear it’s small and windy.” BOOM. Small and windy. Idk if that’s how I’d describe Chicago, because Milwaukee is so small in comparison, but ‘small and windy’ doesn’t sound good; if that’s how 5 New Yorkers know your city. lol

Soothe small bit of writing from SPARC was like 19:00, and I was there for like an hour and a half. Currently the time is 21:08 and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. I have too many stories to tell…how can it be that I say that? I spend so much time writing, I ought to just tell the storie. So actually those guys from NYC left SPARC and then a new guy sat down named Raj, and he is from the city, and he was doing the rounds to the smoke shops tonight for 4/20. Interesting thing though, he works at The Ferry Building, and I was like “Oh cool, my roommate works at Farm Fresh Produce…or Fresh To You Produce or something like that,” and before I even finished my sentence he was like “Oh ha, really? I think I know who he is.” “Hmm, Yeah?” I replied “Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Whattt the fuck does that mean you guys? He knows Casey because Casey is…a lunatic? He is a bit crazy man; does totally abnormal stuff, no doubt. I just left it lie. I didn’t pick it up. He knows the guy I live with just because…there is probably only one guy who’s eclectic and sticks out at the Fresh Grocery Store. So you know: I had a rough 4/20. Kalen has the total plug on weed, and what happens? We run out of weed like moments after 4/20. He also told me he is going to stop buying weed, so essentially stop smoking. He has been acting in a strangely irritated manner as of late, and I would judge he is having both: some problems with people from his homeland, and some general growing pains with life. He has a pretty basic, but good job, and he is on the road to shallow success; but still success. I get how that can be lame, but it’s gotta be more than that. He has just been acting a fool as of late. He broke his pipe a while back, and now he just went total flat-out lameo on us for 4/20. Casey wasn’t bothered, but I was; a little. We didn’t even smoke a good joint today! Kalen is obviously having something upsetting him, but idk if I want to get into that with him. I’ll just write about it on my website…for my 4/20 post.

There is this group of people next to me getting really into the gambling machines here at Happy Donuts. Kinna wild. Idk if I would ever want to get that into gambling. So what’s my plan for tomorrow? Well Casey has the day off, so he is just going to wonder. I would like to find a job. I think I am…fed up. I hate that I smoke weed and then I am so mellow about everything. I am not happy with my living situation! Or my money situation! I should have been had a job by now. Idk. I am fucking up my second SF start. So I am going to work on that tomorrow; the getting a job thing. Hopefully send out like 5-10 emails, and maybe even walk into a place. I need to cut off my beard, definitely by Monday.

The lady gave me an extra donut. I was confused at first, but it is as I figured: kind of a damaged donut, plus it’s 4/20. I can not wait to start working and making some money in this city. Can. Not. Wait. But I have to wait. I think I have written that same phrase before. Recently, maybe. I am eating my third donut btw. Wow. Three ole fashion’s. You think I’ll live to see 97 years old? That would be a good age to view things from. It would be crazy if my G made it to 97. 2033. That is the year he will be 97. I will be 41. Think I will still be writing this blog? Honestly I hope so. I was wondering to myself today if I will ever want to, in my older years, go back and re-read my oldoldold posts, and I came to the conclusion that if I keptkeptkept writing, then I would have no interest in my old posts, or rereading any of my work in general. I have a seriously unhealthy fascination with donuts, that’s all I know. Omg I want to eat another one, but it’s like ughhh I am sickly full rn forreal. I’m actually not full…but I have consumed a lot of sugar, and I think it’s affecting my joy.

So my plan is to go back to Casey’s, pee, crash, wake up at probably…6 or 7 in the morning like usual, and then head over to USCH…maybe BSCR if I am feeling frisky, and get some coffee and a pastry and sit down and edit…all of my writing? All of it! and then move onto looking for work. After? Idk. Probably go meet up with Casey since I need him to get into the house. Okay. That’s it…the time is 21:36 in San Francisco and I am saying peace out. These cats to my right are still gambling on the machine but they haven’t won anything. Okay peacepeacepeace. H appy 420420420420 … .. .. .


* * *

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4.17-4.19 Happy Donuts

I never do fucking anything. I am eating a giant apple fritter [I think it’s giant, idk the average size of an apple fritter] and drinking a huge coffee. Check And Mate. The time is 18:05 and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. What I should be doing is writing a proposal to get this job I read about on Craigslist. It’s a paid gig: being the ambassador for a weed company. I would reply to emails, and go to events. It’s totally up my alley, I should really apply. I need to build up the confidence to write that email…or something. Am I just lazy? It doesn’t have to be anything long, I should just get it over with. I’m gonna talk to Casey about it maybe tho, and get to it in the AM.

Some lady gave me “chocolate covered grapes” today as I was entering the Library. She was leaving. Normally I would never eat food from strangers…but I felt good vibes with this. The weirdest part about the whole thing is that what she gave me, they were definitely chocolate covered raisins. I really thought she was about to whip out a bag of fat-ass grapes with chocolate all over them and give it to me, and she pulled out some chocolate covered raisins, but it said ‘chocolate covered grapes’ on the container! I should have taken a photo, but I totally didn’t, and now I’ve thrown it away cuz I ate them all. It was a lot.

This apple fritter is a lot. Whoa. Sugar sugar sugar; it’s basically all I consume. I have just over two hours before Casey gets off work…what to do? what to do! I should be prepping for the future…instead I just do this. I am going to text my Dad real quick to see if he got my debit card. || I ate some of my fritter after I texted him, and still no answer. I called him a little bit ago too, but he didn’t answer and I don’t blame him because I really called out of nowhere. Okay! So! What I need to do is…some research. and take notes. and find a job and a regular place to chill with good, cheap scones and good internet. Happy Donuts…I don’t think there is internet here. I haven’t asked, but nothing of similarity shows up in the wifi options. OoOo my Dad texted me. My debit card arrived at his house! Wowza. He is going to mail it to me…or actually he is going to mail it to Casey. Cool. So I’ll get that in a couple of weeks or whatever, and I’ll be able to get direct deposit at my new job, wherever that new job is. I can’t believe I elected to leave Buena Vista park and come eat this apple fritter. I should have just stayed there all night, that was the move. I just want to lay down someplace warm. The wind was starting to come actually, that is why I left the park. The wind is going to be striking everywhere in the city. Ugh. I still have a long time before Casey gets off work. Today was a really unproductive day, and now I am literally all the way out of money. Cool. Okay…I should really sit here and edit and what not until Casey gets off in 2 hours, but I feel like I am going to do something much stupider like go smoke weed in a park somewhere. I am hungry. Nonono; I am stoned! I need to be prepping for that job and all that, but nah, I’ve just been in and out, in and out; not living right. I gotta figure it out. Idk what to do…but I think I am going to go chill in a park and think about life…I guess for 2 hours, as I wait for Casey. I really wish I had a girl to hang out with. I will have to figure that situation out and get a girl to kick it with…Peace!

* * *

My job search is not going well. Maybe I just don’t want a job lol. I want a job in one of those tech kitchens, that seems like the move. There are jobs available, but many of them are not what I would want to do long term. I want a job I can hold onto for a while, maybe get a raise…it would definitely become easy, you know?

I am writing to you from USCH, and dare I say…I am bored? I looked through all the ads on CL this morning, but nothing jumped out to me, and then I even reconsidered sending this email I was going to send out…so now I’m just chillin. and I’m almost out of weed. My G did borrow me some money, but idk when it will be in my acct. I also transferred some money over from my tdameritrade acct, so at least I won’t be a totally broke mf for the time being, but damn skippy! I need to find a job. There’s this Ice Cream place hiring, Salt and Straw, and they need a supervisor. I was thinking about applying there, just diving full on into it! From the beginning that would be my plan, to tackle that team and make it run smooth. I know the SF game, I can play that shit. Buttt nothing will be as easy or as good as working in a tech kitchen. 06:00-14:30? Those are the best possible hours I could ever ask for. I will have room for chillin, writing, and a second job if I want. It’s the most ace schedule I could ask for. Working 09:00-17:00? Well obviously that doesn’t sound appetizing by comparison. Casey is telling me to just bite what I got, but I like the prospects of a tech kitchen. I will find one…I will.

On my mind is that I should buy a scone. Damn scones! I could consider hitting the atm too. I am going to see if any of my tda money transferred over. Not yet. I’ve got $24, and my back hurts. My general plan is to go lay is Yerba Buena. I am texting my Dad now. OoOoOo and I feel the coffee. I also messaged Kalen and told him to remind me to tell him about the sweet idea I just had about living in an RV, later when he gets off work. I heard Oakland is actually making a place for people to park their RV’s permanently. Right now the whole bay is full of RV’s parked on the sides of roads everywhere! I’m picturing a situation where you can actually buy a plot at an RV lot, and then that piece of property would probably go up in value. You paid 10k, or maybe even 30k for a large spot, and you have to park an RV on it, and you have to obey some sort of lot code otherwise they kick you out. and I want there to be public toilets on the premises. Right in Oakland. Think this will be available? 30k is a lot of money…that’s 15k a piece if I split it with Kalen, and that would take us forever to save. We could try and get a loan…but would it go up in value? I think it would. I hope you could get one for 10k; a spot that is. Then buy a trailer for an additional 10k, and boom! You got yourself a home, for two people, split 10k each, and in the 2-3 years I would live there I would come out wayyyy on top. Way on top. If I worked 2 jobs…I guess I would have to consider the cost of the BART…it would be better to have something like that on this side, or down by the airport. Is it cheaper to bart to downtown from the airport, or Oakland? I really don’t know. The time is 09:59…I am being so non-productive, it’s not even funny [turns out, I think, the RV lot will be mostly for, like, real homeless people. I don’t see why the homeless people don’t just move to SLC tho.]

To get sconed, or to not get sconed, that is the question! I am also considering going to Bob’s and seeing what they have, but it’s all a farce; I shouldn’t be eating sugar. I am watching a video on IG from beatrixfosterscreates right now as I am typing. I had to look at the keys a little bit for that, but it’s just me having fun with my newly found skill of typing well without looking at the keys. Soo this girl Elena Velez, who is from Milwaukee but I am not sure I have ever met her, she might have even gone to my highschool though; Danae knew her from school, but I went to a different school than Danae. anyway. She styled GRIMES! Dude, wtf?!? I know right. I follow her on IG, not only because she is a beautiful girl from my hometown, but also because she is interesting. She went to Parsons School of Fashion in Paris, and then she got out and moved to NYC and just started doing her thing, and now GRIMES is wearing her fucking clothes. Damn. I am jealous I did not befriend her. She gonna be hella wealthy, and I believe her to be mighty interesting. I mean she is from Milwaukee, so how could she not be ill? Duh. I hope that’s what they say about me lol.

So I posted my HK doc, but I have not even opened up the one previous to this and begun to edit. Apparently I fucking hate editing, it takes me forever to get into. I gotta do it though! Just how I gotta get a job, I gotta keep up with editing. Do I really go to Yerba Buena and just chill? I should be going and getting hired! I am kind of playing it cool until 4/20. Oh! Tomorrow is my Moms birthday. Woohoo! I should probably call her. I am sure she’s doing alright, but I haven’t talked to her on the phone in a while, only thru text messaging. I feel like I am talking in circles. I need to talk about something new. What’s going to happen is, I am going to get a scone, refill my coffee, come back to this table, and…

* * *

So far I am having little luck with the finding a job. I sent out one email today. Woohoo. In front of me I have a large coffee and an apple fritter. I am so bad! I will learn…I hope. Or just survive a long time even with a bad diet lol. I am excited to be an old man…but I gotta make sure I’m set up by the time I get there!

After I left you before I took some notes on starting a t-shirt company with Kalen. I met up with him eventually, and we talked about a lot of the things. ASMR seems to be the way we are taking things. Cool. I am ready for that. I have passion for ASMR, and I would be happy to rep a company that sells ASMR related goods. Shirts. We’re gonna start with shirts.

I just ate a whole fucking fritter. Jesus Christ. Seriously. I can’t believe I am still living this life. I told myself I wasn’t going to get down with the sweets today, and I still ended up with a scone earlier, and a fritter now. Eh. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. I got coffee and a fritter. I am thinking of ordering a second donut…but that’s just so extra. Yeah, one can live like that…but not as long, and the closer it gets to the end the more you’re gonna wish you had done things differently. I’m definitely about to order another donut…tbh I’m just glad I am leaving something behind [when I die]. I’m at 135ish blog posts on my site now, and I am damn proud of that. I remember when I used to sit around drinking alcohol, thinking about life and all that jazz, and now I am actually out here living it, and I am real life writing about my travels. I may not be making money off my writing, and I don’t think this blog will be the pinnacle of my work, but I am out here doing it, and I feel good af about that. Okay. Real life I’m addicted to donuts and I’m going to get another one. Oh wait. The guy went wayway back behind the counter. I am going to wait until he returns. What I first walk into a restaurant it’s fair game, I’ll bother anyone, but once I’ve been there sitting for a while I tend to act different and I am overly-polite about asking for service. Mmm idk where the dude is. Oh wait, I see him. This sure is a quiet donut shop, but I like how roomy it is. I like the donuts at Bob’s better, but I like the wide open spaces of this place forsure. They both have one outlet, ain’t that a level playing field?

I just bought two more fucking donuts, no lie. I bought a plain ole fashion, and a chocolate ole fashion. I am going to regret this very soon, like as soon as I am done eating them lol. I feel like I eat nothing but sugar in the city. Omg. What have I grown up to become!?! I’m a damn sugar monger! Anyway. I am waiting for Casey to get off work. He gets off at 20:00 today, which is in 2 minutes. I told him to meet me at Happy Donuts. I met him at work for the past two days, but I aint ready for that cold walk today.

Was it so long ago I wrote about opening a donut shop inside a hostel? I am pretty sure I dreamed that dream. It is a dead dream now. I could never own a donut shop, or I would do nothing but eat donuts all the time. It would be dreadful to my health. I remember back in the day I used to get sconed as fuckkkk at the Green Tortoise. It was bad…I know that. I would eat like 15 cookies; I was wilding. Boy oh boy, those were some good times though.

I think I am infatuated with selling t-shirts. I am coming up with loads of ideas, not just asmr ideas. There is this site, 6dollarshirts.com; if we were to start selling t-shirts I guess they would become competition, but for now I follow their ig to learn. I would like to sell quality $6 shirts. In fact, I believe if I knew how to sell a shirt for $6 and make a profit, I would be onto a really flexible and realistic business model. Idk how those folks make money with $6 shirts tho; idk where they get the shirts! It’s not witchcraft, but it also ain’t something I’m ready to start doing today. I feel like eating another donut…I should really quit while I’m…well I should just quit. I am going to pack it in and go meet Casey wherever he is, even though I am cold. I just wanted to settle in and write a little bit and, well, look at my ass! I drink a large coffee and eat the equivalent of 4 donuts! Shame on you Chris! Shame on you!

* * *

The time is 19:06 and I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in North Beach. I have a medium coffee and a maple glazed ole fashion in front of me. The donut is good, but I am still a little disappointed in myself for ordering it. I told myself I wasn’t going to eat any sugar today, and you know what? I made it to 19:04 lol. Today was a roller coaster of a day. I’d like to think I learned something, or gained anything in any sense from the day, but only time will tell that; I am improving my life, but it is quite slow.

Today is my Mom’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I miss my mom, it has been quite some time since I have seen her. I saw her for a short amount of time when I was back in Wisconsin, but just a short time. Maybe when I am older we will spend time together like we once did. I have so many splitting thoughts in my head recently. Ugh. and I lack the patience to write them all down, that is the problem. I tell too much of the story. I need to just pick a story, and tell it; short and to the point. Today had some stories, but they are  small potatoes compared to the big picture. I left with Casey this morning, and we spent the whole day tromping around the city before we finally made it back about 30 minutes ago, and then I ate some peanuts for a little bit while he at his Zoro burrito, and then I hit the road. He is pretty drunk and ready to hit the hay, but I am not ready to crash right now. The time is 19:15 as we speak, and the fact is I am not ready for bed.

Omg I just finished that fucking donut. Uggo Fuggo bro, uggo fuggo, that’s all I gotta say about that. Maybe I’ll order a second lol. Right now I am thinking about smoking a bowl…and in fact it’s probably what I should do because later on I am going to do some editing, and that’s practically boring if I am stoned. I think it’s better to do it on the other end of being stoned, like the tail end of it. Ugh. Yeah. So much to tell. This…I want this to be the last HeartOfZeus post you guys…I sit here in Happy Donuts after having a mediocre day, and I have a million thoughts running through my head, the top of which is that I need to gather the patience to spell out everything that is on my mind, but I also feel like if I grasp on to something else, it will help me find that patience for continual story telling. Cue: Spark Twain.

The prospect of editing all my writing is…daunting, to say the least. I have to edit like 10 or 12 pages, which is the first bit from San Francisco, and then I should also edit and publish this…although idk how I am going to publish since this place has no internet. I’d have to go stand outside a Starbucks or something. I wonder if they turn their WiFi off at night, or if like, the homeless people can log on and use that shit all night. That would be the move. It’s cold in the financial district because the buildings funnel all the wind, but there are so many Starbucks, I could now understand why some people choose to sleep there. Seriously! People sleep outside in the FD, at least last year they did. London Breed…I think she has changed the city [for the better] a little bit. Casey pointed out that there are less homeless people, and I might agree with him. I mean I saw the cops wake 3 homeless people up that were sleeping on the Kearny steps the other day. WTF you guys, last year that shit never would have happened. I smoked weed on my work shifts outside on those steps for a long time, and I never saw the cops come and wake someone the fuck up. Never. Nevereverever. If you had told me that I was about to see the 5-0 wake up the homeless people sleeping on the Kearny steps, back when I was in Vietnam, I never would I have been able to believe you. Cops didn’t do shit about the homeless people last year. Like not shit. It was a joke. It’s going to take some getting used to; because with the cops playing harder on the homeless folk, I am closer to the fringe than I’ve ever been in this city!

Today I bought some new socks…soon I will need a new hoodie. I actually bought one last year in Chicago from a thrift store in Wicker Park, but I gave it to the guy who was running my first Airbnb in India because I didn’t need it. Honestly; you wanna know honest? I bought the new one because it was a cold day in Chicago and I needed it when I stupidly didn’t bring my leather coat. I didn’t want to wear the one I bought in Chi while I was in India, because it looked new af, and you know I have this old holey af hoodie, but I earned and built all these holes. I didn’t want to walk around in a brand new hoodie getting treated like a brand new hoodie cat [it was bright hunting-orange] when I have a perfectly good hoodie that gets me treated like the mf who built the hoodie. I mean it’s a Carhardt hoodie, I didn’t really craft it, but I have worn this thing a lot since my G bought it for me in like…2011? Let’s just say 2011, I could be totally off with that. I remember being in Fleet Farm and looking at the hoodies, and i remember picking this one out…it’s such a mess when the actual date was, but logically it must have been after I lived in River West. I feel like maybe I owned the hoodie during my time in River West…but probably not. I wonder if I should buy another donut. I am really not keeping on track with what I want to/am supposed to be writing.

I was going to tell you about my day, and how Casey bought two super veggie burritos from this place Gordo on 9th Ave, but then I got sidetracked. Well, now I have told you. He got drunk af again today. idkkkk. The more drunk he gets the less he gives a fuck about anything, and so as the day goes on it gets harder to continue kicking it with him. It’s so weird when he gets drunk; like, he turns kind of dysfunctional, but recently imo he has been turning into an asshole when he gets drunk…which is everyday. I mean…that’s bad right? The truth is I know Casey is an alcoholic, and Casey knows I am an alcoholic, but that doesn’t mean I can get thru to him. I watched him save up 7k, and then slowly blow all of it on cheap, shitty coke from some guy down on Mission and Four. It was…so sad. but you know what? Casey don’t give no fucks. He doesn’t give a fuckkk. He strung that habit well into when he couldn’t afford it, and he was getting a little bit fucked up at MAC’D. I mean sometimes he would get high af, don’t get me wrong, but then a lot of the time I would watch him stretch a little amount for quite a long time. It wasn’t fun to watch any of it, and so after I left the city he got off that shit, and then he started drinking right afterward! No good. That was how things went down.

Actually that’s what all my ‘lost’ writing is about. Last year I wrote like 150 pages of…rambling, and it’s split up into six document titled Bob’s Donuts 1-6. The lot of it I was about being blown out with Casey so eventually you will be able to read about that whole experience. I basically…forgot what I have written. I know how to access it, and eventually I need to edit it, but for now it just sits. It’s still not that old.

I just bought another donut. It is almost fully dark outside, and the time is 19:52 on 04/19/19. I sit in this city full of highly educated, tech industry people, and I feel myself very poor. I want more. But how bad do I really want it? It’s been one whole week that I have been back in SF, and I still don’t have a job, or even any real prospects of a job. I was going to go apply for this cashier position today, but I didn’t go in. I need to shave my beard off if I am going to work in food, forreal. The cashier position is 7-3 m-f in the fd, did I write about it already? Those are good prospect. and 17 an hour. Boom! What more could I ask for? I just show up sober every day and I’ll be making good money in no time. I kinna wish I had gone in today, but Monday might still be a good day. If they haven’t hired anyone, then it’ll always have been meant to be. Dig?

I could literally show up at 2 am tonight; I have the keys and Casey is just chillin back there. It’s good. but I probably won’t use this freedom too liberally, I’ll probably come back early. He has smashed burrito all over the inside of his bag and I fear it will bring The Roaches. Real thing. I can’t believe I wrote that. I kind of felt that writing about it could bring bad juju on the subject, but then I decided: fuck that, I do what I want.

I want so badly to grab life by the balls…and I know I don’t because I am always stoned. I used to get stoned and have a surge of energy, but now it’s like I can only do that every once and awhile. I gotta like, only smoke the second half of the day, you know? I want a full time job where I am getting paid well enough to save, and I want a smokin-hot girl friend who lets me fuck her in all sorts of crazy ways, and I know both of these are very obtainable in my position, and it’s disappointing I haven’t gone after their acquisition harder since I have been back in the city! For the first time in my life I feel like I have it in me to build my own empire, finally, and I am so excited to start! So it’s like…why don’t I have a job yet? I have been sitting and talking myself into “I only want a job at a tech kitchen,” yet at the same time I am not jumping on shaving my beard, which I really should be. I am hoping to meet some girl at Dolores Park tomorrow and have her shave my beard. That’s what I want. Oh yeah; that’s what I want. I was just daydreaming about it. Could go totally swell man. Maybe she’ll plug me on a job too. Do I want to work in North Beach? Wow. I should have gone in for that cashiering job at the sandwich place in the Galleria. I need to go in on Monday. Just like…taking orders on a touch screen all day and dealing with money? Sounds like the most boring thing in the world, but I promise I would be phenomenal at it. I am really adamant about getting a job in the morning and then not smoking weed before I go to work. Even though I am Spark Twain, I still want to hold a job where I don’t smoke weed all the time. Kalen is doing it and he is living a pretty good life. If I start trying to work some cashiering job in the fd all stoned everyday, that’s just going to end ugly. I’ll be spending more money on weed, first all, and second I’ll be tired af all the time and I just won’t be having a good time. If I get a job where I’m the customer service captain/cashier at a sandwich shop in tech part of the city? and I don’t smoke weed everyday until I’m out of work and I get paid and use my checks to pay rent in the city and invest in things that will help make me more money on the side; and I keep this up for a year or two, probably while getting promotions at my job even though the hours will never change because they close at 15:30? Smooth-fucking-move that would be! I’m on seven pages here…there is no way I am about to edit all that work tonight. Am I? I really should. I should stay out until midnight if that’s what it takes, duh! Get some new content on my blog for 4/20?!? Nobody except for Kalen really reads it, but I still feel good about it all. Hmm. and I said earlier in this article, like within the last hour lol, that I was done with HOZ and I was moving onto ST. Idk if that is going to remain true. It would be a good motivator, because I need some money rolling in to fuck with expanding on ST, but that is certainly not my number one reason for getting money and I don’t think it is going to rock the boat enough to really make me motivated; and so it’s not worth me entertaining the idea just to fail, or expending the extra resources implementing the change at this stage, because like I said: no one is really reading this and I don’t think that is about to change just because I change formats over to ST; although I think the format change will overtime help build a stronger, more memorable personal-writing-brand. PWB I guess.

I am so fucked up over girls, man. There were just these two spry looking birds in Happy Donuts, and one of them was thicc, I mean like thiccaf and they came into the shop while I was editing before, but then I went outside to smoke a bowl, and while I was out there they left the donut shop, but they kind of bobbed around outside for a bit and I knew I could go talk to them; of course my ego has me thinking they were bobbing around waiting for me to talk to them specifically. My ego thinks things like that a lot, it’s probably not true, I realize as I get older and use logic more and more. So I came back in and wanted to edit, but I just couldn’t/can’t get the one girl out of my head. She was wearing skin tight black jeans, and a black hoodie. Punk rocker, and looked a little in the face like the girl from Cambridge who was going for astrophysics at university of someotherlesser city. I’m not saying this girl looked a lot like her, just a little bit, but it made me think that maybe she’s actually a nerd disguised as a punk rocker. Idk. It doesn’t matter. She’s gone, with her ass and all that, and I am stuck here with my computer and I am supposed to be editing some of my past work, but I got horny and distracted and have wound up writing instead of editing…as usual. I am not worried though. I write…a lot. I do. I know that I produce a lot of writing. I re-read all of it at least once when I give it the final edit, and then it goes to my website, and much of that stuff I haven’t read since I posted it. It’s getting to the point where I am starting to wonder what to do with all the writing. Can I sell it in anyhow? Write an epic using all the different articles, the new story being an expedited version of the Heart Of Zeus story? I could do that. Ugh. So much work. It’s all so much work. My current plan is to switch over to the Spark Twain platform and start writing more humorous stories, mostly about San Francisco but I could write stories about anywhere. Then I will make people want to read the stories because they are funny, interesting, and informative, as they will be pseudo-fiction. Real SF; embellished stories.

Ugh. I don’t feel like fucking editingggg. I guess it’s my job. Writing has become the easy part, where as editing is the really dreadful task. I can writeandwriteandwrite forever, and the fact is that I want to edit all the work I produce. If I let someone else go over it, they might not do what I would want done for the editing, and in the end they could fuck it all up. I could never read, or even look at the final product; ever, but that doesn’t seem like a good way to build a personal brand.

The time is 21:14 in North Beach and I am still at the donut shop. I am starting to think I should head back to Casey’s, idk. I could edit in the morning, make it my sole task, and then go to the park later. I guess I don’t wanna be all smoked out before 4:20. I mostly celebrate the day, but so many people celebrate the time too it’s hard to avoid. When it’s not 4/20 I smoke at 16:20 if I notice it, or if I can. But when it is 4/20, I just smoke and smoke and don’t worry about the time of day or anything like that. Dig? Okay…I am going to wrap this up, power through editing as much of my other work as I can, and then go hit the hay at Casey’s and wake up on 4/20 and get baked all day and meet some cute girls. Peace!

Spark Twain

* * *

A Note from the future:
You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through,
and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work.
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It’s 4/20 bitches. Gettchasmokeon. That’s what imma do. Casey, Kalen, and myself, we’re going up to Delores Park for 16:20 today. Gonna be lit. Be there, or forever hold your squareness.

Spark Twain

* * *

A Note from the future:
You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through,
and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work.
Thanks in advance!

A Triumphant Return To North Beach! 04/13/19-04/17/19

San Francisco, I have returned! The clock on my computer is telling me the right time again! Woohoo! It’s 04:03, and I am writing to you from the 24 hour donut shop in North Beach, and there are a good amount of people in here right now; granted it’s Saturday. I arrived here at 10 yesterday morning, and I met Casey at the airport. We smoked a bowl out front and left on the BART by 11. By the time I dropped my bags off at his house, it was an hour before my flight would depart from China. I traveled back in time! I left Hong Kong at 13:10 on Friday, and arrived in San Francisco at 10:00 the same day. I had always heard people talk about experiencing that time-travel phenomenon during travel, but to have gone through it myself, well, now I feel like a real traveler lol.

My computer says it’s going to die in 53 minutes, which is actually an improvement over when I opened it and it said 28 minutes, but I turned the brightness down and was able to save some life. So I arrived, met up with Casey and we hoofed it around, and then at 14:30 we met up with Kalen at the Cal Train Station. Let me say first of all, that Casey is on a stampede of trouble and I just don’t. know. why. He is always trying to get me to do something outlandish, like smoke weed in the Cal Train station for no reason. It feels rude to smoke in there because it’s kind of an enclosed area. He is always talking about how the city leads the world and shit like that, and five seconds later he’s darting into traffic because he’s on a “take the streets back” movement. Apparently cars create 90% of the air pollution in the city, and he thinks there should be no more cars in SF, only public transit. This is an interesting theory. I am not yet sure what I think of it yet. I do like the idea of a San Francisco with no personal cars. Only Uber, Lyft, Muni, Bart, Cable Cars, bikes, and walking. I dig that. Especially if the public transit was really free. I only treat it like it’s free right now.

So one thing that is different about the city since five months ago is the amount of homeless people. There are way less homeless people blocking the sidewalks in the middle of the day and shit. I haven’t yet determined how I feel about the situation. It seems to be different at night. There are still  some homeless folks walking around. In fact, one just came into the donut shop from the south, and left to the north. She has been chilling outside for a while too. I just finished my maple ole fashion. Good way to start the rest of my life, huh? I know. I also have 2 joints rolled, and I suppose I am going to smoke one in…1 minute because it’s 04:20. Bingo. Then? Idk. The plan is to kill time until USCH opens at 6am. I kinna wish I brought my book, but I didn’t. Oh! I nearly forgot to mention the reason I am up at 04:20 is because of jet lag. Casey was all drunk anyway, and I had to follow him home because there is only the one key, but it worked out because I was tired and so I fell asleep at like 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and I woke up at midnight lol. I then found Casey’s keys and went and smoked 2 bowls by The Saloon, came back, laid around for a while before deciding sleep was fruitless and so…I came to the donut shop. The plan is to chill here until I go to USCH, and then I need to do my taxes, and figure out my banking situation, and of course find a job. By mid-week I should be working. Okay. My computer is telling me it’s going to die, and I believe it. I have a lot of fucking time to kill, and I missed 04:20 now. Oh well. I am going to go smoke a J and then…idk. Mope about? lol. It’s going to be a long ass day, but I will have fixed my jetlag by the end of it. Casey busted out these sleeping mats too, so my living situation is looking pretty good now. Comfy at least. So I smoke and then…maybe I just walk and listen to music? I am home! I am free! and this is the first day of the rest of my life, and I feel good about it. I am glad I left the house to write tonight, even if it results in my being hella tired later. Okay. Peace from North Beach!

*             *             *

Guess where the fuck I’m at? Union Street Coffee House, that’s right. I am waiting on a bean burrito; nvm the burrito just pulled up. I already consumed a shit load this morning, cuz I ate that donut at the shop earlier which I wrote about, but then I also ended up eating a fucking muffin while I was there! Eventually, at like 05:20, I messaged Casey because I knew he had to work at 6, and we met up and smoked half a joint. I then walked from North Beach to Cow Hollow, where I am now, writing to you at 07:14 in the morning. I am going to eat my burrito.

I have been giving some thought to starting a San Francisco vlog. I mean there is a ton of content about sf available online, but idk if there is any in-depth and intimate content available. I mean we could go through and try every restaurant in the city, and shit like that; that sounds really fun. I was walking over here, Union all the way from Columbus I walked, and I was wondering if I should make one of my life goals to own a piece of property in San Francisco. I have avoided clinging to that since it first cropped into my head. If you are unaware, let me explain: I have a goal set in my life. I believe since I stopped drinking alcohol I can “make a million dollars,” right? but I decided I need a more regimented goal for the long term, and I have decided upon “I want to own four pieces of property by the time I die.” This is my ultimate bucket list goal. I  believe I can accomplish this goal because I can accomplish anything, and I believe I can accomplish anything because I quit drinking, and in tandem to that I am always board. Buying a house in San Francisco…I would view as a  bonus. If I own four pieces of property and still have enough fight left in me to fill up on more real estate, I will come to San Francisco, that’s kind of what’s going on in the back of my head. All that being said, I still want to dedicate myself to the city for some time, and let’s say I stay here for two years making money, a blog specifically about San Francisco would certainly have time to grow and mature, and even come full circle ideally to the point where moving on from the vlog would feel right. Yeah… I gotta get Kalen in on this. Kalen and myself and sometimes Casey [when he’s not being too crazy] would be a deadly combo for broadcasting. We aren’t exactly in the ballpark for what the new wave of tech earners in SF would be into, but we are certainly in line with what the locals and the tourists would consume. You don’t have to like your market, but you do have to know it.

I look around me; I see this lady on a laptop a few tables over working on something, and it could possibly be a resume. Reminds me I need to work on my resume. I should really be doing that instead of writing this, but hey! I yam what eye yam; a lazy mother fucker. I don’t feel any type of way about it, a job will come to me. I know there is a place in the city for me; I know it! Kalen works 6 am to 2:30 pm. I need to get a schedule like that. If I want I can get an additional part time gig, but what’s better is that I will have time to work on some side projects & hustles. The move to end all moves. I think it’s printing T-shirts, at least right now, and at least for me. I think we should do the same thing as this company called 6 dollar shirts does. I follow them on IG, but maybe we should do our sf thing with it. We could just print SF, and maybe other West Coast shirts…or anything. If we had the ability to sell shirts for $6 I believe we would muster the gumption to coerce an ample amount of customers into our online store, and in a few short years we would be living totally different lives; Kalen and myself. Shirts man! For me; right now, that’s where it’s at. I think I always knew…somehow I would end up in the t-shirt business. It’s not industrial, but it is a little more blue collar then I was hoping for with my life [even though life has just begun, and this is by no means how I will be defined], but I feel real good about it, and so I am going to move forward. Plus, we’re not an apparel company, we’re a technology company. Bitches.

It’s not even that cold, but my hands feel, like, frozen. It’s hella lame. I also realize I am quite bored. I am going to need to find a place to rest my head, I know that forsure. Also what I know, is that I have 2 weeks at Casey’s house, and then things might switch up. Two weeks in a long time. If I wasn’t working in two weeks…there would be a problem. Even today though…here I sit: stoned, and kinna full of food, while also thinking about eating more food. I’m sitting around thinking my brain hot, more than I am writing; and I am writing more than working on my CV! Not the move. What am I really trying to accomplish in life? It wouldn’t seem my goals align with my actions, and I told myself when I got back to SF that would all change, and I would maintain discipline and self-control and get right on the road to riches. Hmm. Easier said than done I suppose. Even so…I need to maintain my discipline, and so I will do many little, and easy things, instead of taking on huge tasks like I used to. For instance, I should just bust out that CV quick this morning, because it would be a quick and easy move for me. Yeah. Okay. So I do that…and then idk. There is a parade today, but that’s all that I know. Really, I would like to lay in bed and have a nap lol, but there is no place for me to do that, and even if I could get into Casey’s right now the idea of napping on his floor isn’t exactly what my dreams of napping in a big, soft, warm bed would be fulfilled by.

*             *             *

I am writing to you from Casey’s room. I feel a little loopy, partially because I am sick, and partially because I have been up so long. He is eating a sandwich, and I am eating a muffin. These are the good days. Tomorrow I have to get my taxes done, and then the next day I have to find a job. I feel good about it. I spent the day chillin with Kalen. We went to Delores Park, and then took a walk all the way to 21st and Potrero. We talked a lot about starting a blog. I am pretty excited by the prospect. We talked about how we’re gonna have to figure out how to edit some video. I am also aware I will need a set schedule to help me accomplish more. Today was kind of a fail, not going to lie. Smoked a lot of weed and ate a lot of sugary treats. Not the move, but the day is done. The time is 17:56 and I am chilling with Casey trying to stay awake as late as possible. I think he might go to sleep at like 7 [19:00] or something. My stomach still hurts, and now my throat hurts from that plane ride, and I am just so excited for all that to pass. Damn, I am tired though. If I fell asleep now I bet I would wake up at 2 in the morning. No good. Gotta try to avoid that. Ugh. My stomach. I should, and will probably go drop a deuce soon. Omg tho I am tired. I could fall asleep no problem right now. No good. I should wait at least two hours if not more to fall asleep. Idk if I can do it. So comfy…

*             *             *

Do I write enough? I read a quote from Jack: “I knew if I wanted to be a writer, I needed to write. A lot.” I have no idea how close that is to the actual quote, it’s just my summary of it, but now you can quote me on that shit, because I know if I want to turn writing into a profitable venture…I need to write a lot. Making money with writing isn’t the ultimate goal, but I would like my blog to sustain itself. I doubt I’ll find tradework for my writing lol. Although, I am right across the street from the Zoetrope Building, and I have long thought about contacting them and seeing if they [Francis Ford Copella, I guess] would let me stay there while I write my first book. Alas, I don’t know if they would believe me that I would finish the book [do I believe me?], and further than that the idea of writing a book has within recent months slipped from my grasp. Now that I am sitting here writing to you it seems like the obvious thing to do. This lady just walked past me and I was looking at her while I was typing. It was kind of a funny thing. Whoa. I can just do that over and over again. Look people in the eyes while I am writing this shit. Whoa. I can get down with that. Dude! I did it again! People wave at me and shit. Hmm. Awesome. It’s hard for me to nod my head back at people while I am typing…but if I practice I will probably get good at this. Maybe I’ll become, like, an sf staple: the guy who is always writing at the window of happy donuts and he’ll look at you while he is writing if you walk past. I suppose ppl’s goal would be to try and shock me into a state where I mess up my writing. That sounds like a fun time. Damn a foxy girl with a skateboard just walked past. I wasn’t typing at the time, but I looked at her ass anyway. I am going to look right at women’s asses while I am writing as they walk past this window…and that’s my pickup line. fwm.

I am using my Laos scarf tonight. I was using it as a blanket last night and I realized that it is cold enough in this city to justify busting it out as a scarf, which is really the reason I bought it in the first place. So tonight I sport the longgg red and black scarf, handmade in Laos by some lady I saw in a picture at this coffee shop. I am on my third muffin since I entered the city. That is just disgusting. I am seriously disappointed in myself for the way I am living right now, but I feel the change coming and so I am just going to let it play out. I am thinking about smoking some more of my joint before I finish my muffin. I also have a Gatorade with me, but no water. I bought a gallon and of course I aint brining that with me. I left it at Casey’s.

I have been thinking a lot about girls since I returned to the city, can’t even lie about it. I am going to need to find somebody to fuck, probably on the regular. It is going to be someone I have never met before, I have decided that firmly. Unless it was the girl who bakes the donuts at Bob’s donuts. I would consider hanging out with her, even though I kind of already know her. I actually don’t know her. I’ve only ever talked to her one time. I had seen her in there, and I was obviously attracted to her, and so the next night after I got off work from MAC’D I came over to Bob’s and she was outside smoking at 3am and so I stood and talked to her. Later that night she stuck around after work, and even sat by me, presumably because I was supposed to keep talking to her, but I chickened out! Because I had a girlfriend, you know? and on top of that I lived with my gf, and idk, my intention certainly would have been to take this women back to her house and court her, and so I just felt like continuing the conversation was futile; I never did. I think everyone at Bob’s thinks I am weird, because I followed some of them on IG, including the girl, and not all of them followed me back, including the girl lol. So I kept coming in there for a long time, and I even wrote about that girl a bunch in my unpublished writings,  but I think she thinks I am weird; and I think she’d think it was really weird if I started trying to hit on her now, so late into the game. All things considered, I might talk to her anyway, because I can sum up the whole situation with: “I used to have a gf,” and if that isn’t a good topic of conversation than I might not be interested in talking! Honestly I need to find me a women who is down to support my ass; like that one guy supported all the beatniks. Idk who is was. The time is 11:20 in San Francisco, and I am going to go out front of Happy Donuts and smoke some more of my J. The guy just came out with a hoolahoop asking “anyone want this? I’m going to throw it away.” I missed San Francisco.

So the San Francisco blog feels like a real possibility. It’s actually only a vlog, because I only intend to fuck with video. I already write about San Francisco in my own strange way, so this is something different. and with it comes a specific revenue stream, because I [we?] and going to be focusing on YouTube specifically, and therefore YouTube ads are going to be where our revenue comes from. If we find a second revenue stream through sponsors, that would be ill, but it’s nice to even have certainty about the first one. When it comes to selling t-shirts Kalen and I are on slightly different pages, because he thinks it would be better to sell shirts in person, and I think online. I want to do online because then I am making money while I sleep. I could, of course, do both [sell p2p and online], but if I was in the city would I be selling shirts to tourists, or locals ? Hopefully both. I need to blow my nose, a lot…it’s totally lame. Not only do I use a lot of paper, and make a lot of noise, but I am getting a raw nose and it means I’m fucking sick. I don’t wanna be fucking sick! Kalen thinks it’ll be like when I arrived in India, and that sickness, ugh! oml I felt like it lasted two weeks. I don’t think I’m about to be sick for two weeks. I am already tuning into the city vibes. I climbed more hills today than in the last 4.5 months, and I am hella happy about that. [I climbed one huge hill in Laos, It was a big one though, and steep.]

You know what the move is going to be for me? Spark Twain. I can’t believe I am saying that. It was like, instantaneous! Casey loved it, and Kalen told me it might “even be more catchy that Heart Of Zeus.” Of course it’s more catchy than heartofzeus! Ha. I realized that right away. I guess when I look at the name, or say the name, I am worried I can’t fill the shoes it implicates. I mean if you’re going to call yourself Spark Twain, you better come with the heat!know mean? I actually want to spend more time at the library. Kalen was telling me how he just chilled out at the library for a month, and I remember him messaging me during that time. He would send me pictures of the food he pulled off trash cans, and the books he was reading through, which were often quite old and classic works. Sometimes text books. Ha. I remember those days now. I don’t know if I appreciated it as much as I should have. I could have been living the sf life vicariously through him; he was setting it up on a T for my ass! Now I get it though. He just lived in his car for a month when he pulled back into the city, and he did it through the freegan diet, and living most of his days at the library. I could live that life, and while I was living it I could brush up on my Mark Twain reading. I can’t go without a job though, that’s just real life shit. My lame ass can’t even keep up the freegan diet. There was a piece of chocolate cake on top of one trash can, and a handful of frenchfries atop another, and I missed out on both of those things. I felt kind of dumb about it later, even though it’s just eating off trashcans. Idk. Maybe I’ll just get into the freegan life for a little bit lol. Sometimes it’s hella good. I remember some of the things Kalen would eat back in the day lol. He still talks about the cheesecake; I remember the cheesecake. He was pulling something out of the trash to eat, and like usual I was like ‘whatever,’ but then he showed me this piece of cheesecake he had just scooped out of the bin and I absolutely had to try it. That was my first freegan bite, and I have been curving the diet since. That was last year, end of summer maybe. Freegan isn’t a bad way to live though, and it’s really only available in San Francisco, that I have seen. A little bit in Seattle maybe. The homeless there are a little crazy sometimes, and there are a lot of them. Definitely some freegan in Seattle. This turned into a long ass paragraph.

I never noticed there is guitar playing in the background at the end of Nikes by Frank Ocean. It’s only in the left ear, and it goes on for quite some time. At first I thought I was hearing something, but naw: it’s the song. Good shit. I wonder if Frank Ocean plays guitar. I have no idea. It’s 23:58. I need to do so much! Shower, brush my teeth [I didn’t do this task from 4/12-4/19, real talk I need a girl to kick my ass into gear with that shit], and do my taxes. Kalen keeps talking about how after I know how much I am getting back from taxes, things will be different. Cool. I suppose it’s true, and I am excited for that. So in the morning I am going to wake, and then I am going to head to a cafe and do my damn taxes. Right? Idk. Kalen is also telling me I shouldn’t worry about doing my taxes on public WiFi because no one is going to give a fuck about a couple thousand bucks. I pretty much agree with him. It still feels weird to do taxes over a public wifi though. I suppose you also have to worry about your information getting stolen and sold; that is a real fear too. Still, I don’t think anyone wants my Identity. I don’t think.

I am considering ordering another pastry. I pretty much already know I am going to do it. I need to get off this shit. Monday. Monday I kick in a new regime; a new more healthy lifestyle. Obviously it might cost money ,and that means I need to find a job, probably a job that includes food. Pinterest sounds like the spot. I wonder if they’re hiring lol. So it’s midnight on a Saturday and I just woke the fuck up lol. My shit if off kilter. Plus I am eating all this food and spending all this stupid money. I’ll get there. Monday. Sugar is probably the number one thing I need to chop off my diet. I consume a lot of sugar. That’s a pretty new thing for humans.

Some lady just came up to me while I was ordering a donut and offered to buy me food. She walked up to me and said “you want some food? I’ll buy you anything you want.” I laughed and said “No I’m good, thank you though, I appreciate it.” I should have just said fucking yes. Damn. That would have been the move! Idk. I feel so weird accepting free food from people. Kalen is going to give me hella shit when I tell him this story. It’s good to know I look homeless though. I can seriously get behind that. Next time I am just going to say yes. No matter where I am. I think that would be the move. First of all, I would have gotten something more healthy than a donut without any stretch of the imagination. I could be eating a sandwich right now! It would have been lit! I’d have a double turkey or tuna coming on the way…omg you guys what was I thinking! Am I shameful? I don’t feel that way. The truth is if someone wants to buy me food I am hella down with that. I could walk back up to her right now and she would still buy me food, I am pretty sure of that. Damn. It’s not often people ask to buy me dinner in San Francisco lol. It must be the beard.

So Monday. That means tomorrow I need to at least do my taxes and shower and whatnot. Casey works at 10 I think, and Kalen has the day off. What were we talking about doing? Oh, he said he’s doing his laundry. I might come up to his side of town and check his crib out, Kalen. He lives on 36th, and if he walks outside he can catch the 5 right there. What a move. Walk outside and catch the 5 bus. It comes down to the fact…do I want to live with Casey? He is mighty weird. I don’t think I’d want to fork over $600 unless I also had a key to the place. Damn these donut are sweet as shit. Maple ole  fashioned now. I know, I know. But I just quit smoking cigarettes again, give me some time lol. Man I can’t get over that sandwich. I could be having a sandwich right the fuck now. I could have saved it for breakfast or whatever I wanted. Damn damn damn. I am not living that freegan life. Will I ever have money again? That is the real question. What if I am just not trying hard enough? If I looked the part would people offer to buy me food all the time? I would get good at accepting it. I was really craving that Jewish Delicatessen today…I can’t remember the name of it. I keep wanting to call it Jakes deli, but I am pretty sure Jake’s is a place on North Ave in Milwaukee lol. Omg I am almost done with the donut. Lame sauce. The time is 00:27. What time am I going to stay out until? I will eventually have to go in, and I suppose I don’t mind waiting if I am not tired yet…and I am not tired yet. If I sleep from like 3 to 9, I think that would put me pretty on point for fixing my jetlag. Damn! Jetlag is so real, and it’s just a wild piece of the modern day lol. It’s rare to experience jetlag also. Kiwi says only 5% of the human population has traveled by plane. No one believes me when I quote that though.

Plenty ass rolling by this window right now…and I am feeling like putting in the for night. I know I was just talking about going to sleep at 3, but I got a stuffed up nose and I don’t really feel that great, plus I just ate all those sweets. I have half a muffin and some bread at Casey’s too. Mmm; lol. I will probably eat the bread in the morning. Probably go and meet up with Kalen again. I don’t have any drive right now, but when I find it! I want to get down to filming. Okay. I think I am going to call it for the night. I will probably write in the morning though? Oh shit, and do my taxes. Okay. Peace!

*             *             *

It’s April 14th. That means it’s 414 day! and actually tomorrow would be 415 day. Ha. It’s weird that Milwaukee and San Francisco have area codes that are right in order like that. Okay I was just busting out my writing until I got my food. Now I am going to do my taxes quick. The time is 10:37 and I am at Quetzal Cafe in San Francisco.
Okay! The time is now 11:27 and my taxes are filed as a bitch. I have over $1200 coming my way, and that’s after I paid like $400 in fines for not having health insurance [turns out I could have avoided that, I am so upset]. Cool. Next up? Idk. Casey can’t find my chillum, and real talk I would like to have a pipe so I can be smoking, but damn. It’s gonna be a real hit to the wallet if I go buy some glass right now. Okay. I am going to post an IG post I think right now. Eh. Maybe I’ll wait until tomorrow. Monday is my favorite day of the week, and I’d rather make an appearance on Monday than on Sunday, forsure. I am up in the air about maybe going and borrowing some money from my G. I bet if I call him he would give me the plug. I’m not 100% sure about this, but I have a feeling he would help me out. I don’t quite know what I want. A hundred bucks? I’ve run through like $60 since I’ve come back, and that’s just super extra. I should be living that freegan diet and saving hella doe…tomorrow. I change tomorrow lol.

I think I am really gonna buy a pipe you guys! I don’t feel like I have much choice lol. I am not about to roll a joint. I could maybe roll 1 joint, but really I need to be more conservative with my weed, forreal. If I get a chillum it’ll save me money in the long run. Okay. So I am going to go do that…probably now? And then I gotta settle in somewhere and do my CV…I should probably just do my CV right now. All I gotta do is edit it a little and probably add in MAC’D, then I’m good to go. In fact, I might have one ready to go from when I was applying to teach English in Spain. Boom! Resume was already prepared, not just because of the TEFL jobs, but also because I prepared an application for working at the Adelaide Hostel [they emailed me back and told me they are overstaffed for the foreseeable future]. The time is now 11:49 in San Francisco and I don’t know what the move is. I really think I am about to walk and buy a pipe…but I am going to be broke as a dbl-joke then, seriously. I’ll have like $20 or less. No good. I can pull $20 out of the ATM also, but then that’s all I’ve got! I gotta sell some stocks and close my bank account. Probably pull an additional $130 bucks out from that, but then I am really really out of money. Hmm. Well. I am going to cut with the writing and go figure my life out. Might just end up in a donut shop talking to you soooon. Peaceeeeee.

*             *             *

I’m eating another muffin. I officially have fucked this writing thing up. I have like 200 pages of writing to publish, some from last year, and more recently a 20 page article from Saigon, and now this! Eight pages. I need to do something about this. Maintain my diligence? That’s probably the thing. Same with everything, really. I keep saying Monday…we shall see what really happens Monday. I am at Happy Donuts charging my phone, and I might text Casey and ask him to get me some bread. He usually doesn’t look at his phone though.

The morning I will be refreshed! Jetlag gone, and Monday in full effect, I will go to…Union Street Coffee House, and get a scone and an espresso and work on finding a job. Maybe I will get coffee, it goes further. I feel like I’m going to end up at a restaurant job with a shaved beard lol. Or maybe a tech kitchen. That’s what Kalen does and it’s totally the move. He works at the Pinterest kitchen. I totally just got another muffin, and a coffee. I am living the dream right now, but it’ll have to stop. I’m like Casey in that way; when I want something; I want it, and I know when I no longer want it, I will shake it, and I know that day will always come.

Casey is off of work. I wonder what the plan will be now. I am full of muffin. af. Probably not the best way to stay up late and shake off jet lag, eating a muffin. I have this coffee though. It was self serve, and so I mixed all the coffee’s together. I am now sitting here thinking of all the jobs I could apply for. I could work at a concert venue. Or a restaurant. Or a head-shop. Book store? I could apply at Best Buy, or Auto Zone, both of which are places I’ve worked before. I could work at a hotel, or a hostel. The one place I can’t see myself working: a coffee shop. Unless it’s like, working on my computer and writing my blog, you know? I finished my second muffin now. I’m already thinking about my third lol. No gooood. These things are just full of sugar, I can feel it. Plus if I eat all this food I’m going to want to fall asleep. Maybe I can just go fall asleep on Casey’s floor right now, but maybe not, plus it’s kind of uncomfortable. If I move into his spot I need to get a bed or a couch.

*             *             *

I’m doomed af. I am writing to you from USCH and the time is 10:39. I woke up at 02:00, and then I just layed around until 06:30 when Casey and I left the crib and headed out to wonder. We made it pretty damn far meandering today. We walked in a big circle around soma, and then took the 10 for a couple of minutes, only to walk some more and go take a look at the new Warriors arena. It looks nice. From a distance it kind of looks like a spaceship. We sat and smoked a little bit watching the city workers cut grass. Eventually I convinced Casey to get on the 22 with me, and we rode that for a while. My phone was dead, but I had my headphone splitter so I plugged into what Casey had booming, and boyohboy, was it booming. Seriously, too loud to handle. I just draped the headphones over my ears and went to sleep. Casey got off at Geary, and I rode all the way until Union street. It was a long ride, and I am glad I got a nap in on the way. When I arrived I bought a coffee and sat down. I opened Craiglist and began to look for jobs. Not a whole lot of stuff on the web, and a lot of it far away. I want something close by and in the city. This is how I deemed that: I am fucked, and Casey is right; I am going to have to print off some resume’s and just walk around the old fashioned way. It’s going to be a long day today. Usually we’ve been going to bed at like 6pm, and today Casey works until 8:30, so I’ll be tired as hell by the time he is off work. I am jetlagged! Remember? I thought I was over it, but then I woke up at fucking midnight last night and it’s been a wrap since.

The guy next to me keeps clearing his throat. Makes me wonder if he has throat cancer. I mean it’s a lot. Five times a minutes at least, if not more. It’s a constant motion. MMMMthinking about buying a scone. I bought a coffee, and I was thinking I’d get a scone when I refilled my coffee, and it’s like…am I really gonna refill my coffee? That’s a heavy move. Okay tho, so I gotta get on this finding a job thing. Idk what my move is going to be, but I gotta bust some kind of move. I wish I could make money sitting here and writing. Interestingly enough about that, I have made a decision. Did I already write about it? I am going to switch over to the Spark Twain platform. I write comedy, and I smoke weed, that’s what I do. I am thinking about switching this blog over to that name, and continuing it under that name. What do you think? I think it would be a big move, but it might be doable. Iit might be profitable. I can write about all sorts of stuff on sparktwain.com, which isn’t even a real site yet. and see this all depends on if I can get some money rolling in [to pay for hosting and whatnot], but instead of questing for a job I am sitting here writing this! Kalen is at work, Casey is on his way to work, and here I sit. I am stuck, but I need to get unstuck. I am going to have to cut my beard and walk into some restaurants, end of story. Okay. I’m gonna refill my coffee and grab a scone. I’m so addicted to sugar yall…it’s all I think about.

There was no blueberry, I had to get the lowfat berry peach scone. No problem, I don’t mind these guys [low-fat berry peace scones]. What’s the big story i, I only have $12 left in my wallet, and I had $100 two days ago. Way to live frugal, Chris! I suck at being broke, which is odd because it’s all I’ve ever been. I am going to sell some stocks, and move some money, and backup some photos on my phone right now…I feel like I smell like poop, but idk. Maybe it’s my shoe? I hope it’s in my head lol, but it’s forsure not. Sometimes in SF it just smells like poop, lowkey.

Okay, stocks are sold! Now…I need to find a job lol. It’s kind of a wrap on walking around [to look for jobs] today since I am in sweatpants, but that’s okay. I need to spend some time to edit all my writing anyhow. Maybe make a date with the library. I actually have plenty of time today, Kalen doesn’t get off work until 14:30, and if I leave here where am I going to go? I finished my scone too tho…and I am already thinking about scone number two. It’s no good. I am weak! I am supposed to have discipline and be fighting my way to the top! but instead I smoke weed and get sconed, a lot. Eh. These are the days of our lives, and this is the situation I’m in. If I am not getting a job, I need to at least be doing something…so I am writing, but I should really be editing. Maybe I don’t like the dream life as much as I thought. I mean don’t get me wrong! I love it. The ‘coming to cafe’s to do work’ thing is great, and I totally get down with it, but idkkk, if I was loving it wouldn’t that mean I just jump right into working? No problems with the editing, I would always get it done. Instead I am running into problems. I should forreal, no excuses, finish editing my articles from Saigon.

No joke, oml fam I have sunburn on my nose right now. No way is the sun more intense in San Francisco than in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…I hope it’s not something else wrong with my nose. Maybe it’s dry? It’s hella dry here, that’s one thing that I am not down with, but I live and deal with it. I am thinking about going outside and smoking a bowl. Head out, smoke a bowl, then come back in and edit? Sounds boring. First of all, I have some sleepy time weed. This stuff that Kalen got totally just puts me right to sleep. I was smoking a lot in Vietnam, but it was always the food and never the weed that really put me to sleep, but as soon as I got back and started smoking on this stuff, I remembered this strong ass weed can knock your ass right out. I’ve been smoking all morning. If I walk out there right now and smoke, what am I sentencing myself too? I need a place to rest my head. It’s a hard life without a place to rest my head, that’s forsure. Okay. I’m off to smokeeeee.

*             *             *

Wowza. So the time is 18:35 and I am at Happy Donuts for the second time today. I just caught the 12 here because my trip past Bob’s Donuts resulted in a low stock observation along with a pretty full restaurant. I decided coming back to North Beach would be best. Something I did today, that I am very proud of, is edit and post my 20+ page article from Saigon. It’s live! Although…this isn’t, so it doesn’t really help you lol. The lady working gave me regular glazed instead of maple glazed, and I still enjoy it, but you know…it’s not what I asked for, otherwise my day is going pretty well. I went to the library with Kalen and finally applied for one job. The first one I have applied for in the city. I think I am going to just have to chop off the beard; I am being too slow with it. Chop it off and walk into some restaurants. I will end up with something. Did I tell you about the gig to make boba tea? I could do that shit. Easy peasy. Almost too easy.

Everything feels like a waste of time, but nothing is. Everything is worthwhile. It’s so hard to work one day at a time, because each small task is worth so little, and it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. I cannot let my mind fall into the above loop. No matter what job I get in the city, I need to remember that it is going to pay off 10 fold if I use my knowledge correctly. Right now I feel kind of stuck, I can’t lie about it. Impossible. I am consuming so much sugar right now, it’s changing my state of mind. No good. I definitely need a place to call my own…and a steady job.

Casey gets off at 20:30, I am so fucked. I am full, and I’m tired and shit. My time is still all backwards. Idk what the next move for me is. I guess tomorrow I put on the nice clothes and go around? Most of my clothes smell, and none of them are very nice anyhow. Man. I can’t believe I fucked things up with the Green Tortoise. I bet they need front desk people, and I live next door, and I can’t work there. It’s lame. I don’t think I’ll find a gig at another hostel in the city. Am I really trying though? Not so hard. I just killed two glazed old fashioned donuts with a ton of glaze. I do…not feel great, but I am moving forward! I am quite tired, and desire a bed. Alas, I have but a floormat, and no blanket. The blanket is the part I’m really missing out on. If I had a blanket I bet I would be much more comfortable. I am very tired. I want to lay down and rest lol, but I have at least an hour and a half. I doubt Casey will want to go straight back. One thing about writing, it’s a fairly boring task. Like, when you are falling asleep, the idea of editing 10 pages just sounds impossible. How do I kill an hour and a half? I am supposed to be treating my body right, so in return I feel healthy and energetic, ready to tackle the many tasks that lay ahead. Instead I ate two donuts…I’m thinking about a third. I can’t believe I really said that.

I wish it was acceptable to fall asleep in public lol. Sometimes is it, but a donut shop is not one of the places. Yeah I’m all fucked up. My socks are dirty, and all my clothes. So I need to do some laundry but I am going to have to set aside hella time for that endeavor. Ugg. So tired!! I can’t stay awake. Idk what to do. If it was hella warm I’d go lay in a park, but it’s like the opposite of that. Its hella chilly out. I think I might eat a muffin, even though it’s going to be the death of me.

I did it. I bought a fucking muffin. Now I am all the way out of money! Nothing to bitch about now. I spent $100 in 4 days. That’s not impressive, but I bet Kalen could have made that shit last two weeks. I gotta admit, today didn’t go as I wanted it to go with the jobs. It started early, but then Casey and I just walked around soma all morning. It was a damned fun time, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing.

I think donuts shops make all their stuff out of powdered sugar and it saves on costs that would be occurred by using different kinds of sugar. That’s heavy. I am consuming a lot of sugar right now, that’s all that I know. Just plowing through this muffin, it’s ugly. I got it bad for sugar, I gotta get off the hook. When I quit sugar, it’s gonna be a big thing. Right now I need to get healthy though, so maybe no time like the present, huh? Ugh. I just feel like a poo. A poo that shall not pass. I just want to settle into a big warm bed, and I can’t. It’s weird the kind of things you can attach to in life. I am very attached to bed and showers. and sugar…

Omg I finished another muffin now. All my money is gone. I mostly used the money to consume sugar. I just can’t get over how much I feel like crap, compared with how much I knew I was going to feel like crap. I am brainstorming of places I can go lay down, but the city it so cold. I got nothing. It’s an hour until Casey gets out of work. That’s a while. I haven’t even been at this donut shop a whole hour. Today was supposed to be the day you guys! I fucked it up lol. Reset. Time to start over again. I don’t have the patience, that’s the problem. Nothing major is happening, I am just waiting for Casey to get off work, and I am just going so ham with it. I simply need to wait, and I guess idk how to do that. Now I am so full of donut and muffin that I feel sick, and on top of that I am hella tired. 50 minutes until Casey is off of work. What do I do? I could walk to meet him at work. That’s what I am going to happen. It’s like fuckkk man. Why I gotta go eating all this damn food. Now I gotta hit the atm in the morning, grab my last $20, and then hit the road and try again tomorrow. Peace until then.

*             *             *

I am at Peet’s Coffee, and I am having a really great experience. I mean the dude really made me feel 100 secure in my decision to come here. He was double checking what kind of coffee I wanted, and he asked me which specific scone I would prefer to have. Oh my, folks usually don’t take the time. I feel good about it. Maybe I will come back to Peet’s on the regular. I have gone to a few Peet’s, particularly the one in the Marina, but today things are going particularly well. I’m over on Cole and Carl just south of Haight. Casey has been suggesting for a couple of days that I come out here and look for a job, so today I took his advice. I rode the 6 all the way from the first stop in front of the ferry building, got off on Masonic and Haight, and then I walked over here. I walked through the Haight, but some of the places were closed, and I only saw one place with a “now hiring” sign. I am going to putz around on Craigslist for a little while whilst I eat this scone and drink this coffee, and then I’ll head back over there with a fresh look, at like 14:00, that’s the perfect time to interrupt service and ask for a job lol.

My stomach hurts a little bit. I really fucked up yesterday getting all sconed [I call eating too much of any pastry “getting sconed” now,] and then meeting up with Casey and eating way more. I am gluttonous! Let’s see, yesterday I ate a sandwich in the morning that I got from Casey [I forgot the sandwich today and it really sucks,] then I went to USCH and I ate a scone there, forsure. I had also had a doppio espresso and two coffee’s by this point. I ate a muffin, then met up with Kalen and ate some peanuts, then I went back to Happy Donuts and ate 2 donuts and a muffin, then I met up with Casey and ate a sandwich that I dipped in guacamole, as well as some potato salad. It was lit; all really bad food too, health wise, because it was a caprese sandwich, and that’s like all cheese. So I fell asleep after that, and I actually woke up at 07:00 today when Casey left the house, and that’s good! It means my jetlag is finally gone! I really think that. Now though, I have this fucking sugar addiction I gotta kick [food and sugar addiction]. I am eating a scone as we speak, spent $3 of my last $20 on this scone. Slick move, I know.

Do I really want to work in the Haight? The real question is: will I sell more writing as Spark Twain if I have a beard? I don’t see why a beard wouldn’t be better for my image. So that means I gotta work in the Haight or something, because I can’t get a job at a restaurant looking like this! I look like Grizzly Adams and shit. I thought about getting a job at a dispensary, that would be a good move for me. You know what though? I am finished with my scone…and I am already thinking about the second one lol. But I am going to hit CL now and look for that good Tech Kitchen job lol. When Kalen gets off work in an hour and twenty-three minutes I will probably go chill with him. So…peace for now! Might write more before I leave Peet’s, who knows.

*             *             *

I just bought a donut I only slightly wanted and then paid .50 cents extra for a larger coffee I didn’t really need! Vibes are on point though, what can I say? I’m spending too much money. I’ve spent $14 today. That’s crazy! because I am practically a homeless person [this isn’t true, and in fact Casey was insulted when I told him something close to this. He is housing me, and so I am the furthest thing from homeless, I am sheltered.] This was supposed to be one of those stories where a man lands in a city with no money in his pocket, and goes on swiftly to build his fortune and empire, and ‘swift’ is a relative term. but I am not living frugally enough to grow into any sort of baron! What is next for me? I applied for a couple of jobs online today, and so far no response, but I feel good. There was lots of jobs available through Craigslist, so I will go back on there tomorrow and eventually I will find my golden goose.

Before I started writing this evening I edited five pages of another article. I should be publishing it tomorrow morning. Eventually I will have to wrap this article and edit it and post it. The longer it gets the more I will put off the editing process lol. Anyway. I applied for four jobs today! Woohoo! One of them is a tech kitchen! Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?!? and then I applied for a job as a ticket-taker at this place called Biscuits and Blues. If I got both jobs? Holy shit, I’d be so tired all the time, but I’d be so rich! and I think I would actually enjoy my life while that was going on. I kind of don’t feel that scenario playing out in my head however. Can I see myself working two jobs, 70 hours a week? EHHHH KINNNA. I mean I really want to. It would be amazing for my future to just buckle down and work two jobs all summer. In October I could go down to working normal hours [hopefully at the tech kitchen], and I would have some money I would be sitting on to jumpstart my saving more. It would be the move to end all moves. I could probably save 10k by September if I buckled down on two jobs. I might not do much writing during that time, but damn, am I not a writer at this point? Any periods of inactivity will just add to my mystique. Mmm. Brain flows.

Casey gets off work in 40 minutes. I hope he has some dank food with him, and I am sure he will. He works at noon again tomorrow, so maybe the same plan for the morning. Cool. I like chillin in the morning. We will wake up early and go to a Starbucks; good shit. If I wanted, I could walk over and meet Casey. If fact, if I end up with nothing else to do, that will be the thing I end up doing. Okay, I am doing the thing again where I am looking at people as they are walking past me in the window. Nothing more satisfying than looking at a girls butt as she walks past and you’re doing your sexy writer thing in the window. I’m kidding mother fuckers. The point is I didn’t miss a beat on that; I typed it all perfectly. I have good typing skills now! That’s unbelievable. I thought it would never happen. I remember I used to dream of this day, and tell myself if I just keep typing and typing, eventually I will be a master of the keyboard! and although I wouldn’t call myself a master yet, I am close. Definitely on my way.

The sun is setting in San Francisco. I am at Happy Donuts [it’s called something different on Google Maps, Casey had to remind me this is Happy Donuts] and the time is 19:57. I have a large cup of coffee sitting in front of me. I ate an apple fritter while I was editing those 5 pages before, and then I ate a cake donut with maple glaze and cashew bits with my coffee. The coffee, I am still drinking it. I certainly didn’t need a large, and in fact it’s probably not good for me, but shiiit. Here we are. I have a large, and I’m drinking it. I wonder what kind of mood Casey is going to be in when he gets off. I told myself I was going to finish editing that other article before I left this building, that way I am keeping up with productivity, you know? I should totally do that. Maybe I’ll do it right now. Okay. Might be back before I hit the road, we shall see.

*             *             *

I should always start with the time and date. Maybe this will be the last time I don’t. I always introduce it at some point, and in fact for a while I kind of thought that was my thing, but I am now thinking it would be beneficial to make the time and date the absolute first thing on every blog post. There is a catch though, because I am thinking of switching formats. Spark-fucking-Twain. Spark Twain bruh. I think that’s the move’s move. That’s the move’s move’s move that everyone copies and then it just becomes the move again. Spizzle Twiz. Sprazzle Dazzle. ST. Kalen and Casey feel it, and that’s the only confirmation I need. It accordance with this, I also want to switch formats with the writing itself. Maybe switch to fictional stories? Am I dare saying this…I am thinking of making hoz obsolete? With 150 posts under its belt maybe I would say goodbye. I guess I would keep the website, just update the security and what not, and just keep it how it is…forever. I could link to it from the new blog, and then I also wouldn’t be importing all my old writing into my new site. I will just host it perpetually, but I won’t make changes. Right? I think that might be how it goes. Why wouldn’t I just switch over to writing with Spark Twain full time? I guess if I want it to be a story only format that might provide a problem if I just feel like doing this type of writing, but I think there will be both a “rambling blog” and a “fictional stories” section where I am going…because I am going to build it. Everybody is going to cum.

You know; I heard when you tell people what you want to do/plan to do, like you tell them your dreams, it actually activates the same part of your brain that accomplishing the task activates, so it gives you a light satisfaction, maybe 10% of what you would feel if/when you actually completed the project. Ew! That means just rambling onto you guys about all my plans and shit…am I getting off from it? Is that what I just explained? No, I’m jk. I know it aint that. but I talk and talk and talk, and you know how much of this shit I actually get done? None. All these people around me, walking in and out of this coffee shop [I haven’t even talked about the coffee shop yet!] are getting way more money and doing way more complicated jobs than I will ever do. How though, can I dream to catch them if I never act on my ideas? Well I’ll tell you! I just write and write and write and write annnnnnnn

Just took my first sip of the coffee and it is pretty good! I am at a new coffee shop today. I looked up coffee shops, and I saw a Coffee Roastery over on Battery. First of all, I don’t know how I had missed this…I may have seen it and just forgot, because I do that type of shit. Second of all, the name of Union Street Coffee House, the place I normally go to get coffee, it’s really Union Street Coffee Roastery. oml I have just been calling it by a different name because I’m a bastard; and there are a bunch of Coffee Roastery’s in the city, I know of a third one on Chestnut to the west. So wu-wu I came over to this spot, and I asked the guy at the counter if this is the same business as the one on Union Street, and he said no. He said they used to all be the same owner, but there was a split and now they are all different companies. Damnnn. So the dream was just a dream after all. I think I like it better that they are all different companies. This one over here on Battery that I’m at has different baked goods than the one on Union. No scones…but they have these phattymagoomuffins I would hop on if I wasn’t the brokest pos in the world right now. I kid; I’ve seen broker folk on my walk over…I have pictures actually, of these three people sleeping on the Kearny steps. I have been taking a lot of photos since I got back, and I feel pretty good about it.

The time is 08:16 in San Francisco, and I am at BSCR…Battery Street Coffee Roastery. Is that right? So now USCH is the og because I actually call it something different. Hmm. I can get down. and there’s a CSCR also. Okay okay. I can get behind that. Okay. I have been talking to Kalen, I think we are really going to pull through on the motivation to film YT videos, and I think we are going to smoke weed in every park in SF. Isn’t that the move? I can also use this opportunity to promote my new moniker: ST. I need a job, obviously, and asap. I need to move my site over to a new host, while also hosting my second…and possibly my third site. I need a host that can do all that for me, I am thinking SiteGround. Then I get down filming with Kalen and Casey, and we just keep smoking until we get a section of the parks done, and then we edit and post it. So we [collectively Kalen and I, as I don’t think Casey is much good in his state rn] need to learn to video edit, do some graphic design, sell t-shirts, and we need to learn about managing websites.

I was just looking at my Google Guide acct, and my want for a 360 camera was renewed. I could take so many photos and post them to Google…that would be insane. Every photo I have on Google has my website in the caption too. It’s the lit’ist way to advertise. I am realizing there are a lot of words in my vernacular that don’t a standard spelling [as far as I am aware], and thusly I have fashioned some spellings myself. ‘Wu-wu’I am pretty proud of. Have you heard anyone say that? It’s the same thing as yada-yada. This dude was using it when I was in jail, and it really stuck with me. I forget the guys name. He was from Waukesha and had braids; a rapper. Black, and at least a head shorter than me, but could still probably kick my ass, he was pretty buff. He was talking about filming a music video when I was in there with him. Hella cool dude; it’s a shame, but I probably won’t see him again. Hmm. I wonder about Dave. I wonder if I will ever see Dave again. Have I told you about Dave? I know I have told you about him at least once. He is the guy who stole an Amish person’s Identity after he broke out of prison for selling acid, and went on the run for five years, only to get caught when he stole his bosses truck, and when he finally did get caught he didn’t even get in trouble for being anyone but himself. They didn’t even realize he stole someone else’s identity. Dave was a crazy guy, and he told me a bunch of crazy stories. I have him on fb, and I really do wonder if I’ll ever see him again. He would love San Francisco, but I don’t think he will be making it out here. Ever.

Adjusting to things anew happens so…smooth. Life smoothes that shit out flat. It took me a second to comprehend that Dave is a Milwaukee gent, and I am out here in San Francisco and I am so used to San Francisco gent’s, and it’s like…I had to really think about his stories from the Milwaukee perspective for a second to comprehend things properly. When I heard the stories years ago, I only had the Milwaukee perspective, but now I have several perspectives. I have the mke, the sea, the sfo, the sgn, the ccu, and I like to think I have the sat also. Do you understand what I did right there? I feel like I almost never…have I ever spelt it out for you guys? Spelt anything out? No? I think not, so I am not starting today. I will leave it as it is. Oh man oh manohman. My plan today is to finish editing my final Saigon article, then edit my Hong Kong article, and post them one; later the other, on my blog, and I am going to wrap this article up today, and if I can edit this one and get it out I need to do that as well, but I just sit here making it longer af. In the midst of all this, I still need to open up CL and look for some jobs. I applied for a couple yesterday, and I will apply for a couple more today. I found a scissors at Casey’s house so that’s good, I can use those to help tame my beard. I might need to buy a trimmer…idk. I am going to need to borrow some doe from someone, I think. I was all set up last time, but now I like…need stuff. I haven’t needed shit in a long time; I’ve been sailing; time to hit the harbor, and cross the land over to the other ocean, upon which I will sail into eternity…and beyond. Ugh. What am I even saying. Maybe I should hit up Casey lol, he might be awake by now. Head out, smoke a little. You know! Procrastinate before I really get to job hunting online. UGGHGHGGHH.
It turns out I finished editing the final Saigon article last night, which I have named “The Saigoneer! 4/7/19-4/10/19,” and so I just got straight to posting it. The internet is weak here, so I didn’t mess with adding pictures to the article. Then I jumped straight into editing my Hong Kong article, finished that, and posted it! Boom! Productivity! lol. if you can call this, that. I messaged Casey but he hasn’t gotten back to me. The time is 09:20. Still very early. Haven’t applied for any jobs yet! That might be a big thing I am missing, but other than that I am feeling good. Oh, but I intend to wrap up this article right now. Let me tell you I’ve been putting the “* * *” to represent a large break in time, and thusly I needed something to represent a small break in time, so I have started using the “||” to show a short break in time. I am not sure how I feel about it yet…I might tweak it a little bit, but I will get there. I learned through the two weeks I did in the free Appacademy program that || is a programming symbol that means “or;” like this or that. Pretty simple command, and I find it interesting how often I think of implementing some of the basic things I learned in that two weeks of coding classes, into my writing. I will probably do a little more with that class sooner or later, but I am not going to finish it, I don’t think. I hope you don’t see me just for my faults, one of which is that I wimp out and never finish anything. Coding however, I really do think it to be out of my league. That’s okay though, I’ll just stick in my own lane, which involves a lottt of writing. Random, sometimes educational or beneficial writing. I aim to be more educational with every [stroke/strike] of my [pen/keyboard].

Okay. I am sitting here thinking of all the things I need to get done, and I realize I can safely hit the road without feeling like I have no purpose. I gotta call Capitol One, and I probably should try and borrow some doe from my G, or at least from my Dad. I gotta apply for some jobs too, and I’ll probably settle into someplace later today and get down with that. So! Call Cap1 and call G, and then…just see where the day takes us. But that’s it for this post, which is 16 pages long according to MS Word [which I am not proud that I use. I prefer Google Docs] and almost 12k words. Gonna edit this; oh! I am going to edit this today too [lies], so that’s another thing I can keep busy with. Then onto a new post. Not ST yet, but I am beginning the move; mentally beginning the move. So, Peace! Until soon! ya filthy cannibals.


* * *

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Today is an exciting day! I am on my way back to San Francisco! At the moment, I am writing to you from the Hong Kong International Airport. Very mountainous here. My flight doesn’t leave for like 4 hours, and in fact it isn’t even listed on the departures yet so idk what gate to sit at. I bought a blueberry muffin from this place called Pacific Coffee, which I am sitting across from. The muffin was 18 HKD [Hong Kong Dollars], or $2.29 USD. So not cheap, but not expensive. It’s not an amazing muffin, but it’s going to hold me over. I am still having stomach issues, and so I am thinking I won’t eat a ton before my flight. I read online that there is supposed to be a Popeye’s Chicken inside this airport, but I can’t find it. That would have been cool to try two chicken chains that are American two days in a row, both new and both consumed away from home. Alas. I sit here crushing a muffin. [UPDATE: I met a couple from Texas, and they were eating Burger King. They said they had to take a train from one part of the airport to a different part of the airport to get the BK, and the workers didn’t even leave off the tomato! [mediocre service], but this also means the airport is muchh larger than I thought, and I probably missed my chance to get Popeye’s in HK, although I bet it would have been a trek and a mission to find that shit.]

Lots of boats on the water! I saw as the plane landed. The time is 09:38 on Friday April 12th, and that means I land in San Francisco in less than 1 hour! Woo. Except I’ve gotta fly over the whole Pacific Ocean first…and I’ll be flying against the sun so I’ll do a 24 hour day in like 12 hours, or something like that. I’ve been up for quite a while, and I feel quite tired, which is the goal. Is it possible to sleep a full 8 hours on a plane? I imagine those rich mf’s in first class have no issue, but how about for the people in the seats? I teeter totter between thinking plans are a fair price, and thinking they are too expensive.  When will plane travel become a government subsidized commodity? First class flights for all!

I just coughed a little bit of chewed muffin into my hand and then ate it back up. The good life. Okay. I think…I am bored. Which is the worst attitude to have at this stage in the game! I know I am about to go through 12 hours of turmoil to reach my homeland…and to start it by saying “I’m bored?” That’s just fucking lame. I can bored the plane at noon, and that’s only 2 hours and 15 minutes from now; HK is an hour ahead of Vietnam.

You know [obviously] I can sit down and talk to anyone that speaks English; and I am just thinking about how it’s crazy learning the world through that medium. The last friend I made before leaving Saigon, he is this guy named Hussein. He’s black, his father is from Ethiopia, his mother from Djibouti, and he was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He can speak Arabic better than he can speak English. He seemed only a little different than the people I grew up with, and that was strange part. Once someone can speak your language and tell you their story, you start to see just how alike people, all people, really are. Idk what else to say about that. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s lame.

I can picture walking out of the Montgomery BART station, and I am just so excited to be there. and Casey has the day off?!? Literally my lucky fucking day. I am going to make him sit down at a cafe and do my taxes with me, and then hopefully I’ll be looking forward to some money in the mail, which I will hopefully be able to invest. I have to pay some debts too, but maybe I can have that all figured out by the time the tax return arrives. I bet Casey works Saturday though. Ehh. I can already feel myself waiting until Monday to get a job, forreal. I suppose I’ll go into a couple of places I know about and start there. If I can avoid working at a restaurant…I might avoid it lol. I am thinking about this cafe uptown that I used to go to…and now that I am thinking about it I wonder if the lady who owns it was trying to sleep with me?!?! She totally was. Well, maybe I’ll go try and work for her. I’ve never done something as exciting as fucking my boss, knowing that she is married, but I feel I am in a good place in my life to take advantage of the things I possess that would allow for that.

I can picture myself sitting here; I can see it in my head: keeping busy writing for the next three hours. I really don’t know if that is happening. I think…I want food! So maybe I will go try and find food. The goal is to fall asleep no later than 4 hours into the flight, but no sooner than 2. Sooo there is balance to be achieved here. Okay! I am going to pack up, and go find my gate. Might whip my laptop out again and write more while I’m here…or on the plane, but otherwise? See your ass in San Francisco.


* * *

A Note from the future:
You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through,
and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work.
Thanks in advance!

The Saigoneer! 4/7/19-4/10/19

I am writing to you from L Cafe in Saigon. I believe there are two or three of these cafe’s right around here, and since I am unfamiliar with the streets I cannot tell you exactly where I am, but I can tell you it’s near the Bui Vien Walking Street. The last few days have been eventful! I have 20 pages of unedited writing, and what I really need to do is edit that writing, but I have so much to say! I haven’t written anything in two days, and I’ve been in Can Tho for that time. I brought my laptop, but I never found a good chance to pull it out.

I may have written in the previous article that Will departed from Saigon and went to England for a little bit before he heads out to Australia for his second year. Well before his departure, we met a man named Dani. He is from Israel, and also happens to be my same height and my same age. The day after Will left, Dani and I took the four hour bus ride to Can Tho. I was impressed with the city. The size of it; the character. Can Tho is 1409 km2 [kilometers squared]. Sai Gon is 2,061 km2.Hmm. How big to you think Da Nang is? I am just Googling this all on the spot. Da Nang is 1,285 km2. Oh shit though, Hanoi is 3,329 km2. She’s a phatty! So Sai Gon has twice the population of Hanoi, but the latter is the much larger city. I now see why Hanoi is popping off. Idk why I just went into a rant about the size of the four largest cities in Vietnam…but I did. It’s over.

Today marks the first day I have let all the ice in my Ca Phe Sua melt before consumption. Granted, this is my second Ca Phe of the day. I didn’t desire a second, but I bought one. I went to the store for a lighter [when Trevor left. You’ll meet Trevor] and I felt bad coming and going from the restaurant without making a second purchase. It’s nice up here! on the third floor at 09:38 in the morning. The sun was beating earlier, but it has withheld since. OMG THE MUSIC HERE IS KILLING ME! Trevor and I decided to try this cafe because the first place we went was out of ice [they deliver ice in those bags I see restaurant linens in. You know, the ones that are like, woven plastic? People be driving all over Vietnam in the hot sun with bags of melting ice on their scooters, it’s crazy.]. The ambience was chill for a while, but as I moved out of the sun I got even closer to the speaker, and now it’s just unbearable. It’s loud af. In America this would be considered loud af, but here it’s like…normal? The clubs here are so loud. The mornings are loud, but the nighttimes bring fulminant noise. I live on a street with, like, 50 clubs, and they all blast music at dangerous levels and it’s the most clusterfucked-cacophany my bloodline has had the blessing to witness; I am so sure about it. There is a club on my street called Miss Saigon, and the music at the club is the same exact level of ear-obliterating every night; the loudest sound ever heard by human ears, second of course to the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa. Sooooo when I tell you the music at this cafe is loud, know I am not judging in accordance to relativity, but I am considering taking my business to a different cafe in this relative area. I am going to lay out a very logical argument combating this noise on Google Maps, and I know someone will read it. I feel wrong giving business advice over Google Maps Reviews in other countries. I mean I don’t know the culture. I could be bitching about the loud music and all the locals love it! Then again, I haven’t seen any locals at this cafe all day. When I am in the USA I will openly disgrace you on Google Maps, so you better be running a tight ship. It’s pretty easy to be on my good side though.

I just picked hella boogers and flicked them onto the roof behind me. Air pollution really generates boogers. I noticed it first in India, but then it became a reoccurring thing. Dirty cities produce large amounts of dirty boogers, at least in my nose. I am halfway through my second coffee and my last cigarette. I am still smoking you guys, no good! I be smoking more than a pack a day out here, it’s crazy. What did I do with all my time for those two years of not smoking? lol. I will get back to it though. So I am sitting here at the cafe and I just don’t know what my next move is. I have five more full days in this city [including today, and it’s 10:04 now] and I should use my time wisely, right? I really need to edit my last post, and then eventually edit and post this one. I need to do it in the right order though. I have kind of been inspired to write a story too, so I should jump into that asap I think. So many things…too much coffee to focus lol. Plus the music…Okay. With that, I am going to leave you for now. Close up my computer, finish my coffee, play on my phone, and then probably return to my hostel. Oh shit yeah, lol, it flooded at my hostel this morning because the water canister [for water pressure] on the roof broke, and the water dripped down five stories to get the bottom floor wet. Luckily I didn’t have anything on the ground…but some people did. So I doubt I will be able to go on the roof there today, otherwise I would probably just chill up there and edit. Anyway. That’s all for now. Soon! Peace!

*              *              *

I just took a bubble photo on the roof of my hostel. Yesterday when I returned to town with Dani around 15:00ish, I went to Flipside Hostel to see if they had rooms, only to have the lady inform me that they were fully booked. I had a backup plan for exactly that situation, and thus it went into action. I walked down the street, turned left, and walked to the end of the alley way to find Alley House, which [it turns out] is another great hostel in Saigon near the Bui Vien Walking Street. When you enter the main room there is the reception desk on your right, and nine beds to your left. The desk is very small, and the room is very small. There is a bathroom connected to the room, which has only a 3-D curtain as a door. So far no one has dropped an unbearable deuce. It’s a little awkward though, right? If the room is full, you’re taking a shit in a room full of nine people, and they are definitely going to hear every splash. If you’ve got the beer shits? Well, good luck to you. What’s the catch? It’s only 55k VND per night. That’s two dollars and fifty cents. A steal! I will only spend $15 more dollars on my hostel while I am here, and that’s just awesome! Frugality > Embarrassment endured  for defecating behind a paper door.

I’ve given up on making money! From now on…I let the money make me; allow it to mold me so that I am one with the money. Yin, and Yang; father, son, and the Holy Greenback. I met this guy Trevor, I talked briefly about him early, well I met him yesterday when Dani and I arrived back from Can Tho. Pretty cool dude, Trevor. We had some discussions about business, and the world. This morning we went for some Ca Phe Sua and I got to discuss with him even further. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and you shouldn’t be afraid to find inspiration in people you would otherwise view as equals. Men [and Women] are equal for different reasons, but they are unequal because of money. Trevor has a good plan for himself, and at an age where he is mentally ready to dive into the true business side of life, I am happy to have met him. Not to mention his dad has his back financially to help him fund his dreams. He is older than me, just by a little bit, and I hope to have my life as figured out as him by the time I am his age. A doable feat no doubt, but only with discipline and mental acuity.

I am excited to return to San Francisco and dive into some projects. Cheap, easy business endeavors is what I am going to dive into, but I am going to go rapid fire! Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks, that’s my plan. I wonder how Kalen is doing, I feel like I haven’t talked to him in over a week now. I wonder if @saigoneer is a handle being used on the internet already? I rather like it. If I was quicker and more diligent about things, I’d whip up a quick short story about The Saigoneer this week. Hmm…but you know where it starts? Here. Right now. I just close this useless clog of a document [lol], and I open a freshie so that I can craft the Saigoneer. Hmm. Sounds so easy, right?

*              *              *

I never wrote the story, forsure. I opened up a document and named in “Saigoneer,” but after staring at the blank document and over thinking it, I gave up. Today and yesterday I have been sick. Stomach problems. Also, I am at this hostel that has hard foam pads for mattresses, and it’s intensely worse while I have been sick. If I had known I was going to be sick, I would have secured a better mattress. Alas, I am too feeble to move all my stuff across town. Plus this lady is going to let me pay by PayPal, and I got my Dad to slide a couple bucks in my PP acct which will pay for the room. At this point I am kind of thinking I am going to end up withdrawing money from an ATM again, which is just lame. I’ll be pulling up to SF with like $70 then lol. I could take less money out of the ATM here, but I gotta pay $8 for it anyway. I am going to have to close my bank account when I get back, the shit is a joke forreal. I’m bout to have $70 in my acct, and I pay $10 a month if I have under $2000. Yeah. I think I’m at the wrong bank. I will need to secure a job right away too. I think today will be the day I quit smoking. Being sick helps give me a head start, because I don’t feel like smoking while I am sick. I’m talking squares here. I feel tired and shit again. I will never succeed if I keep smoking cigs, and so I will cease from it.

I am actually writing to you from my hotel bed at Alley House in Saigon. I spent about a week staying on the walking street, which was cool and as an added bonus I am comfortable walking in and out of the Flipside hostel, just chillin on their roof and shit. The room I am in has nine beds, and the bathroom is literally behind a curtain. The time is 17:28, and the day is Monday the 8th. I am admittedly pretty nervous about going home on Friday. Either way, I am out of money, so it’s the right move for me, but damn! Sometimes I be thinking I should have buckled down and gotten a job here. Other times I really believe that going home and working and opening a business in the USA is the move for me. I have been giving major thoughts to blogging, and I have the desire to immerse myself in a project when I get back. Sometimes I think I should just start blogging about San Francisco. I can always keep writing if I move to a new city. Also thinking about revamping the heartofzeus website. That would be the move for me. I wish I could get my sister to blog with me or something. I need to be working with other artists, that’s my problem.

Right now I am waiting for it to get dark and then I am going to go visit the weed lady. I think I can wrestle a good deal out of her, and then reallllly that should be my last time linking up with her. I leave Friday at 05:00, and I can’t decide if I should get on the plane stoned or not, but knowing me I’ll probably fly high. If I have the option? Exactly. But then I’m going to be back in SF when I can barely afford to smoke lol. All will be determined by how quickly I can get a job. If I show up at 10:30 and get a job the same day, I’ll be in it to win it. If I wait a week? Honestly I don’t think waiting a week is an option for me. Like I said I’m gonna have like 70 bucks. If Casey doesn’t let me stay with him then I’ll really be fucked. Sometimes I think about talking to Jo, but so far I haven’t. You know it’s kind of weird; I’ve been gettin blazed out here a lot, and if that wasn’t the case, I might have succumb to my emotions already and begun talking to Jo. It’s hard for me to change things up and leave a relationship, I know this. But, things are how they are. When I see Jo on the street, I will more than likely go and talk to her. It’s nice having a partner. I hate being alone, but I also was under a lot of stress with Jo. The stress is different now. I am still worried about my career and my future, but I feel more secure in my freedom to fail. and if I understand that failure is possible, I am obviously going to avoid it. With Jo I felt like there was no way we could fail at something if we put out mind to it, but at the end of things I didn’t feel I was growing much, or that the relationship was benefiting me in the ways I needed. I wonder how Jo felt. It easy to fall in love, but it’s hard to predict the future, and those two things go hand in hand.

*              *              *

I’m smoking too much. At this rate I will never make it to the end of the week. What happens if I run out of money? I don’t think I’m going to hit the atm again. The reality is that if I wanted to live cheap over here I totally could, but I have chosen not to. I spent $1800 in a 6 weeks. What the fuck you guys lol. That’s so extra. I have dreams and shit, about making investments and I was really hoping I could just chill out when I got back to SF, but no! Instead I spent all my money. I guess…$500 of that was spent on my plane ticket back, so really I’ve spent $1300 while I’ve been here, and even like $50 of that was spent on purchasing domain names. I am terrible with money, that is clear. I understand it very well, and then I also choose to spend it frivolously.

I leave Saigon so soon! It’s 07:15 on April 9th right now, and I leave 05:30 on April 12th. Coming upppp! Casey has off work on Friday, so that works out. I guess I will chill with him. I hope he’s not drinking and shit, that would be no good. Jo told me that I am better for Casey than Casey is for me, and I semi-believe that, except Casey seems to perform at the same level whether he is drunk or not. I am bothered by the difference since I spend so much time with him, but he could maintain a job while drinking for a long time I think. Maybe I should get a job at a thrift shop or something. Fuckk yeahh I should work in the Haight! That’s my damn move. Idk why, but it just hit me. All the jobs in the city pay the same, right? I want to do a job that doesn’t require my to cut my beard off, and honestly I’d like something that is just…kinna easy. I’ve spent my whole life working in restaurants, and I’ve never worked in retail, but shiidd I might give it a try in the Haight. I’d meet plenty of interesting people.

I am talking to my father about buying a house currently. He thinks Wisconsin Dells is the move. I think it’s Detroit. For the first time I think he is actually agreeing with me that there might be some money to make in Detroit. I noticed while doing some research that all the bad neighborhoods border the downtown. The city is going to blow up soon, and I think everyone knows that [I haven’t been there to confirm, but I believe the people I meet], so why wouldn’t it be true that the neighborhoods nearest the downtown would be worth the most? Well, I assume they have a lot of crime right now, but I think in 10 years that’s going to be a totally different case. I actually have to believe better than that, what I really want is for it to be different in 4 years, but that also means I could miss the jump on it. I just have to fucking go to Detroit! That’s the answer to all of these questions.

I was sitting and thinking on the roof of Alley House last night, and then I changed my IG name to Spark Twain. What do you think? I’m uhhh heavy weed smoking Mark Twain, lol.  I have actually, only read one of Twain’s works: The Prince and The Pauper. My Father tells me I should read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and so I own the book. I read the first chapter or two, but I think I was getting into more modern literature at the time. Perhaps I will turn it back again and read some Twain. All I know is, I like the name Spark Twain. but I like a lot of the things I make up lol.

So my Dad is moving out of his spot mid-July. I think he is going to go to Flordia. He is going to keep his Jeep. I’m telling him he shouldn’t move to Flordia because it will be impossible to save money there. I don’t really know if that is true, but it just feels so true. When I think of Flordia, I think of old ppl selling scripts. I have finished my Ca Phe Sua. Honestly I am thinking about smoking a damn cig! I told myself I was done yesterday. I didn’t smoke a square all day, and now I am sitting here and I am thinking about cigs. It’s not overpowering, it’s only slight, but I feel it. It’s more out of boredom, I would say. My body certainly says no, and I feel it that I won’t really enjoy a cig. but my brain wants it lol. Damn that brain.

I don’t know what to do. I’m tempted to have the cig because I have half a pack with me, but idk…lol. That’s obviously un-fucking-healthy. I will not feel as woke immediately afterwards, I already know it. I suppose the other option is to just smoke more weed, but I know it’s possible to have balance in this situation so I will not resort to that. My father and my sister and planning to move together, and I am telling them to fucking buy a place together! I feel like no one is taking this seriously except me. Granted, I am not saving money and I am instead out here traveling, but I am soon to return, and then I will prove that talk is not [always] cheap! As long as you pay yourself well for it. All the pieces are there for my father and sister to buy a place and have a little money saved up in a couple of years, but I just…don’t know if they’re going to pull the trigger on it. They could get a condo easy. My dad is such an asshole these days. I don’t know why, but he is totally different than when I was a kid. I feel like I’m really trying to help him out here, and he just belittles me. Sometimes I think about kicking his ass, but he’s really too much of a nice guy to swing on. I will sit back and let him do his thing. I just told him if they end up renting a place, I will never let him live it down. Eve I might let slide because she is still young, but my Dad is in a position where he could actually get a small piece of the action right now and I do not feel bad about holding him to that high bar. Sometimes I literally fucking hate my dad. He spent his entire life talking to me about money, and I grow to find he won’t even put his money where his mouth is. Other times I feel bad for him. I really don’t like anyone though. Everyone fails me, even me, at some point. I deal with it.

What I should do is spend my day editing all my writing. I just…can’t focus? Don’t have the patience. You know right now I kind of feel like I do have the patience. I also feel like I want to smoke a square. I still have the pack with me, and I know if I threw them away I would not be considering buying more, but since they are here I am thinking about smoking them. I can picture the otherside of the cig already. Less clarity. I am making up excuses in my head, like how I could smoke one and then write about the terrible process and how I feel on the other side. I know if I lit a square now and started smoking, I would finish the pack by the end of the day. I would be at risk of buying more forsure if I finished the pack before the end of the day. I am sitting here and it’s getting hot. I am losing my patience. I don’t know what to do today. Mostly I guess I’ve been smoking cigarettes lol. Ugh. I am so tempted to do it. I am weak! Ugh. My stomach hurts a little now. I wonder if smoking gives me a stomach ache. It’s possible. The sun is creeping. In a minute or so it will be on me. I think I’m going to fall victim and smoke…I feel so dumb about it. It’s like…I know I am not going to smoke in SF though. I took the day off and I felt good about it, and honestly if I was distracted I wouldn’t be thinking twice about smoking a cig. Ugh. Did you see me talk myself into that? Okay. I am going to light it up. Oh No! you’re probably thinking, and you would be correct. Omg I did it. You know I’ve quit smoking twice before in my life. When I was 19 I quit for 9 months, and then I smoked for a few more years until I was 25, and then I quit up until I arrived in Da Nang. I still haven’t inhaled. Thinking about putting it out lol. The sun is here. Holy shit you guys I put it out! I talked myself out of smoking. I sat and breathed the second hand smoke for a second, but I didn’t puff the bad boy. Hmm. I told myself “if I smoke this then I’m gonna end up smoking more tree probably, and if I run out of tree and I’m still smoking squares then I will certainly not quit with the squares, but if it’s the other way around I actually have a chance.” Okay. The sun is here. I could just move out of the sun…but I might leave the cafe and head… back to the hostel? I could easily run out of weed today too lol. No good! If I don’t buy anymore tree I will almost certainly make it to Friday without an ATM withdrawal. I need that. I’ve been off the rails, but now is the time to get back on track, and that’s exactly what I am doing.

*              *              *

It’s the next day now. I’m smoking the second half of my last J on the top floor of L cafe. It’s fucking Wednesday! The 10th! That’s insane, because it means my trip ends in two days. I remember it all. Leaving SF. Flying to Milwaukee and seeing my Dad at the airport, and then spending a month in his basement. Good times. I remember flying to Qatar and then India. I spent a fucking month in Kolkata, that was a crazy time. A month in Thailand, a month in Laos, and six weeks in Vietnam. I’ve been stoned for almost everyday in Vietnam. In fact, this is supposed to be the last tree I smoke while in the country. I feel it would be advantageous of me to stop…I actually meant to finish this last night and wake up today with nothing, but it didn’t go down like that. So I will be done with this in several minutes, and by like 2 or 3 in the afternoon I’ll be Stone Cold, and then I have tomorrow to return to normality and then the following day at 05:00 I catch that plane.

I put it out. I feel…you know one thing about smoking weed all the time is that it’s kinna the same feeling. I mean, sure, you have different strains and shit that act differently, and you are affected by the outside world still.. However that effect from the outside world is so much lesser with the habitual smoker, that it’s practically monotonous. Sometimes I worry that I smoke too much weed. Other times I tell myself I shouldn’t worry. and after I’m done freaking out I always realize that weed isn’t technically healthy and if I want to enjoy it to the fullest potential I should be healthy in other aspects of my life. I don’t really enjoy drinking this Cap Phe Sua or eating this Croissant as much as I enjoy smoking weed, and in fact it’s not even close.

My friend Corey once told me that you can do something as simple as cut your hair and it has the potential to jumpstart the change you are looking for. I need a change when I return to SF. It will be different no matter what, because everyday is new, but I think I could easily slip in a big change right now and it would go quite smooth. My father is moving, I am up in the air about where I want to live. I love SF, but it’s impossible to own anything there so I’m thinking after 1 or 2 years I head back to the middle of the country, right? I am also at like 8 months not drinking, and having 4 of those months be a backpacking trip through SE Asia, I feel quite good about my sobriety. It’s hard to explain because I am so young and drank for such a short time, but when I went for it, I went for it, and so I had to kick that shit and I am glad I did. I dearly hoped it would lead to automatic success, alas… I have received freedom, yet as of: no success; I quest it. I am certain I am over thinking the current situation, because the fact is I will have to go back to SF and save some money, and that is just going to take time. If I choose to think and think and think while I am working, I will think myself to death! I need to just take my take saving some money, and then bust moves when I need? NO! As I was writing that sentence I realized it is wrong, because, I need to be multitasking! That’s what I AM missing and what I should plan to do. I always just do one thing at a time. Like, I haven’t even done my taxes yet [lol] what am I talking about with this “I need a plan” shit. Nah. I need some consistency, and good, healthy space to think in.

I have been messaging Kalen on IG, but I assume he is busy because he hasn’t been answering [turns out his new phone doesn’t have IG]. I wonder if he is happy in his position. He signed a year lease in the city, which is fine and dandy and all that, but I definitely could have lived with him so it is kinna lame in that aspect. Actually, I can’t bitch. I am 110% down for living with Casey, and in fact I think it will be better for both of us, but it’s a shame all three of us couldn’t be living together. We need to find a way to squeeze some money out of that city forreal.

Where is my focus on writing? You know, I’m always thinking about starting a new blog and shit, and do you know why? Because that shit would be easy, and I like easy. It is seeming though that’s not really what I want, and in fact maybe it’s the universes way of guiding me from a life I would not enjoy. If it ended up being a lot of popularity and not a lot of money as a blogger, I would be unhappy. I don’t really feel like starting a blog right now, or I think I would just start that second one, right? I foolishly bought some websites, and one of them I might still use, but I will try and sell some of them also, but I am not gonna be torn up that I spent some money on some websites. I recently wrote “I’m $35 into this project, there’s no turning back” or something like that, but I am now of the mindstate that I just need to do what I feel. To me, everyday is a Felix Felicis day, if you believe it is! and so if I feel like going to Hagrid’s houseI’m just gonna fuggin go to Hagrids.

Is Hagrids house in Detroit? Probably not. I’ve been giving that some thought too. I am pretty much planning to sign a lease…or jump on Casey’s lease, and stay in the city until I have 10k, right? I will probably get 1,200 a check, andso 600 for rent plus 200 a month for Jo cuz I owe her some money, and idfk how much for food, but anyway, if I get $2,400 a month I think I can save at least a thousand, maybe more. Kalen thinks he can save $1000 a month and my rent would be $350 cheaper than his. Hmm. If I could save $1350 a month I would probably try and pay Jo off fast, I think that would be the move. Get that outta the way. Shouldn’t take too long. Maybe I should go to whatever business is at the Asian Box location in the Marina and get them to let me live there. I need to find a place that will let me live at the office lol. Do that for two years, and now we’re talking.

The time is 08:06 here in Saigon and I just don’t know what to do with myself. I have done very close to nothing everyday that I have been in this country lol, I can’t even lie about it. Today though, I don’t know what to do. I was thinking after I am done here I could go to the park and read, maybe even finish my book, I’ve only got 66 pages left or something. Have you read Sapiens yet? You totally should, it’s a great book. I can’t wait to pick up the sequels. See. Boom! Right there. I need to read more. I could easily have time set aside every week that I read. You know I was studying programming a little bit in Laos when I was with Jo, and I haven’t opened that up once since I got to Vietnam. It’s like…whoa, that was kinna dumb lol. I could have done a ton in that programme this month! Learn new stuff, that’s what I need to do! and you know learning is kind of hard. I need to keep practiced so I don’t lose it. I definitely don’t feel like getting a job right now fam. I just feel like having money, that’s it. The job part I could give or take. I certainly don’t want to work with food, but I have a feeling that is what I am going to end up doing. I am looking at the Saigonciti Hotel while I am typing this and I am noticing how much better I have become at typing while not looking at the keyboard. I still make mistakes, but I am just so much better than I was a year ago it’s crazy. It’s actually kind of cool. So, anyway lol. I need to read more. I could be coding. I will have to work so I can save money and eventually not have to work. I will keep blogging…Oh! I could go to fxcking school still! I could apply for CCSF and see if I get accepted. Who knows. It could be the best this that ever happens to me. I haven’t been in a classroom in a long, long time. I don’t really know if I would enjoy it, but at least it would give me something to do that I would be locked into for a year or 6 months or something. Who am I kidding though, I don’t really think I am going to enroll in school. I think I am going to save a little bit of money, and then make a stupid risky investment with it, and after several tries I might come out on top lol. I get anxiety thinking about the money that I’ve lost, forreal. Damn. You know I have more money left than I thought I would. Yesterday I paid my lady and I had her give me cash back. I paid an extra dollar for that, but it’s worth it to me. So I have 760k, but I am toying with the idea of bringing a 500k VND note back with me just because it’s kind of cool. That’s like 20 bucks. Otherwise I could actually afford more tree, but I usually don’t see the lady until nighttime. Sometimes I see her on the streets during the day. If I saw her today I might scoop some. Idk. I want to stop smoking…party because I’ve got the plane ride and that’s like, a hella long day and a bad time to go 24h not smoking weed for the first time in a month lol. Honestly…I can see me not taking another break from weed for quite a long time. I need to ground myself in that aspect. I need to be healthier, read more, work more, and build more long lasting friendships before I am 30, all so I can balance out good daba in my life, because I have decided that is something I really want. I mean what did you expect?

Spark Twain

* * *

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March 29th – April 4th, Saigon.

Ca Fae Sua is the damn sugariest thing I’ve ever had; it’s so good. I’m back at ToGo coffee, still not writing about anything productive lol. Will has gone five hours north with the blue-haired Irish lady, and he told me she and him are going to Cambodia together too. That’d probably be good for Will’s health…I think…she did do some no2 balloons yesterday and passed out multiple times. Those balloons are crazy unhealthy. Will got it on video though, he showed me on his snapchat the girl passing out. He still fucked her [presumably] and is going north and then out of the country with her lol. She reminded me of Karleigh a little bit, except that she talked a lot about politics and had a big nose. Granted she could have just been rambling about politics because they were off that white. It wasn’t the wildest night for me, but I’ve been there for several of Will’s wild nights. I wonder what I would be like out here if I was still drinking. A dog?

“Toxic” by Brittany Spears is playing here at ToGo coffee in Saigon, and the time is 16:37. I decided to get coffee instead of getting stoned, and that was just 17 minutes ago. I took a Grab here today [like Uber] instead of walking. Honestly it took about the same amount of time, but I found the bike ride rather enjoyable so I am glad I did it. I am drinking this coffee wicked fast. I am already wondering if I should get a second one, and of course the answer is no cuz I’ll probably be all sweaty and anxious then, but I might order one anyway. My goal is to smoke one with the girl in the bed above me tonight, and if I can summon the courage in the moment I am going to try and make out with her on the balcony. I hope she doesn’t end up reading this and I still haven’t made a move on her, that would just be sad. I am slow to bust moves, we all know that.

I went back and took a shower earlier, and after my shower I laid down and listened to some asmr and took a nap. Quite pleasant. Before I showered I spent some time reading on the internet about the most popular blogs in 2019. Research! I’m thinking mad about that asmr blog idea. I so love it! But am I in love with it? I want to write about something I want to write about! High on the list were news blogs, crypto blogs, and tech blogs. What do I do with that information? Honestly I don’t know yet. I am torn because I do want to write about asmr, but I haven’t yet, and that’s just a fact. I keep writing these posts. I am writing about travel right now, but I am about to stop traveling and then what am I? A San Francisco blogger? Kinnnnabutnotreally. A hippie blogger? Ha, maybe but I am not going to rebrand around that. The idea is definitely to start a new blog, and then in the future I will adjustments to this current blog, but I am not going to overhaul this one and try to make it popular. I feel like I am in too deep with this one, and I just want to ride it out at this point. I’ve been doing this for two years with virtually no success, but I like the name I have built for myself. In Milwaukee, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Greely, San Antonio, Kolkata, Chiang Mai, Da Nang, and Saigon I’m laka bruh.

I’ve considered starting a blog for individuals that want to tour the U.S. I mean there are probably already usa blogs, but is there enough? Ha. Blogging about hosteling in the USA I bet could get some views. I don’t really plan to move around much though. I think a forum would have success, like an asmr forum, but any forum could do. I am thinking about topics, and then I am thinking about all the content I would need to generate for them. What do I want to see on the internet? I mean I use travel blogs a lot, and since the only travel blogs on the “top 50” list were theeverywhereist, and Lonely Planet, I believe there is room for travel bloggers to come up still. I am looking for something I already do that I can just start blogging about, and asmr is that. I still don’t know though. I feel like there must be a better topic, right? or I wouldn’t still be pondering. Even though I overthink everything. Now, one thing I think is worth mentioning, is that I still want to sell the shirts. In fact I was thinking of just doing the shirts, and maybe writing a minimal blog, but then just selling the shirts and still starting a blog about something else. I’m wonder what a blog about 3 or 4 cities would be like. If it was like a San Francisco, Mexico City, San Antonio blog? You know, I think I would have to choose three smaller cities. All of those cities could support their own blog, and anyone who lives in the city full time would be able to outrun me as I would be going between cities.

I’d like to write a blog about nothing, and it’s just me traveling the world having sex with different women and writing about it. Have I said that before? That would obviously be the life lol. The Casanova of the blogging world, I could be! I’d have to keep hanging out with Will I think though. The time is 17:02 and it’s Friday, March 29, 2018 here in Saigon; I just don’t know what to do with myself. I don’t drink, and I feel like most folks just go out and drink here. I guess I’m gonna smoke another cigarette. I smoke way to many cigarettes. Went from 0 to 100 quick. Maybe I’ll listen to some rap music for a second too, and then come back to this.

If I could start all over, what would I do? Would I still blog? Would I study harder and become a doctor or a lawyer? I guess I would focus on making money and I’d probably blog about that. Can you imagine if I had been blogging while I had been slanging? I did keep a journal, I could always put the writing in there on this blog lol. There’s some no good shit in those journal entries.

Maybe a blog isn’t the answer. Maybe I should be writing stories. Ugh. I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. I’m all worked up, and now I’ve got coffee in my system. I guess I felt full, but now that I’m rethinking [overthinking] the asmr blog idea, I feel empty again. I need to find something to occupy my time. If I go back to the hostel right now what am I going to do? Not shitttt. I want to go back, but I don’t want to go back. I am actually excited to be back in SF and be working. At least I can save some money while I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. We’re over 1200 words at this point, and I am thinking I’ll just wait until tomorrow to edit, or maybe if I’m really bored I’ll go in the lobby and either write more or edit tonight. Okay. Peace for now.

*             *             *

I’m in my bed at the hostel and the time is 19:20 in Saigon. Am I bored? Yes. I am waiting to get stoned because I think the girl in the bed above me might get stoned with me, and I want to be present for it. Part of me wants to just get stoned now and go downstairs and write, but then I know I might be too tired to try and hangout with the Swiss lady later, and I don’t want that to be my fate. I find her highly attractive. Her and her friend [also Swiss] went out with two dudes that looked not as tough, but wealthier than me. The one lady invited me but I declined because I knew they were meeting up with two dudes, and I didn’t want to fifth wheel that shit. You know what? I feel terrible though because I don’t remember their names! I am trying to get better with the names, but it is difficult. Kalen told me [I’m messaging him on IG right now] that I should “just go for it with wreckless abandon” because I’ve got nothing to lose. If that ain’t the truth! If I spend the next two weeks in Saigon and I don’t get laid, I will selfishly consider that a failure. Not that I’m prepared to drop my high standards, but there are plenty of beautiful women that come through Saigon, and specifically this hostel. I am not excited to receive the bill for my stay here lol, I’m too broke to be paying $7 a night, but I want to be in this environment. What’s to be done?

I am a pretty boring person, I have realized that. Will kept telling people to “tell him he’s boring,” but you know what? I really am boring af. It’s Friday night and instead of going out I am sat in my room writing. Woohoo! Nah. I’m not upset or stressed about it. I just need to find a way to make money doing this and everything will be gravy. The girl in the bed above me, Sina, as I will call her because that’s what it says her name is on IG, had all sorts of crazy ideas for writing a blog. She said I should answer the question of “why so many people wear elephant pants.” I could probably, with some research, answer that question. When I was younger my father had a book titled Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise? and I found it to be quite an interesting read, the parts of it I did. Maybe I should open a blog like that, where people ask me weird questions and I answer them. Eh. Lots of competition in that field. I would immediately be fighting against one of my favorite online personalities XKCD. If I had his kind of knowledge maybe I would have more confidence in blogging the answers to questions. Or maybe it’s just not what I wish to do. I can’t even tell!

I should blog about money, since it is what interests me the most. That’s it! I need to write about something, right? but I pretty much know nothing about everything, so I should choose a topic I enjoy doing the research on. I don’t really enjoy the research I do on asmr. I usually just end up listening to a video and falling asleep. Plus there are a lot of topics within the asmr realm that I really have no interest in covering, but for the sake of the blog I would have to do that. I don’t want to research asmr. I want to research how to build wealth! What Futura4200 does is pretty cool. He runs a forum, but I it’s also a blog if I am not mistaken. He focuses on making concentrate, but has grow into a sustainable living page also. If I was already on a piece of land and building from there, that would be the optimal choice. Alas, I am not that far yet. I need to write for people who are in my position. Don’t have much except a good education, and know they want to accumulate some wealth. Another thing is, video is still on the rise! If I don’t produce any video content, I will be missing out on quite a lot of money to be made that’s forsure. A YouTube channel and a blog all at once? Yeah, that’s probably the move. But the topic!?!?

Kalen is reading the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and he says he really likes it. I’m glad. Honestly that ended up being one of my favorite books. It was intense af, and interesting, and had a computer hacker; everything you could want, all in one book. I should probably focus on comedy. I am funny, that’s forsure, and if I could channel that into something productive I think I would find the good life. Kalen told me he thought my last blog post was funny af, which I really appreciate, and I believe him when he says such things. How long do you think I’ll wait to smoke this J with this girl Sina? It would be totally lame if I just didn’t get stoned all night and then at like 21:00 her and her friend come back and shes not trying to smoke. It’s not like I will have wasted the night away though. Look, I’m writing! Hmm. For now though, I think I am going to smoke another cigarette on the porch. Not really living the good life smoking 30 cigarettes a day, but I am certainly doing what I want lol. So peace for now! Maybe I will just come back in and write more in a little bit, or maybe I’ll talk to your ass in the morning.

*             *             *

The time is 20:52 now and I am sitting in the lobby of the Flipside Hostel in Saigon. I went out and ate a banh mi in the alley across the street, and while I was there I ran into a girl I met in Hoi An last weekend, and the two guys I had seen there yesterday. They all spoke German, but also English so I only felt lost some of the time. I talked with this guy for a while, the oldest one of the group [It was six people including myself. The two dudes I met there yesterday, the girl I met in Hoi An with her bf, and then this older gentleman. I think they all just met at the banh mi spot.] and we talked about India for a little bit, and he told me when he went twenty years ago compared to now, there are a lot less tourists now a days. Overall it was quite an interesting conversation. I’ve been thinking about the Swiss girl though, so I was not been there fully, mentally speaking. I keep thinking about girls. Healthy? Probably. But I gotta keep my mind on the money also.

I got back to the room after my banh mi to find it full of people. Two couples moved into the room today, and they were both there. I am assuming it’s two couple because both parties showed up together, and both consist of one man, and one woman. It wasn’t awkward or anything; I’ve spent many hours in many dorm rooms full of people, and I don’t feel any type of way about it. But the girl in the bed diagonal across from me was laying down an  I could see her ass, so to prevent myself from spending too much time looking at her I came downstairs. Good plan, right?

While I am down here I will probably go outside an smoke a cigarette. I really gotta kick that habit, but I don’t think this weekend will be the weekend for that one. I am hoping to catch the Swiss ladies when they come back in, as they went on a double date, but they have been gone long enough where I am starting to lose hope that I’ll get with the one. Gotta keep that shit on lock! They invited me with them, and I totally could have gone and spent the night hanging out with the girl that’s on my mind, but instead I hung back. Will there be a next time? Probably not. I bet they’ll get back all late and then I’ll just end up smoking that J by myself. Can you believe I am actually waiting to smoke? What’s come over me. I’m weak. I’m weak af.

It is humid as hell in this city. Seriously, and I feel like it gets even worse at night, somehow. It might just be because I am staying on the walking street, and the thousands of people bring the heat with them. I tried to go smoke a cig in front of the hostel, but the lady wouldn’t let me. There some sort of restaurant they run out front at night, and as soon as I went to sit down the lady waved her hand at me. I didn’t want to stand in the street holding my laptop, so I’ve come back upstairs. The girl covered up her butt now. What a shame.

My plan is: go to the roof! Eventually I will make it there. The girl from Hoi An said she was going up there and I said I would see her [and her bf] up there. I know if I end up going up there I’m gonna smoke that J, and I want to wait for the Swiss girl to smoke the J. I am in a bad state lol. I wonder what things will be like for me when I return to SF. I can’t see myself sleeping with a different girl every night, but I also can’t see myself sleeping with nobody. Ha. Maybe I can see myself sleeping with nobody. I guess the other alternative is that I find a gf. I’m definitely not looking for a gf, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. I am horny, and that might be the only thing that matters.

If I was with my significant other I don’t know if I would want to sleep in a hostel room. When I met Chelsea in Hoi An, she told me [and everyone] that her bf and her spent most of their time in separate hostel beds. Lame. I would pay extra to have the privacy, and of course to be able to fuck [in private]. Having sex in a dorm room just isn’t the move…until it is the move lol. Okay…I guess I am going to go…smoke a square? It’s probably not healthy for me to keep waiting for this girl to get back. I’m fucking with my own head, you know? First of all, nothing says the girl even likes me, second I am actually basing my decisions on assumptions, which is probably as bad as it gets. I’m waiting around assuming the girl is gonna wanna smoke with me. Now, she said she smokes, but that a far cry from blazing it up on the porch and trying to make out with her. Ha. I’ve been picturing in my head what it must look like for me to be hitting on these young girls. Kindddda funny, since I probably look like a 35 year-old man with my beard. I didn’t even think about it until today actually. Eh. Can’t stop what I’m doing just cuz I’m getting old though, that would be against what I believe in as a Hippie. Ugh. To go to the roof and blaze this J? Or to just go on the porch and smoke a cig. I can feel it in my bones, that I’ll go smoke that square outside, come back in, and the girls still won’t be back and I’ll still be in the same position I am now. If they come back and tell me they’re not trying to smoke? Travesty. I should just do it. I should just go on the roof and blaze it up! Alas, I am going to go to the porch and keep dreaming. I can’t be the only one?

*             *             *

What did I tell you!? Back inside after smoking a square, and still in the same position. The girl whos butt I was !looking at before is reading Lily Allen’s biography. I didn’t know she had a biography! Or any books for that matter, because technically I am not sure if she is reading a biography or not, all I know is it says “LILY ALLEN” across the front in big bold letters. I can’t actually read the title of the book as I am too blind, but I am pretty sure it was written by Lily herself, as her name is where the authors name should be, and I think I see a title that I couldn’t possibly mistake for the name of an author. I will have to pick up a copy of that book someday. So I’ve decided I’ll wait until 22:00 to go to the roof. It’s 21:35 currently. I am going to brush my teeth right quick.

Okay! Teeth = Burshed. Now I sit…I might not even wait until 22:00; or I might wait longer! Why would anyone even want to read about this? Oh wait…they wouldn’t lol. Then I start my whole process over again tomorrow. Wake up early, disturb everyone in the room as I get ready, smoke, leave, coffee, writing, hostel, smoke, nap, day dream. I got like two more weeks of this, idk how I am going to make it. I should just go to the roof and try and enjoy myself. I am sure there is some girl up there I can chat up, and once I’m into it I won’t even notice it’s not the girl I want to be chatting up, right? That’s how I feel. People come and go in life, and you gotta be careful who you get attached to. It’s so easy to just fall into friendship, that’s definitely something I have learned traveling. The time is 21:44 on March 29th 2018. I sit. Okay. I am going to stop writing for the night [unless I have a sudden change of heart]. Soon I will head to the rooftop, and blaze, and then in a couple of hours I will come back down and go to bed. The girls will probably be back by then. Maybe I will chat her up tomorrow. Peace from Saigon!

*             *             *

I am writing to you from ToGo Coffee again, the time is 09:20 on March 30th, and I am messaging this guy Leigh on Instagram. I met him at the Tortoise while I was working there. A little older than me, and he is from Australia. He mum just passed away, so I am just talking to him about the situation. I don’t think he likes weed, so as I move into the rest of the article…well yeah.

Last night was fun, but uneventful. I ended up rolling another one downstairs in my room, and then I took to the roof. The Swiss girls were on the roof. I didn’t talk to them. There was also the girl I met in Ho Chi Minh…that I’ll now never see again because she went to Phu Quoc today. I didn’t talk to her either. Instead I sat down with these French guys I met the other day, one of them reminds me of Alex a little bit, and the other is hella goofy but funny. I sat with them and pulled out what I just created, and we destroyed it. She was a fatty, I’ll tell you that.

Afterwards some more got passed around, and we chatted it up until almost midnight I would say. I learned that the names of a lot of countries, especially in Europe, are different in French. I watched the Swiss girls talking to these two dudes, and I realized I truly am an old man. I’m an old school alcoholic that likes to eat ass and smoke weed. That’s not what these 19 year old women need in their life. Although from time to time I’m sure it will be what they receive.

“Won’t you come on and come on and raise your glass.” Pink is playing over the speakers. It just ended. Oh wait, nvm, still going. I’ve got my phone sitting on the chair across from me, charging, but more importantly I am creating a video that I will upload to YouTube, hopefully it will be live before I finish this piece of writing. I have decided I will edit and post this before I leave the shop today, and then I’m on a clean slate again [as I sit editing 10 days later]. I really learned when I let the editing in SF slip away from me. I was left with a fucking novel of bullshit to page through, and I still haven’t done it. Apparently it’s P!nk radio or something, cuz: more P!NK.

I just realized I’m going to do like 19 hours of traveling, and I won’t be able to smoke a cigarette the whole time [I’m sure it would be possible in HK, but I am going to skip it]. That will be a good jumpstart to SF, where I will not be smoking. Lol. Seriously though. I am the master of myself. I wonder what Will and that Irish girl are up to today. He is supposed to check out tomorrow, but if I don’t see him by tonight maybe I’ll extend his stay for him. Or move his stuff to storage? That would be a bold and friendly move lol, idk if I’m that friendly.

I’m feeling good today. You know, I’m just going to try writing without rambling about a crazy blog idea or something. I know it will come to me. Oh wait. Here we go lol. Now I’m thinking about a short story blog. That would be successful if I could write good stories. We shall see. About traveling? I could write some stories about traveling. You know I really have no plan for my return to SF. I am going to pull up, and go to Casey’s, but that’s all I know. I might message Misao and try to get my job at MAC’D back. That would be the easiest thing to do. If I can jump into saving $1000 a month right away, I’ll be sitting pretty. I think it’s doable. If I can really just move into Casey’s place that easy, and his roommates don’t trip, I could be well off. From there? I guess I am still planning to print those t-shirts. I am also thinking about traveling, again and already. Mexico this time. I would like to go to Mexico City. If I could learn my way around Mexico City, I think I would be sitting pretttttty. I want to learn a second language, and Spanish seems like the obvious choice. If I just immersed myself in the city with the goal of learning a little Spanish, I bet I would find success in a short couple of months. Plus it might be cheap enough down there for me to live and write. I could teach English to kids in China, ha. That’s what a lot of people are doing. I need to make money off of a blog though. I wonder how a Mexico City blog written in English would do. Probably not bad, actually.

Now we’re on a Rhianna kick here at ToGo coffee. The time is 09:46. The Swiss girls came back in at about 04:00 in the morning; I was asleep but I heard them come in. The one girl messaged me at 01:00, but I slept right through that and didn’t get it until this morning. Oh well. I was a little less excited at the end of the day, especially after I chilled with the Frenchmen. I’m starting to feel that coffee! It could be the sugar too. Lots of sugar in these Vietnamese coffee’s. A lot of sugar consumed in all four countries I’ve traveled through. In India they were making this Chai Tea on the road everywhere, and it was really just black tea and sugar, sometimes lots of sugar, but it was good and I consumed it. I was thinking about my sugar intake at the time though. Then in Thailand they put sugar in the papaya salad on the regular, and Thai coffee is filled with sugar too, I remember the first time I ordered one. Laos was similar. I can’t recall anything specific to Laos like the coffee’s of the neighboring countries, in fact Lao Coffee is just black coffee [but it kind of tastes like instant coffee to me], but they have iced sugary drinks at every cafe there too.

Okay. I just spent like five minutes hunched over my computer holding my phone, instead of sitting down with my phone like a smart person would to save their back, and I typed up a description for my new YouTube video and it is currently uploading. It will be live before I finish this forsure, unless something strange happens. No, holy shit, it’s like almost uploaded already. I wonder if the WiFi here is crazy fast…or what. I mean the video is only like 17 minutes long, but still. Sometimes that shit has taken half-an-hour to upload a fifteen minute video! Now it’s lightening speed? I’m suspicious, but if it works I will obviously be very pleased. Almost done now…95% processed but I was waiting for it and it didn’t move forward.

I’ve been meeting a lot of people who have gone to the Cu Chi Tunnels, which are tunnels that were used during the war. I should really go see those tunnels. There is also the War Museum that I need to go see, and I am excited for doing that. Soon. Will has to leave the country soon, I know, so I might not go with him. That’s cool though. I bet I spend more time going through museums than him lol. Okay! The video is live! Let’s take a look and see how it plays…It works! Woo! I wish my voice was a little louder, but I have this lapel mic I can wear. I wore it in one video I filmed, but I couldn’t tell if it made much of a different, but now I’m thinking it does.

I just watched quite a bit of the video, you know, just to make sure I’m not making a fool of myself by posting it. I am happy with the finished product though. I mean it’s just something I whipped up on my phone in like one-hours time, but I like what I’ve produced. I am supposed to check out of my hostel tomorrow, and I am going to follow through with that. If Will is not back…I guess I will just leave his suitcase on his bed. Where will I go? I am thinking I will venture across the city and stay in a totally new area. If I just stay in this part of Saigon the whole time, I will probably get quite bored. Plus I should really just live the plain life for a little bit before I head back to SF, otherwise I’ll be jaded upon my return. Were at eight pages now for this article. That’s a fuckton. I don’t want to edit eight pages lol. But I will. I said I will, and I intend to follow through. Does that mean I should stop writing and get to editing? I don’t feel like I want to stop writing yet, but maybe I just don’t want to stop working yet, or better even, maybe I will hit some sort of work limit. Like when you bike really far, but then you realized you have to bike the return trip also and you’re like fuuuuuuuuu. All the sudden I’ll have written like ten pages and unless I sit and edit it, if not right there at least within a day or two, it’s kind of useless to me. I’ve written lots of stuff that I haven’t posted to my website, even a few things from Vietnam. I will have to get this up there today [here I sit editing, two weeks later].

It feels good to be back to my rambling self. This is the kind of writing I like. Just sitting…and writing…and really kind of not thinking about much because I am brain-dead from all the coffee and stuff. Nah. I am familiar with this feeling, but I am certainly not in love with it. I do enjoy these moments, and these articles that get really long because I’m just having a ramble sesh, but I know the money will be in the well researched articles that take time and patience to write. I will perfect the method. You know when I started freestyle rapping, I would just rap syllables when I couldn’t think of anything to rap. A lot of the time I was rapping quite fast too, because I was listening to dubstep a lot, so I’d be rapping over Skrillix for instance lol. So I would just fill in the space if I couldn’t rap it. Now? I can hella rap, and I love doing it. That’s kind of what this blog has been for me, as I’ve grown I talk about less and less bullshit and get right to the meat and potatoes. Still, it is good fun to have a ramble like this once and a while. Good fun.

You know this writing is all I’ve got. What am I going to do after this? Not shit. Literally. I could go out, but I never really do. I haven’t gone and seen the attractions or anything. I am quite lazy, and that’s okay. The alternative is however, that I need to get some work done. I am supposed to be spending my time here figuring out what kind of blog I am going to start when I get back to SF. Instead I have just been writing long winded articles of little importance. Maybe today I will spend the day working on the new blog. Maybe. I still haven’t eaten anything today. I am not all that hungry, especially since I am all caffeinated now. Eventually I will eat. If I go back I’ll probably just get rocked on the porch again and sit on my phone. No good! I could sit in the lobby of the hostel and do blog research. I don’t really know what to research though. I know that no matter what subject I pick, if I work hard, and stay smart, I will find success; or at least I have to believe that. So I just need to find something I am passionate about. I have been looking up the most popular blogs, in fact I talked about that earlier, but it isn’t helping much. I just gotta do my own thingggg. I need to look inside myself and figure out what that thing is. Maybe I am not spending enough time meditating. You know what they say: Everyone should meditate for 20 minutes a day. Unless you don’t have time, then you should meditate for an hour a day.

I could do more filming. In fact, that’s it! I should do more filming while I am in Saigon. Save the over-thinking for another day, at least today I could walk around and film. Go back to the hostel and get ready, and then maybe walk from the hostel, or catch a Grab someplace and walk back. I think I will end up just leaving from the hostel though. Now I’m sitting here thinking. Also I am letting my phone charge. I got two phones, one has a Vietnamese SIM, and that’s not the one I film with. Man it’s gonna be hot af today, just like every day. I haven’t seen a lot of people walking around filming like I saw in Thailand. Maybe that’s good. I would also like to take some more Google photos. If I could jump to 2 million views quick by my birthday, I would be ecstatic. I know it is possible to do from Ho Chi Minh City; this place is hella busy.

Ugh. Now I definitely don’t feel like editing this article. Maybe I will just do it later. After I walk around and film I will be tired af, but maybe I can muster an editing session. We’re at 6,100 words right now. That’s so extra. Part of me wants to order a second coffee and sit here and get caffeinated af and just play on my phone. Probably end up playing chess or something; I’ve been playing a lot of chess on my phone lately. I need to call my grandpa again before I leave Vietnam. We talked once from Laos, and we were planning to talk again soon after that, but I never called him back. I am terrible. I’ve not even been that busy, but I’m so in my own head all the time; I feel preoccupied.

Now I’m thinking a lot about video editing. Video is the fucking move, forsure. I met this dude in Da Nang who was filming music videos, and I’m pretty sure he was making hella doe. I don’t know if I will get into film though. I could write scripts, I suppose. I think it’s a different animal, script writing, but I am so young that I would have time to master it. If I was writing scripts for Hollywood movies I would be sitting hella pretty. Maybe. Right now I’m just thinking about editing my Saigon YouTube videos. I could make a pretty decent video about the coffee shops in the city. Actually, I wonder if that’s the move. One thing about YouTube is that there is no back end. I can have the best article in the world about Saigon Coffee, but Google probably won’t pick up my page up because my website is so !SEO friendly. YouTube however, if you have a good piece of film you have a good chance of making it to the top of the page. I could still do it all from my phone. Film the coffee shops for a second and talk about them, then insert a picture of the map so people could pause and see where they are. This would be one day’s work. Maybe I will give it a shot. I could even invest a little in buying some Grab’s and going around the city. Even if I didn’t shoot the whole video in one day! I should really do this. It’s another one of those ideas I have that would work, if only I follow through!

We’re about to be at ten pages. I knew that shit would sneak up on me. I’m still thinking about ordering another coffee, but I would probably regret that shit. Especially if I am planning to go film some cafe’s, because I can always get a different coffee somewhere else; maybe get an egg coffee somewhere else. I’m smoking another cigarette now while I continue to think. I’m thinking about how to be funny on camera. If I had a funny YouTube channel, it’d be a wrap. I’d have the game on lock. Mostly I produce boring content, and I am quite aware of that. Some of what I write is funny, but mostly it’s just on&on&on&on about my own boring life and shit. Way back at the beginning of this blog, I may have posted some versions of my more interesting stories, like the time I crashed two cars in one day, but I should retell some of those stories. First of all, I believe myself to be a more advanced writer now, and I recall when I wrote some of those stories and put them on this blog, I didn’t think they were very good or detailed enough. I thought I would go back and edit them. Now I realized I can just publish a totally new version of the story and still just leave the old one there. No harm, no foul. I am glad I started my YouTube page and uploaded those videos of my travels. Not many people have watched them, and they may never watch them, but at least I have a channel to work with, plus I will be able to rewatch that shit forever. Okay. I am going to head out from TOGO Coffee and head back to the hostel, chill out for a minute…and then I really think it would be in my best interests to go film. So I will try and stay motivated in that regard and I will go film. Peace for now! The time is 10:49 in Saigon, and I will probably add to this before I post it.

*             *             *

The time is 14:26, and I am at Highlands Coffee now. I decided to try something new for a change, and the reviews of this place were good. It’s a chain, and there are a couple of other competing coffee chains in Vietnam. I’m not sure if ToGo Coffee is a chain, otherwise I haven’t been to any of the coffee chains. The Milk Coffee [Ca Phe Sua] came unmixed. The one I get at ToGo is always mixed, and when I would get them at 43 Factory…I don’t recall, but I think it was a mixed. Time for the taste test! I’ve been letting it sit a little bit, trying to let the ice melt, but now I am going to try it. Wow. Quite good. Just as sugary as the one at 2go, but this one has a better flavor. It’s probably the coffee, if this place really brews their own coffee. Damn it’s so sugary and good. I wonder if there at Vietnamese folks that drink like 4 or 5 of these a day. That would be intense. I’m already thinking about ordering a second one because it’s so damn good. I got the large too, but it’s not like crazyhugeamericanlarge, it’s just 16oz.

I went at looked at this place Skygon Hostel today. It was on the 12th floor of an apartment building, but there wasn’t a balcony, and it’s $5 a night so I don’t think I am going to stay there. I think I will go to Himalaya Phoenix again. That place was pretty nice. It’s really close to the other coffee shop, but I might start coming to this one. Even though it’s busy I find it easy to write. I might even find it easier to write with all the voices becoming a certain level of ambience to my setting. Plus, everyone is speaking Vietnamese, pretty much, so I can’t eavesdrop and that makes it hella easy to focus.

There is a hella screaming baby in here right now. Just doing its baby thing screaming and crying. I’ll have kids someday and they will probably scream and cry in public, and shit. Idk what I’d do. Idk if I’d leave though. These people didn’t leave, but the baby stopped crying pretty much right away. I’m already halfway finished with my damn coffee! I might order another one…but I always think that. and sometimes I act on it. One difference between this place and 2go, is that I can’t smoke cigarettes in here. It’s obviously much better for my health to sit here and not smoke cigarettes. I will be living that cig-free life soon, I feel it. I am quite tired as of late, and that’s just unacceptable.

I didn’t do any filming today like I was talking about doing. I just went back…sat on my phone? Then I decided to go look at that Skygon place, but once I crossed the bridge the intersection was crazy busy and I didn’t want to cross it, so I walked the other way and ended up getting a potato, egg,  and bean burrito at this place called Tippy’s Mexican Food. From Tippy’s I caught a Grab to Skygon, which was in building B it turns out, and like I said, I don’t think I am going to stay there. It was cool that it was high up and shit, but the beds weren’t very long, and I would like a porch. In fact, after I am done here what I should do is go to Himalaya Hostel and reserve a bed in a room with a balcony for tomorrow night. Will I do that? Remains to be seen.

I’m one or two sips away from finishing my drink. That’s terrible. I have this cup full of ice now. I should have gotten the freezy one, where they blend the ice. Maybe I will still go get one lol. I have some money I got from an atm recently, and I am trying to make it stretch as long as possible. Well, not really, apparently, since I’m out getting coffee. OMG The lady just touched my feet with the mop. She came from behind me, under the chair, and boop. Right in the Achilles. Damn. My. Drink. Is. Gone.

Whoa the guy next to me just busted out what looks like a huge computer, for like gaming or something. I bet he can read what I am writing about him too, but if that doesn’t stop me in San Francisco, it shouldn’t stop me in Vietnam. I am highly considering ordering another drink. I’m just so antsy; I already feel like bouncing out, and I just shouldn’t feel that way. It’s a really nice Dell, like a 17 incher or something like that, and it’s got a dev sticker on it. Cool. Remember when I was trying to do coding classes online? Yeah, that’ll never happen. Ha. Not a good attitude, but seriously. It’s a really good idea to learn to code, but I just want to do something…more simple than that. I’m a beast, and I know it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think I want to tackle something with as many endless opportunities as coding, and not really coming from the heart, I would say that I think my efforts are best exercised in other ways.

Maybe I will get another drink and dip out. I could easily walk back to the hostel with my drink. I could go post up in the park too. Options are endless. I could also go to a different cafe and try something new again. Options options options. I am tired though. Focus is needed and I feel like I am totally lost. I never even filmed the videos, you know? I am such a tosser. Yeah, okay. I am going to get a second drink and get it to go, and then I am going to walk to the park, and eventually to Himalaya hostel. Peace from Highlands Coffee in Saigon. The address starts 187, like on a mother fucking cop.

*             *             *

For anyone who knows me, they know I am a very paranoid person. Like seriously hyper paranoid. I used to trip when I got in my friend’s car and they told me they were about to “make a quick stop,” as it were [even tho I did the same thing]. It took me a long time to get comfortable smoking in public. I watched Corey smoke on the way to the bus stop several times before I realized “Nobody gives a shit. Wow.” We’re just talking about some ganj here, but I’m scared of everything. I used to avoid cheating on tests because I was afraid some presence unknown would penalize me. It was years into my adulthood before I realized  just how organic life is. No one is watching. We are all just animals that, for some reason, can talk to each other and are crazy intelligent. It doesn’t matter what we do, it only matters what we get caught doing. I’d rather have a more middle-ground view of things, but as usual I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

I am not paranoid in Vietnam. I can just be my normal old self, and at 05:00 I am comfortable smoking on the street even. I did not know Vietnam would be like this. In all honest OMG a roach just crawled on my leg for the first time ever. Hella. Nasty! I feel violated. I’m also on the steady lookout now. Anyway. In all honesty I don’t know how Jo traveled here for a whole month and didn’t experience what I am experiencing. This place throws California vibes like you wouldn’t believe. When I got to the West Coast of America I was finally comfortable living in my country, and I thought I would never find that kind of comfort again, but I have found it in Vietnam.

Last night I was giving hella thought of moving to Detroit. Can you picture me living in Detroit? It all starts with the idea that I could live comfortably in Michigan also. Do you catch the pattern? When I look at a map of the USA and I think “Where is the best place for me to build a future?” Michigan is the only choice that jumps out as “Obvious.” It’s the perfect mix of cheap, yet growing; in my eyes. Is Michigan not on the come up? I saw a map on IG yesterday showing the fastest growing areas of America, and the whole midwest rustbelt was on there. The map covered the entire bottom half of Michigan, labeling it as growing. Not long ago I gave thought of opening a hostel in Ann Arbor, to catering to tourists, college football fans, and students. That could still be in the cards for me. I wonder what would happen if I saved up…$5000 in SF and then moved to Detroit. Think I would be living the good life? One thing that I am thinking about is starting a city blog. What if I moved to Detroit and just started blogging hard af? Just went HAM with it, and kept it up until I found success in Detroit. What if I became Detroit Famous? Is Detroit a world class city? Could I help turn it into one??

For a while I considered saving up some money, coming back out to Vietnam, and then opening a city blog here. I could easily move to Da Nang and start blogging about the city, but damn…I could have done that when I was there for the past three weeks too! I could be blogging/vlogging about Saigon right now as well, but I haven’t been. Maybe though, if I were to make the choice first and then choose the city to settle in to, I would find good fortune. I might want to make a major move to a new city, and then build some roots there. If I move to Detroit…I will potentially be rooted there. I’ve considered Chicago too, but that’s just…not my vibe. I don’t know why I know that, but I know Chicago is not my vibe.

What about starting a group that purchased investment properties in Detroit, Milwaukee, and Chicago? That way I could bite off a little piece of all that action. I was considering asking Kalen to come with me, and maybe Casey as well. I don’t know how much they would enjoy Detroit…but after a couple of years we might all be able to move onto bigger and better things. If we split the acquisition of a house three-ways and then fix it up a little and sell it five years down the road and split the money three ways? Or instead of selling it we started to rent it and then split that money three-ways? I think we could go real far with that. If all three of us had 10k and we invested 30k in a house, I don’t think there is any way we could go wrong anywhere in the United States.

Getting some investors would be key. If I could get people to invest in the property, and then I just manage it? Yeah, that’s the move. The big problem I have is that I don’t think I would like working in Detroit unless I was running my own business. I was thinking about asking my cousin if he wanted to open up a landscaping business there. Painting business. Restaurant? Car wash. I would need to keep myself busy somehow, and blogging might not pay the bills, especially at first. You know what I just realized? I need to go to fucking Detroit lol. I should go there! Otherwise how do I even know what I’m getting myself into. I can’t actually know if I want to move there without visiting first. So I guess that settles it. I’m going to Detroit.

*             *             *

I am now in the lobby of my hostel. I am  the only one down here. There is free breakfast, but I have only had the “fruit salad,” and I made that same choice today, except today I paid extra for yogurt. 10k Dong, we shall see how it is. I’m hoping to get like a…parfait? Is that what it is when you mix fruit and yogurt? Or do you need granola too? Soon the food will be up, and then I will eat. Today is Sunday, so it will probably be a slow day. It’s my 7th day in the city. The time is 08:08 in Saigon, and my breakfast just showed up.

It’s not bad. The yogurt is in a personal sized container. I thought they were going to dish it out from a larger container, you know? They must not go through very much. I dip the fruit in the yogurt. Arianna Grande is playing in the lobby here, and it’s pretty early for that sort of thing, but it’s tolerable.

I just downed all that fruit and yogurt. Except the watermelon, which has seeds so I didn’t want to eat it with the yogurt. Now I’ve only got the watermelon left. Never been a huge fan of watermelon, but that’s not to say I dislike it. I just prefer cantaloupe.

So I don’t think Detroit would be a good place to open a hostel. If I want to continue to travel the world though, Detroit would be a great location. I could leave in the winter; it would be a dream. I have given thought to having people from other countries come into Detroit and live/work. I could write a blog and translate it into a different language to help promote different types of tourism. OoOoOo OR I could work with someone/people who speak other languages. That could be my best move…I wonder if I can find anyone who wants to move to Detroit and start a business. My computer is going to die…I suppose I will let it charge while I go blow down a square out front.

*             *             *

This article has gotten way out of hand. Anyway. I am sitting in the lobby of my hostel eating peanuts and writing. I feel good about life, in this moment. It’s the 31st which means 12 days until I return. I have a flight at 05:00 on April 12th, and I intend to make it. I fly to Hong Kong, sit and write for four hours, and then I continue on my way over the pacific ocean to arrive in San Francisco five and a half hours after I left. Total travel time: 19 hours. I paid $490 for the flight from SGN to SFO. Philippine Airlines was running the same special, but I decided I’d rather fly though Hong Kong, so I choose their airline.

I checked out of my hostel today, sat in the lobby for a while, and then I checked right back in. I waited a couple of hours and then they put me in the same bed I had just been. Awesome. I am glad to still be here. I thought the Swiss girls were leaving but it turns out they leave tomorrow. I was already toying with staying at this hostel two more days, because that’s the limit on how long I can stay, so when they said they were staying; plus Will isn’t back yet, I decided to just see-out the seven day limit. I told you I liked the girl in the bed above me [she has really huge tits, you wouldn’t believe it], but that’s irrelevant anyway because I think it’s the other girl that’s keen on me. She asked if I was okay with her turning the light off last night, and it wasn’t that late so I was like “why tf this bitch goin to bed?,” but then I turned to look at her and she didn’t have any pants on. I told her she could turn the light off and went back to playing with my phone. Ten out of Ten would smash again.

That’s a joke. I’m playing one of those “men who never get laid but look! he came close” characters. That’s kind of me. I get laid sometimes. Maybe that’s being generous. I stopped eating the peanuts because, well, I’m done with the peanuts. I’ve yet to close the package. It’s still sitting here open. Breathing in the Saigon Flipside Hostel air. Mmm. Did you know you can order food from a website called vietnammm.com? Well, now you know. So if you’re ever in Vietnam! Now you can get food delivered. No problemo. Idk what they use in Mexico. I’d like to find out though. I have…intent, to go to Mexico City. I have no plans, reason to go, money, or time, but I would like to check out Mexico City without a doubt. It would be cool if my Dad came with me, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get him to come to Mexico with me. Okay. I ate another handful of peanuts. Even better then I remember.

Vietnam is a progressive country. I wonder if I’ll ever come back. Two girls just walked in. They sound American? Did I really just say that. I can’t believe I can identify my own accent now lol. Sounds like Hollywood though, so that’s like…unfair? They look Indian…is it wrong of me to assume? Oh shit, there’s a white girl too. She’s making a fuckton of noise dragging a suitcase upside-down down the stairs from the luggage room. I think it’s three American girls. I reckon that calls for a change of setting. I am really finding it peaceful here…but my plan was to go get a coconut coffee. Should I still? I read online that the place is expensive…I accidently walked inside on two different occasions; the walls are full of books and it’s a dark green, like a moldy bathroom, or the Slytherin dorm.

*             *             *

I am at the cafe. My table needs to be bussed, but I am not bothered by it. At least I know it’s popular. It was a little expensive at 59k for a coconut cafe, but I paid and I think I will be satisfied. Arianna Grande just came on the speakers. I love this song. It’s a remix of “My favorite things,” have you heard it? My coconut cafe just arrived and it’s hella lit. It’s worth the $3, I would say. It’s not even a whole $3. They gave me a spoon. If they don’t give you a spoon it’s a bum coconut cafe. Okay Arianna is over, back to reality. I can’t lay off the cafe! It’s dank, can’t even lie about it. Okay now something smooth, but unfamiliar has come to the speakers. I’m jiving though.

I’m still thinking about other U.S. cities to go inhabit. Idk if it’s worth it. I’m just going to have to go visit some more places in the U.S. and that’s all there is to it. I learned through IG last night that they are closing the MAC’D Marina location. That place has a lot of meaning and memories to me in San Francisco. I met Kalen there, who has turned in to one of my best friends. I got to work with Casey there; he was okay lol. It also means I can’t just jump into doing the same job when I get back. Even working at the other location was a little bit more difficult, just because it was run more strict. I don’t think any job will ever be as easy as MAC’D was though. Those were the days. I should have never left, and by now I’d have a couple thou in the bank. Alas. I did leave, and now I am writing to you from Saigon; the time is 16:21.

I will probably just zoom through this coconut coffee and then get outta dodge. Idk what I am going to do tonight. probably not jack. I should get food, realistically, because I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Brekkie, as the Australians call it. What would I like to eat…Hmm? That’s always the question. I am realizing how unhealthy I eat back in the states, because to choose something I would choose at home is to choose something unhealthy. Burrito? Bad af for you. Burger; Pasta; Pizza; Fried Chicken is all unhealthy. If I eat Pho, I at least feel like I am eating healthy. Oh. There is this Bun cha place down the road. Maybe I will eat there…they let you order extra noodles right from the get-go and I like that. The coconut cafe is almost gone. I took a picture. I am so addicted to sugar. and cigarettes. I want a cigarette. Shit. The fucking vice is back in full force, I can feel it. But I still have confidence. I smoke so fucking back-to-back much that it’s gotta be from one extreme to the other, or nothing. I feel that shit in my blood lol.

Being in Vietnam I’ve been giving a lot of thought to opening a Vietnamese restaurant, or just any sort of foreign restaurant. More like a coffee shop that also serves Egg Coffee. If I opened a hostel I could hire a Vietnamese trade-worker and then maybe Vietnamese folks would come visit my hostel. If I set up a hostel in Detroit would any Vietnamese even visit? I doubt it. I don’t think the average citizen of Vietnam; aka the people that I’ve met can afford a plane ticket, much less a round trip ticket.

I feel it deep the opportunity and possibility to just save some more money in SF and then keep traveling. I feel it. Idk if that is what I want to do, it’s certainly too soon to tell, but I know it’s possible and even though I feel like it would lead to a higher chance of me being unhappy later, I still know I might just do it: save and travel. I really want to go to Stockholm. Ever since I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I have wanted to go there. Plus…the women. I’d marry a Swedish girl forsure. Sometimes I wonder if I, say, decided to go to Sweden for a summer and find a wife, like that was my goal, would I be successful? Also, what does that make me…morally speaking? Am I evil. Girls are so plentiful! I love some and hate others. Is it wrong to choose a mate based on their passport? I think…I need help answering this one lol. The light above my head has a birdcage as a lampshade? 1) It’s not effective and 2) I just stood up and found myself inside a birdcage. Yellow by Coldplay just came on the speakers. This is my Grandma’s song, at least I consider it as such. She passed away…I remember that morning on the video chat with her…she wasn’t conscious really…and then at night Danae wanted to go to this party for her work, she had been telling me about it for weeks; I just left and started walking. I walked all around that part of Seattle that I lived in, all the way up to Capitol Hill and then back to Pike Street. I got a call while I was out that my Grandma passed away. That was a sad night. The next day I was sitting smoking a cigarette in the smoking room at the Seattle Green Tortoise, and someone came in and told me there was a guest in the lobby trying to sell a Coldplay ticket for $10. I saw Coldplay that night. They opened with Yellow. I was still thinking about my Grandma. It was hard not to cry at that concert but I aint no bitch. The song is over. A new Coldplay song now. The Scientist? I think. Well anyway. Those were days…I thought the death of my grandmother would somehow help motivate me and propel me into bigger and better things. She never got to see me move to San Francisco, the city I now call home. Idk if she thinks it’s bigger and better. That’s all I can talk about my grandma right now.

I am thinking about leaving this Cafe so I can smoke a cigarette. Ha! My grandma would like that one. She clung onto smoking. I feel that shit Grandma. Mmphff. I think I will hit the road. This Coldplay shit is killing my vibe. I am excited about going back to San Francisco, but it doesn’t compare to the home I can never go back to because my grandma isn’t there. I can, and do visit the house though. Okay. Peace from Cong Cafe. I’ll talk to you soon. 15 pages strong!

*             *             *

I’m on the roof of my hostel blazing one up. I’m gonna be done early again tonight, I can feel it. This isn’t as fat as the one I rolled earlier, but it’s getting the job done lol. I bought a grinder! I bought a fucking grinder. It was only like four bucks and I really think it was a good investment. If I had switched hostels I wonder what I would be doing right now. Honestly I would probably be writing some better material lol. I also considered that Will is going to come back, and then if he stays a couple of night here I will have to go because I already paid up until Tuesday, and that’s my seven day limit. Where will I go next? I know not. All the hostels are in one area though, so I probably won’t go far.

I am already feeling used to consumption again. I will need to take a break before I head back to Cali. I already talked about that, I know I did. Jeez, this place plays Bruno Mars a lot. So two years ago, don’t you know? They living on the Flipside though, I get it.

I definitely need to move onto story telling. I would love it if I was working on some sort of interesting story right now…so why am I not? Maybe I am scared of failure; you know, in the broad sense. It’s also that I always want to jump into a huge story, instead of just telling the small ones, but I rush the small ones anyway so there is no telling if a long one would be a good one, because the short ones are so blasé. I should just write a short story about Will getting that handy the other day, that would be a good one. Or just anything. I have this grand idea in my head that I am going to write some sort of coming-of-age, travelers story. Ha. We shall see. I write a lot, but it’s so unstructured. Am I ready to put in the work?

I need a writing project that I can’t get enough of! This blog is…easy, at this point. I’ve given up on having it be worth anything monetarily, and so it is just a whatever blog; I put whatever on it and it doesn’t affect anything yet. I hope in the future this blog will help me, and not leave me with a tarnished reputation. I’ve talked so much shit on this blog, and I don’t remember most of which I have written. Terrible. Stories are the move for me. I realized, as I was thinking between writing this paragraph and the last one, playing on my phone, that I do tell stories, I just don’t dive into them. It’s more like I’m rambling on my blog, and then I need to tell a story to explain something that way I can move on with the ramble. That’s not how it should be. I need to, if I’m not going to get better at telling stories within this format, cut those stories out [mentally speaking] and paste them into their own universe. Forever I have thought it would be cool to create my own universe like Tolkien or Adams, but I just realized that I have my own universe. My own unique group of friends and people I’ve met. My own morals I’ve learned which govern my universe. I have my own superpowers that have allowed me to travel around the world. I would like to create my own world, but for now I will just show you the one I occupy.

Ugh. It’s like, that would be a perfect place to end this article, but I’m not about to start editing right now. It’s dark. It’s late. Whatchu want? I gotta lotta excuses. I’m gonna smoke a square and think about life and shit for a second, then write some more, then…go to my room and be bored? I still haven’t figured out what people who aren’t always drinking do with their time. I just sneezed three huge ones into my shirt. I still feel it in my nose tho. Oh no. If I was here long I would have time to go to some concerts. Actually, I guess I do have time, but I don’t consider myself having the money to do so. Okay. Ciggy ciggy smoke break. Bitch.

Jo is writing her own blog now. I haven’t read it. Someday. I was just chatting it up with these two English guys that were on the roof before I got here. I asked one of them to turn on the light and then he asked me where I am from. That’s the thing about traveling, the same ole questions never get boring. I do get bored of having that same conversation, but not more than I get bored of asking people what they want in their MAC.

I feel quite tired after smoking that cigarette. I might go downstairs. I am thinking about going to eat again too. Terrible. I just had some Vietnamese chicken curry. It was so good. It wasn’t as good as Panang Curry I would say…but it was quite good. The consistency was like that of cheese, and I didn’t know what to think about it because…it wasn’t cheese. When I picture it now I picture it like an egg yolk but with the consistency of the white part. My computer says it’s on battery stretch, but also that it has an hour and a half left of life…I was thinking I might stop writing. I might stop anyway. It’s hot af up here on this roof, and that’s just cuz it’s Saigon. It’s dark. The daytime is just atrocious. No shade up here, all sun, beating down on you. Probably a good place to catch a tan though. I should try and catch a tan before I leave. That would be the move.

Going downstairs, going downstairs. What will it do for me? I’ll probably just end up in bed playing on my phone, like always. It’s a good life though. I learn a little and get carpal tunnel a lot. I talk about ladies a lot, and I’d quite like to meet one…thick with blond hair…but I wouldn’t even know what to do if I met her. Talk about the weather? That’s the type of shit I do. I’ll probably do better on my home-turf. That’s another good thing about living in hostels. I could continue to stay at hostels sometimes when I go back, if I’m bored and want a place to write or whatever. Oh wait, I’ll just travel to new places and stay in hostels there. Like LA, LV, and New Orleans, which so many of my friends have been to but I’ve never been. I would like to do business where I get to travel. Selling T-Shirts, anyone?!? Ha. I am still on that kick, and hopefully I stay on it because I really believe it will work. Just gotta have that initial investment.

Today I thought of an idea for a blog. I hope I didn’t already talk about this. The idea is that I am a website you go to, and I link to you to all the different city blogs. I could have a front page where I display some of the most popular blogs or cities, and I can have a list of most popular and then I can have an index where you can search for blogs by city or state. Let’s say you’re going to Toledo, Ohio. Want some information on that area? If there is a blog about Toledo, we will find it and have it ready for you to find too. What do you think about that idea? Good? Bad? Too much work? So easy it’s already stolen? Yeah, I believe you.

I’m chillin on this roof right now. I can see a tall building lit up in the distance, and I think it’s the one that looks like it has a UFO sticking out of it. Very cool looking building overall, and it’s nice to look at at night. Tonight is Sunday night. A good Sunday night. I remember as a kid sometimes Sunday nights would feel the loneliest, but tonight? It don’t feel anysuch way. What do I look for in a city? Friends. I see now the importance of having friends. Without Casey and Kalen to talk to, what would I have done in San Francisco anyway? Gotta do some stuff if you want to have anything to write about. Sometimes I think about going back to drinking because it would be good for my writing, maybe. Although it might make me lazy too and then I never write anything. But I haven’t returned to drinking. I honestly believe if I go the rest of my life without drinking alcohol, I have a real shot at making a million dollars. What do you reckon? Yes? No? I think it’s feasible. With that…I’m going to sign off? I still don’t quite feel like leaving.  But it’s like…I’m going to have to edit all this bs. We’re at 18 pages now. wtf how did we get so deep into this? I just don’t know. I just don’t…know if this is healthy lol. The fact that I could go the rest of my life and only a handful, maybe 20 people, could be all that ever read this. Is that crushing? Only on my soul. Only on my soul…

I’m thinking about smoking another cigarette. Ahhhhh a breeze. That was so nice. It’s so nice when the breeze comes. and you can actually feel it up here on this rooftop. Okay, I am going to smoke that cigarette now. The time is 18:59. How long do you think I’ll be gone for? || The time is 19:05 and I’m still smoking, but I think I’m gonna shut it down and good eat some sugar or something. Peace! for now…

*             *             *

It is now the morning of April Fool’s Day. This is not a drill. I don’t think they celebrate afd in Vietnam though, so I’m just gonna blow past it like it aint even there. Normally I am alone in the smoking room of TOGO Coffee, but today there is a bearded fella and his lass sitting across from me; the long way not the short way, which is decided not by the shape of the room, but by a rectangular table in the center of it. They are sitting over there, and I am sitting over here. I still haven’t drank my coffee yet. I am waiting for the ice to melt a little. But then I’m gonna drink it and smoke a cigarette. That’s like the highlight of my day, which is sad, because it means I am not keeping myself busy enough. If I really wanted it, I could have jumped into teaching English. Naw tho. I would rather work in a restaurant? Certainly not! But damn, I just feel like there is some opportunity for me in SF; just gotta really get out, meet people, go places, and find the individuals I am looking to associate with.

I talk a lot about blogging, and selling T shirts. Last night I thought of a blog about blogs. My considerations have gone deeper, but not as of late. I still consider school as an answer to my problems. sometimes. For the shirts, I keep coming back to “Why not just start screen-printing,” but it’s like…I don’t want to screen print lol. I would accept less money to have someone else do that, you know? What else can I sell? I considered custom drawn maps, and then I moved on to consider any sort of art; if it can be made, I should be able to sell it. One of a kind pieces of art. I should have DL do a series for me. But then what about naming and marketing? I’ll have to get on that. I could have him paint me a series, on wood, and then we could do them up nice and sell them for $420 a pop. Mmmmm the CaPhe Sua is very good today. Time for that cigarette; I’m going to message Dennis.

I messaged Dennis. No response yet. If I started selling art, that would be a fucking move. I could be an art dealer lol. Whoa…I should start an IG that just reposts other artists that are selling their art…like that’s it. I’m just a place to browse a bunch of random, cool artists. I like that idea so much, I might act on it today…maybe even right now lol. Hmm…what do I name the IG page? I am just going to use my asmr.apparel ig to do this, since I have not done anything with that username yet. art4sale is taken, plus it’s kind of too…generic.  notyourmothersart is available. artincrease is available.  Okay well I changed my [other] IG name from asmr.apparel to arts.prints.originals and I made my profile photo a picture of the Coldplay “Love” pins on my bag. I haven’t reposted anything…but I will! I spend enough time on my phone where I should be able to pull this off lol. Awh. My computer is going to die…should I let it? I could return home already. I might drink another CaPhe Sua though. Also, I’ll plug in my computer.

Computer plugged. Coffee ordered and recieved. This is the first time I’ve actually ordered two of these things in a row; let’s see how it goes. They are just littered with sugar, it’s kinna crazy. But it’s so good! Ugh lol. I’m probably gonna fuck my stomach up drinking two of these. So I am already losing my oomph with the art page. It’s like…there’s so many people doing that already! But you know…I just need to breath…and remember that I am going to have to do a lot of trial-and-fucking-error if I want to get anywhere with business. Reposting art would be like the easiest choice I could make right now. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I’ll start by posting…three piece of art a day. I find it, and post it if it is for sale, and I just start growing from there. After a month…maybe I’ll have some followers. We shall see. My problem is going to be finding new artist all the time. I can’t always be posting with the same people. I might end up featuring a lot of San Francisco artists since that is where I will be. I do like the name though. art.prints.originals. It describes exactly what we do; We sell originals pieces of art, as well as limited-run prints. Okay. So I’ll make a description for the page explaining that that is what we do. I will also have to keep track of if a piece of art has been sold or not. Damn this cafe drink is so sugary and good.

I guess eventually I could move into other businesses involving art. My computer just restarted. I also messaged my Dad. He wants to own rental properties, and holy shit man, so do I. I think we gotta start with a smaller business though. Like selling something online, I think that is the move for my family right now.

So I’ve got this ig page I’m trying to handle now. Think I’ll keep myself busy? I literally do nothing out here. I could spend the whole day filming videos and I wouldn’t miss a beat. I got this really sweet picture of a kid spitting fire last night. I wanted a different kid to be the one who spat the fire, but his friend got to my money first. Tonight I think I will go try and find the first kid, and then pay him to spit fire and get a photo of that as well. It will make for some epic ig photos.

In a little while I am going to head back to my hostel. Then what? I suppose I should plan out some more endeavors. I gotta make this money, and I want to make it online. One ig page is a good start, plus I’ve got this long winded blog, but I want more. I could film some more videos today? Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. Or edit this post. I should also be reading more. I might just work on my ig art page though. I could follow a grip of folks and get to posting! Woo. I wonder how long I’ll keep this up for though. Knowing me, I could quit before this post even goes live.

The time is 08:37 in Saigon, and I don’t know what the move is. I just sit here and write and smoke cigarettes every morning. It can’t be healthy. I just finished a square, and I am already thinking about lighting another one. When I do quit I gotta quit in the morning, because if I have a square in the morning the rest of the day is a wrap. Whoop! I feel a poop coming on. Okay. I guess I am going to go drop this deuce and then return to my hostel. Peace!

*             *             *

The date is April 2nd and the time is 17:40. I am sat in my room dreaming about writing a book, and then instead of continuing my outline I decided to write. Twenty pages though…yikes. That’s hella editing. If I don’t get to this soon it will seriously get lost. Maybe I should do that tomorrow. But I also want to start work on this story idea I have, while it’s still fresh in my mind! Hmm. I have a good, rugged, explicit story for the world, and I think the world is going to like it. At first I was considering a short story, but as I wrote the outline I realized I could say quite a lot. I suppose I just have to write how I write [freestyle lol], but I want to make an outline, that way I can create a well-thought-out, organized piece of writing. Hopefully something I feel like investing money in printing copies of, and then boom! I’ve accomplished one of those bucket list goals. Early in life too. and if it were to become popular or whatever, then I would have time to write even more crazy stories. So. The story is something I have lived, and within a couple of days I hope to have the outline finished, and then I will begin work, and I’m just going to…write until I feel finished with the story. If it’s 10 page’s that’s cool, if it’s 100 pages that’s cool too. Only time will tell.

Right now I am feeling…a little tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night. I had to get Will to the airport and it was the most dramatic thing ever. He was way fucked up. I hope it went well for him in Bejeing. I think he would be on his second flight by now. So that all ended at 03:45, and I was asleep by 04:20 forsure. Then I woke up at 09:57, went down stairs and extended my stay [which I’m really too broke for], then I ate some fruit for the free breakfast. It was a good start to the day, even with little sleep. I never usually sleep late. It’s just not my thing; never has been. Except when I used to drink, but that was long ago that I spent my days sleeping; it feels long ago.

My room is quite hot. I was going to head to the roof and smoke a J before, but they are doing work in the stairwell, and right when I went to head to the roof, they [as a team, to me] dropped a huge steel beam down the center of the circular stairwell. After I saw that I turned right around and went back into my room. Went to the porch and did what I do. Square. Came inside. Now I wrote all this. Where are we again?

I think I will…stop writing and…go outside? I have literally nothing to do except for write and read. I’d like to meet some women I guess, I think that’s what’s missing. Maybe I will go out and meet people. I’m pretty strange and awkward, and it makes it weird for everyone when I’m there lol, but I still have fun. We shall see. The clubs are soooo loud here it’s like insanityininininsanity. To go, or not to go? For now I will save this, close the computer up, sit on my phone for a while, and then head for greener pastures. Peace!

*             *             *

This is the last post on this article, no matter what happens. It’s April 4th at 08:54 morning side, and I am at Workshop Coffee in downtown Saigon. The coffee shop is upstairs so it’s kind of…strange? to get to. It feels like you’re entering a speakeasy [I imagine] as you ascend the steps toward coffee. Awh. My breakfast just arrived…which I might start calling brekkie because that’s a cheesy, but cool word, anyway, this was not worth 125k size wise. Lets test the taste though. I was actually trying to save money because I am running real low af. I am thinking I might go to the Mekong Delta tonight so I can chill out and save money for a couple of days. We shall see. My day wasn’t supposed to start with a 125k omelet, but I wanted to try this place before I left. I just wanted a dbl shot of espresso and instead I’ve bought cappuccino and an omelet. I overthought it and have done too much. I like trying espressos. It’s kind of a cool thing I’ve found I enjoy. So why do I have a cappuccino?

This place reminds me a lot of 43 Factory Coffee in Da Nang…except a little dingier. I used to like dingy places a lot, but these days I prefer the finer things in life. Okay, this food is pretty damn good I can’t even lie about it. Even though I paid 125k for this, which is like $5-$6, I am happy. I won’t be crazy full, but I’ll be happy…and maybe even healthy? Probably not. My cappuccino is here. It’s a dbl shot, let’s find out the taste tho. || Okay whoa. I got lost in the food for a while there. Okay! I just came up with a plan! I am going to take time to write my next story, which may turn into a book if I am not careful, and I am going to market it the right way…I am going to market myself as a modern day beat who travels the world while making a home in SF. I think that’s my move. I am going to use Instagram. I am going to need a team…I need to meet and chill with some other writers in San Francisco.

I should have gotten the espresso. Now I don’t even know what the espresso tastes like! The cappuccino is not all that. I would not order it again. Maybe I don’t know what a good cappuccino is supposed to taste like tho, forreal. I never even had one before I left the usa. For. Real. People are coming in now, it was a little dead when I arrived. I want to smoke a cigarette. There is actually a table out in the hallway where I can smoke, and so I am probably going to move out there. I might order another espresso, and at 65k or 75k for a dbl, I am looking at like a 225k bill. Fuck me! that’s a lot for some coffee in Vietnam. I am glad I came here to itch that curiosity, since I read several articles stating that this is supposed to be the spot for coffee, but I am finding to like it less than 43 Factory [granted they’re in two different cities], which I loved the coffee and hated the cups they serve it in. Here they have food, which is good if you are looking for that sort of thing, but I really just wanted to try the espresso and I have failed to do even that. 43 Factory was a little cheaper. Da Nang is sometimes cheaper and sometimes more expensive than Saigon, but as is economics, wouldn’t you say? Okay. I am going to move to the hallway. I know I am going to smoke that square and my throat is going to hurt a little, and I’m going to type slower while I’m smoking because I have to type funny while holding a square. I will quit soon. I feel it. I haven’t smoked a square since I woke up today, and that’s always the first step. Eventually it will be the last step. Quitting smoking starts in the morning, I have never been more sure of anything.

I’m in the hallway smoking a square now, and there is this bulletin board out here full of business cards. So what did I do? I tacked the very last of my 500 business cards to that board; slipped it behind a business card advertising small batch gin. So I am fixin to make an epic IG post right now, where I post a picture of the board and tag everyone I can. First I need to get the wifi. That should keep me busy for like 20 minutes tho. I shouldn’t be wasting time, but I am just so good at it.

I gave up on that idea quick. After I walked up to the board to look at all the cards, I realized the size of the task, trying to find all these people on IG. Nah. I’m cool on that, at least right now. The time is 09:33. I have to be back at the hostel to check out at 11:00. Technically I have a booking down the street; 4 nights for $10, which is pretty damn good. But I might just go to the Mekong Delta with this Israeli guy I met two days ago, Dani. I met him the night that Will left actually, and he stayed up to see Will to the taxi with me. What I should really be doing is working on my outline for the “Chronicles of Will,” which I have decided I shall name something else. I am going to write the whole trip I had with Will, but I am going to change all the names. I think there is enough interesting bits to make a whole 100 or maybe 120 pages out of. I saw some crazy shit! It will be a good run. First though, I gotta write the thing. So I am writing a long-winded outline of everything that happened for the duration of the story, and then I am going to create character profiles for all the people I intend to portray, which will include naming them, and then I am going to spend some time writing the story. I have considered going to City Lights and seeing if they will work with me. I should read some of the work they have published before I walk in there though. I feel like they might be a little more…modern…than I am with my writing. They started with the Beat movement, but to think they would be stuck on the same shit is just preposterous. I’m about to write a pretty vile story. Maybe I will be able to print it and sell it myself. We shall see. Maybe Milwaukee will have my back! Or fucking Detroit. This could be my ticket into Detroit lol.

I suppose I am going to make a fictional, slightly altered version of myself, and then I can use that same person for every story. You know Robert Langdon? He is always the lead in Dan Brown novels [at least the popular ones that I have read], and it works out. You get to know the guy. Well, if I model the main character after myself, I should have no problem writing about him forever. The fun/problematic part is I have to name this person, and subsequently everyone in the story, and I have to make them just a little more interesting than in real life, you know? It’s story time now, no more reality bs. I am going to write a story about travel, and honestly I am hoping it brings a ton of Americans to the backpackers circuit out here. My sister should come out here, I think she would enjoy it.

So much work. The writing doesn’t even feel like work, but I feel like I am on the wrong end of my journey for any chilling out. I return to SF in 8 fucking days! That’s so close. I am going to land with pretty much nothing in my bank account, and I am going to find a job straightaway. Maybe I live with Casey? I will at least crash at his place until I can get on my feet. Maybe a week, or two weeks. I have decided I should get a job I will enjoy. The question is, do I work shit hours at a hotel, or work good hours at a restaurant? I don’t really want to work in restaurants, but if I find a gig that’s like 6am to 2pm or something, I think it would be wise for me to jump on that. Working overnight in hospitality I wouldn’t have to cut my beard, but I just don’t know if I am ready for a schedule like that. I can barely figure out the next eight days though, so I’ll worry about what’s in front of me first. I need to figure out if I am going to the Mekong Delta tonight or not. If I am…I need to be ready. Either way I need to be ready because I will be checking out of my hostel today. The bus my friend is taking is at 9pm. If I take a night bus I will save a little on accommodation. It’s like 120k or something for the bus. Then I’m chillin in the lobby of my hostel all day, I can see it now. The Delta would be good for me though, I know it. Spend 5 or 6 days there and get back to my “normal” self before I return to SF. I want SF to be refreshing, not the same old. I can’t be smoking cigs when I get back there either! We know this already though.

The time is 09:51 now. I suppose I will return to my hostel soon. Maybe smoke one more cig? So bad…so bad. I really should smoke another. That will be three cigs practically back-to-back. Eh. Then I return to my hostel, pack up, and I’m in the lobby by 11…and then I need to decide if I’m going to the Delta or not. I need to talk to the Israeli guy forsure and figure this all out. I booked a bed on booking.com right down the street, like I said, so If I decide to go there I can do that too. Why wouldn’t I go to the Delta though? Exactly!

I just took a pee. I thought that would help me make a decision. It hasn’t. Okay! One more cig, and then I pay, call a grab, and arrive at the hostel with time to spare. I guess I am a little nervous for my journey to be ending. It’s been nice. It’s been especially nice just going through life and not having to worry about much. I see the folly in my ways now; spending too much on coffee and now I will be broke lol. Next time I might play my cards differently. I am excited to return, don’t get me wrong, but it does mean going back to work, without a doubt. and MAC’D is closed now, so no returning to my old job! Oh shit! I also have to remember to file taxes. I will arrive with two days to spare, but I could do it from the TurboTax app at anytime so I might do it before I return.

Well this coffee shop was nice, but I would have never made a thing out of coming here every day. Too expensive. I am glad I came and experienced it though. Google says Can Tho [the city I am thinking about traveling to tonight] is only 3 hours and 34 minutes away. Damn. So if we are leaving at 21:00 we are arriving in the middle of the night. I’ll have to talk to Dani about that. I guess I feel like this is the end of the journey right now. The last week is upon us. If I go to the Delta, then say peace out to my Saigon travels because I will only be back for a day or two. My cig is finished now. I just put it out. So I am going to save this and hit the road! My intention is to edit this instead of writing more, so I’ll catch you next time. Hopefully on a shorter article. Peace!


* * *

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