The time is 08:48 and I am writing to you from the Starbucks at 442 Geary St in San Francisco. A bad bitch just left the building. Migos on the speakerrr@#$ I am digging this location. Whoa, now it’s a lady singing. Idk who this is. I could of course Shazam the song. Yall remember when Shazam came out? It was a while ago. Shazam was the app that unlocked my brain to the power of these smartphones. It was just a phone…until someone decided to use the microphone for an unintended purpose.


Shazam was not an easy project, surely. If One is the first to clarify an idea, they are be no means guaranteed success. I come up with brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas all the time, but most of them I can not put into action. Whoever created up Shazam either knew how to talk to computers, of found/contracted someone that has that skill. We’re talking about a coding here; we’re talking about a coder. 


There are some advertisements playing at this Starbucks on the radio right now. It’s a commercial for AMEX. I quite would enjoy myself an Amex card. Anyone who works a cash-register in San Francisco is familiar with those heavy, metal American Express cards. 


We have moved onto a great song. Love Like This, by Faith Evans. I did Shazam this one.


It will not become of me to frequent this Starbucks. One, the location is too crazy right now. There is a homeless guy chillin at the table next to me. He bought something, so he can remain. Doesn’t change him from being kinna grimey, and overall, especially in The Village, I find the homeless folks have, generally, bad intentions. Go to 1899 Union, or 685 Beach and you won’t deal with any of this. Nothing wrong with the guy next to me; aint a vibe killer, he’s just chillin. he might smell a little. All I’m saying is: if he chooses to come to this Starbucks, I will choose different.


Gimmie That, by Chris Brown is spouting from the heavens now. I wish this was the version with Lil Wayne, but it isn’t. Wayne has two verses in that one, and he would have spat that first by now.


When I left my house this morning, I was going to to the usual thing and head to 685 Beach and charge my new headphones while I worked on more asmr.community stuff. Instead? I came downtown. For some reason I decided to ‘try a new Starbucks.’ Not a great plan. I probably should have just gone to Beach street lol. No matter though. I will just continue @#$OHHHI came down this way because when the stores open I am going to do some shoe shopping. So much stuff on my plate these days!; and still it is not enough. 


I desperately need to publish some new asmr writings. I have written two articles but I haven’t published them yet…everything in due time, so I can get it right the first time. The aforementioned homeless man has slyly slid into a slumber. I am going to hit the road, and wake him up on my way out.

Spark Twain

* * *

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MBSB 8 [Thanksgiving deux+ Black Friday]

Thanksgiving 2019 Two


I am writing to you from Happy Donuts in Chinatown. Behind me are two men playing chess. Always it has been, that I cited this place as “in North Beach,” but I am changing my view of that. I consider North Beach to be north of Broadway Street…plus the north side of Columbus down to the Kearney/Pacific/Columbus intersection. What this means is, Happy Donuts isn’t in North Beach. Okay…so I have been making that mistake for a long time, lol. Even after I realized my folly, I had to decide if this was Jackson Square or Chinatown. It’s Chinatown. I can see two coffee shops in my field of vision: The Station, and Revolute. I have only been to the former of those, and even then only because the hostel paid for it. This place that I am inside of, is different than those two places. Happy Donuts is open, for starters.


Happy Thanksgiving AFTER DARK. [I’m editing this the next day. Still dark]


Seriously, it is dark in San Francisco. I love this city. I do not love where I live. Today was tumultus. I got in a fight with my roommate. It wasn’t actually a fight, it was more just me yelling at him for a bit because he was drinking. Things are so much different than they were last year. What about the year before that? I have known this motherfucker for two years now, and here we are, Thanksgiving 2019 and I literally had to part ways with him shortly after we met up, because I knew it was destined that he would get too drunk for my liking. It sucks, and lately it’s been everyday. What am I to do? I like my rent situation, but only because I don’t make enough money to move past this situation. The obvious solution is for me to move out [and remain friends with my roommate]. Therein lies the problem of which I don’t catcha-da-guap to catcha-da-spot. Catcha-da-drift, Aye?


About 15:45 I got home and my guy was laid in the hay. Soon as I zipped in, my phone died. What was I to do? I plugged it in, but I didn’t turn it on right away. I thought about it though. I waited till 5%. There I lay until it occured to me that I desired ASMR, and so I tuned into Raffy Taffy via Spotify. A little bird told me to do it…!@# I listened Raffy do his thing for about thirty minutes, and then I decided to be a go-getter!; I rolled a joint and left the house.


When it comes to opening this business of mine, I am feeling…lost. BUT! Not for long. I have a meeting this week. This sit-down feels a little out of my comfort zone, but will potentially be one of my more progressive encounters. Yesterday I wrote about how I need to find more business-orientated people to surround myself with. Today I feel the same. So excited am I to attend events. Why am I sitting here writing this?! Oh…because I am disorganized. How do I overcome this hurdle? It is fully required that I sell some shirts. I need a computer. Which means I need to figure out when I get my credit card securities back…I will hold onto the money, but also I will get a bump in credit. Hopefully enough to get a dope computer! I did make the mistake of applying for, and getting accepted to, Dell financing, which I haven’t used. I actually haven’t even confirmed my account. I will just use my ole-fashioned credit card. Did I say that? Lol. I guess for the financing I have to get ahold of them and get them to resend the confirmation letter, because I had it sent to my work, but then the letter never arrived. I originally did the whole thing because I got excited about a computer Dell had on sale. I missed the sale, and figured I would use the financing in the future, but then I foolishly never figured it out. I leave so many things unfinished. It’s something I will cease as time moves forward, but it sure it a slow process. 


[close the acct. that’s the move]


How many times do I write the same thing over and over and over again before it fade from frame of my retention? Is this writing I do, ‘stream of consciousness’ writing? I really only heard about that style since I came to San Francisco. The answer is that I need to read more, and I can make that determination for myself. 


The time is now 19:12, and I am still at Happy Donuts. I bought coffee. Just a small coffee…and a glazed-fucking-twist; just took a bite of the same. The time is now 19:14. Some weird ole painish type thing just reared up in my right leg. Damn. I wonder if it’s cuz I’m eating all this sugar. You know, my Grandpa had to get his first bypass surgery in his…forties. Let’s say forties to keep him aged. I am worried it could be worse. In this moment I am thinking about calling him. I wish I could keep the screen up while I did such a thing, but my screen is my phone these days. I also want to chug around online a little and look at all the deal available. Sweatpants, two pairs of shoes, and headphones. I know what I need. Mmmkay, that being said, I think I am going to turn to the internet. Peace! For now.


*    *    *


05:40 the following day. MBSB. I got 125 bonus pts from Starbucks today because I completed my first ‘challenge.’ For this one I bought three required items, and they were items I buy on a usual basis anyway. I am thinking the rewards cycle, eventually coming to work in every flavor-niche’s favor. Today I went h.a.m. I bought 1 overnight oats, 1 green juice, and one Ethos water, 


Idk if I mentioned it yesterday, but I found out that Starbucks sells water bottled in Lafayette, Wisconsin. Woo! On Wisconsin! 


Today is the busiest shopping day of the year in America. I recently found out that China has something similar. This year it fell on Veterans day. I’m not sure if that will happen every year or not. 


Did you know that the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest bar day of the year? At least in Wisconsin. Let me check this out online and see if I can back it up. Oh yeah! If you just type “busiest bar night of the year” into Google, it says “Thanksgiving Eve.” My mom told me that tidbit of information growing up. I’ve known it for over 10 years.


A whole decade. I remember being 17…it doesn’t feel tooooo long ago. 


It was. 


What was I getting into at 17? Not…much. Was I all fucked up by that point? Holy shit my memory is bad. I remember that I drove to school my final year, and I believe I spent my last year of highschool living at my Grandparents part-time? Actually, I drove to school from Westbend pretty often. Parked next to my moms car overnight. I graduated highschool a semester early, so this would have been…my final semester. Right now I’d be on Thanksgiving break.


I didn’t get my license until I was 17. At this point my license has been suspended for…34 months. I have been left Wisconsin for 30 months.


Seventeen years old though…that was a long, long time ago. I was working at North Hills Country Club 10 years ago. Karleigh got me the job. That’s also where we both met Big Al. That job taught me a lot about life, and especially about what rich people live like. They’d be getting drunk in the front. and we’d be getting drunk in the back. Pretty sure that’s against policy now. I would eventually go on to fuck my co-workers over. We’re talking years after I was 17. I worked two Valentine’s days at that job. 2009, and 2014. Valentines day 2014 I got drunk, and convinced my co-worker to walk out with me at the end of the night. Pretty sure the chefs were there cleaning dishes until 2 in the morning. Chef Mike was a friend of mine, until I did that to him. Sad days. I still feel bad about that, of course. 


Some say I should have ‘gotten it over with’ at 17 and all incidents as such would have been avoided. 


Some say it’s never too late…


Joking about suicide was all fun until I got this mole-thing on my arm. I have since seen a doctor. I wrote about that, right?, but it progresses still, and it freaks me out still. I need to take another picture of my lil growth. Done! The doctor told me that I should take pictures, and so I am doing that [and writing about it!]. 


The time is now 06:48. At Starbucks I will remain for a while more. Then I will go shopping. I am thinking about all the different things I could buy today. I know four key items I need. I talked about them already. 


Right now…I am going to put the keyboard away and surf the internet for awhile before I head out of Starbucks. I was already doing a little of that, but then I decided to wrap this session up. Maybe I will even edit and post it? Seems like the move. 


Spark Twain

* * *

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have not posted anything to my blog since I bought my bluetooth keyboard, even though I have written several pages worth of material. Today it’s Starbucks on Beach and Hyde, 04:25 in the afternoon. Tuesday. November 26, 2019. I feel stuck. I have written about “getting unstuck” in the past. Anyone can get stuck, and for many different reasons. I believe I need to find “the right people” if I am to get unstuck.


What do I mean by this? Well, I have my core group of buddies; the people with which 

I hangout. However, since I am not starting a rockband, and instead I am starting a business, my circle of friends is not cutting it. I need more. Without cutting anyone out, I simply need to build a larger circle. ‘Business orientated friendships’ is a phrase that comes to mind. I have my fucking dudes. I got my brothers. I got my close friends. Kalen. Casey. Jared. DL. Big Al. Rashod. If I left you out, let’s change that for next time, because I am expanding the circle.


Perhaps I would have been better to befriend Ike, than hurl questioning rock at the fortitude of his public image. The man is taking a trip to Thailand with a team of thirteen other individuals, and they are going to build a kitchen in a remote village. A true humanitarian! As we must all be, also a capitalist, he will receive partial compensation in the form of followers-gained. Though the locomotion that is his skill as a craftsman, Ike is trading his art directly for a trip to Thailand. Selling for between $200 and $450 on his etsy site, he asking a reasonable compensation for his labor. This is considering his video, and his transparency about where the funds are going. Of course I am excited to follow his journey! and in the meantime, what more have I to say? I have really been thinking long and hard about the differences between Ike and myself. He uses the hashtag #bornwithtoomuch, and I think I missed the weight of that statement the first several times I came across it.


A man born in the same town as me, and he claims to be born with too much. 


If you know me, you know I consider myself to be born with too little. I want so much out of this life! Sad-but-true I have squandered a decent portion of my youth. Drowned my late teens and early twenties in bad habits. Hindsight is clear. I had little direction, I now know. Mix that with a knack for swerving authority, responsibility, and good advice. *tisktisk* 


Born with too much, you say…


I have long thought Menomonee Falls to be a magical place. 


When I came to San Francisco I met a girl from my highschool, working at the hostel I just moved in to. Small world. That was the first thing I thought. Further pondering changed my opinion. My highschool, and that little town I come from, [which is actually the largest village in the United States (if you’re savvy)] must be unique in someway. It took confidence to come to that conclusion! If Menomonee Falls is great, this means there are places which are not-great. Unfortunate conclusion of mortality is that we are sometimes stuck with the ‘luck of the draw’. 


Ike is doing something about that. Have you ever been to Thailand? The people who grow up in these villages don’t possess the skillset to build themselves a kitchen, much less the money to execute such a feat. I applaud what he is doing, and I respect his ability to trust the process. A panoid individual like myself is forced to develop his own process, but I will try and learn from Ike, as he himself learns from his travels.


I fancy I am penning a mighty good article right now. The time is 18:40 and I am still at Starbucks on Beach and Hyde. You and I both can’t believe how much I’ve fallen in love with Starbucks, but you know what? It’s Murica’ as fuuuuu


Most days I feel like I have accomplished nothing. We are about to find out, as I go on to publish this article before I leave Starbucks tonight, if today is an accomplish-something day or not. Either way it is undeniable that I am prepared af for whatever situation arises. If I suddenly need to start setting aside blocks of four or five hours aside to get some work done, I am well practiced. One time I spent nine straight hours at Union Street Coffee Roastery. Presumably I was writing, and those words are probably part of the [still unpublished] Bob’s Donuts Chronicles. That was the longest stretch I have done at a coffee shop. That day was epic because I worked twelve hours after my coffee shop stint. Good ole MAC’D days. 


The time is 18:49. Another hour and eleven minutes before they tell me to leave. I could leave earlier. If I wanted to wake up at 03:00 and go to MBSB then I would want to wrap it up right now and go home. That sounds perfect except for that I am a little hungry. No mind! I am not stressed about the situation. I will surely wake up and go to work tomorrow, and then I will surely have four days free from work. What in the world will I get up to? Oh shit! I need to buy shoes. It’s going to be Black Friday! I will find myself occupied with my days off, I am sure. Just gotta make sure I don’t buy anything foolish. What I need is a computer, but I hardly believe, with any merit, that I will buy one this weekend. 


*    *    *


The time is 06:41 on Thanksgiving, and I am writing to you from Starbucks on Beach and Hyde in San Francisco. In front of me sits a hot pour, 700ml of Ethos water, and a sausage sandwich; cooked. Last year on this day I was in Wisconsin. Probably woke up at my Dad’s house, and I know for certain I went on to eat Thanksgiving Dinner at The Odyssey with my father, brother, sister, and grandfather as well. I found a picture from last year I took of everyone eating together. I should have taken a selfie, but oh well. The picture I took, I don’t think everyone is even looking at the camera. OH! You know what I am going to do? Call my Grandpa! We’re still talking about the same guy. A couple years ago, when I lost my grandmother, he lost his wife. It’s crazy. That man’s life…someday I would like to tell you the whole story. I could never get the whole thing, you know, because only he knows the whole story. Life is a complicated thing. He knows. I know. You might know. If you don’t know, now you know. 


I suppose it is the case that I feel a little sad today. It is so destined to be, and I need no consoling. When I was a child, we would gather at my Grandparents house and my Grandmother would prepare the fixin’s, along with the bird they accompanied. Two of my three uncles would come over [the third being in Dallas]. Also my cousin, my mother and I. In the later years my uncle and cousin would bring their girlfriends. Good vibes. 


The time is now 07:30. Spent a while playing around on my phone, and smoked the rest of a bowl I packed earlier. Now the time is 07:42. I am messaging my Dad back and forth because we are having ‘not so great’ service with Verizon. We both have the Google Pixel phone, so, idk. I literally have zero phone reception today. It started when I woke up, and then I left North Beach and got all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. Still, I have no service. It hasn’t bothered me much today, but we shall see as the day goes on.


Honestly I don’t know what more to write. My friends and I are going to meet up and do gravity bong rips out of the fountains on Market Street today, since it will be dead. Perhaps I will have more to write as the day goes on, but for now, I am going to put the keyboard away and look for good deals on the internet, lol. Classic Thanksgiving maneuver. 


Spark Twain

* * *

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The time is 03:37 and I am writing to you from mbsb again. Whew! Back on track. Although…this will fuck my weekend up in new and interesting ways. When I wake up at 03:00 on the weekends the only thing I can do is go to Happy Donuts, or Bob’s Donuts, or any of the other 24 hour doughnut shops in the city. It is true that I could also step inside of Pinecrest, or Lori’s, but I have walked that line before and it leads to four walls with zero outlets. At least at Pinecrest. Lori’s has one plug, but it was a weird situation the one time I did write from there [I have eaten there maybe 3 times]. It was the night I tried to stay at the Dakota Hotel; stood negotiating for two nights at the price of one until they told me to leave. The girl who argued against it at the counter…I forget her name. She ended up being a sensible person at the end of the everything. Sometimes hostel employees are hella abrasive, but honestly, it’s the work environment. Have you ever worked at a 24hr establishment in the Village?

I don’t return there anymore. I don’t know if I will do much hosteling in San Francisco anymore. but, actually, as long as I keep my Wisconsin ID I am able. If you have an ID from the Bay Area they won’t let you stay at a hostel [probably], and that is because they lose out on tax benefits if they let a local stay there.

I want to do something funky with my hair, but idk what yet.

Right now, I am going to go order some Starbucks. The last time I was here I didn’t even order anything, it was crazy! Well, I’ve done that before, but not at this hour.

Into the bathroom to pick my nose for a bit, followed by the ordering of some overnight oats. Now I am back seated. Remember a couple months how I was talking about buying a laptop, but never did? Holy shit you guys, the time is coming again! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! The holidays…I love the holidays, just a little fyi. So definitely invite me over for Thanksgiving, and also invite me to the Christmas party.

Where to acquire this next laptop from? That I the question…I was looking into financing something a couple months ago, but now I am back to the mindstate of getting something cheap, and simply getting the job done. The time is exactly 04:00 now. I woke up at like 01:30 today, can’t even lie about it. Left my house about 02:50 and cheifed a little on the steps, then walked to Happy Donuts where I talked to some folks for a while and caught up with Moony. So, I’ve been up for a while already, and when I leave work today I will have been up for more than 12 hours. I am at risk of ending up with a totally fucked sleeping schedule. Alas, I will press on with how things are.

What I really need is a motorcycle then boom I can get around sf no problemo and it’s cheap and damn I really wish I had rented a motorcycle while I was in Asia. For some reason I was scared? You know, my shoulder is all fucked up from a regular-ass bicycle, so maybe I’m a bit shell-shocked in that regard. Here I sit though, writing about the cycle I can’t drive, not only because I didn’t test it out in Asia, but also because I don’t have a regular-ass license. [If I had tried it and I was good, I would probably just whip it around sf with no license]

I had some work to do with sorting the renewal of my domains, but I just did it! Woohoo! Another thing off the list. I also need to make a review video for my Spark Twain merch from Amazon. I have been wearing the sweatshirt everyday for months, so I know I am qualified to review it. I have only ordered the sweatshirt, none of the regular shirts, but I can at least review what I have. Should be good. The time is 04:16. Imma step outside quick.

The time is 04:34 now. Work is soon to come. Might as well edit this, and then I’ll just play around on my phone until bidnis.

Spark Twain

* * *

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Live on Broadway!

The time is 04:07 in the morning and I am writing to you from my apartment on Broadway. I really wish I had a better living space, and if I did I would write to you from it more often. This act is of out of necessity. I woke up at 03:47 today. I didn’t set my 3am alarm last night. I thought I might wake up at my usual time anyway, but I did not. Since it’s too late for mbsb [not worth carrying the weight for such a short session] but I am awake and I do want to get work done, I decided to just pull my computer out and get a small amount of work done, that way I am still consistently posting to my blog all week. My goal of not drinking any caffeine is also on track. That’s pretty much a wrap for me and caffeine, I honestly believe that. The quality of my mental health has improved so vastly this week while I have been decaffeinated, I can’t realistically see me switching back.

The time is now 04:20. The whole day is in front of me! I shall be giving my time to someone else today, in exchange for a fair wage. Fair considering my circumstances, that is.

Wow I hear my roommates in the kitchen! I was not expecting that this morning. It doesn’t really effect my bottom line though. Sometimes someone wakes up to cook, and sometimes there is no one. It’s hard for me to tell what is going to happen any given day of the week.

One thing is for certain: I need a new computer. It’s kind of a blessing that I woke up too late for mbsb this morning because carrying this laptop around is killing my back. Killing it. My shoulder is so fucked, which is just one of the reasons I am trying to expedite the acquisition of a higher income. Right now I am searching for someone to work on The Community with me, because I think it will improve my chances of success.

Holy shit whoever is in the kitchen is frying something. The other day oml I thought they were killing a chicken in there. Some sort of animal was making a weird ass sound for a long time. The long time part had me wondering what was going on, because killing a chicken happens quick. Have you ever done it? I have not, but I’ve met a lot of people who have over in Asia and stuff. I don’t recall that I have ever even seen anyone kill a chicken irl. Hmm. Not that I am craving that experience or anything, but sitting here I am kind of surprised I missed on out that during my trip. In Asia if you get invited over for dinner, you’re might going to have to kill something. I only know about the chicken.

My back hella hurts from sitting on this bed. The time is 04:34 and I am going to get gone and get to work. PeAcE for now.

Spark Twain

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!


The time is 18:48 and I am writing to you from Barbary Coast. Casey pointed out that the last time he was in the lounge was when we did his taxes. I wonder if I did any writing then? I feel like I did do a little bit of writing after he left. This place is hella chill. As far as smoking lounges in the city, this place is the spizzot. Ain’t no lying about it. Red walls + they have a good texture.

To touch on the post I put out earlier, I want to make it clear for people who are sitting in a really bad spot in life, that I hear their problems loud and clear, and I think they should start indulging in the words I say and take on a way-more-serious stance when attacking life. I sit in a weed shop like I’m in fucking Amsterdam, writing a modern day blog and I am telling you I used to drink hella liquor. Like, I would wake up and I would start drinking immediately. I remember my friend Matt told me, that if I ever woke up and felt the need to drink immediately, that is when I would know I was an alcoholic. And that exact shit happened to me. Exactly like that.

So that shit went on for years. That shit went on for a short four years, and actually when I think about it, I only know that Matt told me those words before they came to fruition because it has always been so in my memory; but most things? Blurred. so I had problems before the age of 21, which I will get into as time goes on. The years before my alcohol consumption is where many of the good stories come from, but the years I studied alcohol taught me great the lessons of life. I walk on twigs.

The time is 19:02. I should really get going and go to bed. I think my buzzer is going to go off soon. I also just need to hit the hay cuz I am trying to wake up at 03:00. It’s easy, but at moments like this it is hard. I think I will take my leave.


* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!


I just watched a video from my friend Ike, who I guess doesn’t follow me on Instagram; heartbreaking. I follow him because we went to high school together, and although he was in the grade below me I still know about him. He isn’t timid. Ike was part of a reasonably-popular band back then, and I remember there was a lot of people at school wearing shirts that said “Get Like Ike,” at one point. If you haven’t clicked the link above yet, you wouldn’t know that’s his ig.

While I have been following Ike over the last several years I have gotten to learn a little about his business and lifestyle, and I have occasionally asked him some questions about his journey. He is involved with a company called Jdog Junk Removal, and somehow his business helps veterans, either by giving them jobs, or giving them free junk removal…maybe both. I didn’t say I was an expert, I just said I knew a little.

What I do know is, Ike was the first thing I saw when I opened up ig this morning. I put my headphones this time. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. After listening to this man’s video, I had a lot of questions.

I have been following Tai Lopez on ig for well-over a year now, and let me tell you, after I watch his videos I don’t usually have questions. Now, I realize that comparing these two individuals is…practically scummy. There is no comparison, but, when I watched that video this morning, I got Tai Vibes.

I get Tai Vibes sometimes. Remember when I recorded that video telling people in India to advertise their businesses on Instagram? I don’t think that improved my readership, but honestly I haven’t checked my analytics in…far too long.

Without further ado, I will let you read the transcript of my acquaintance’s video, but definitely check the video out for yourself here.

“Whats going on everyone? Obviously I don’t get in front of the camera here and speak too much like this, but I just felt really inclined, tonight, just to say that a lot of things that I’ve always dreamt about in my life have been manifesting. Owning a couple business and just doing kind of what I’m doing day to day. It’s incredible and I’m super grateful and I think for the people who need to hear it, the things you’ve been wanting to do, the things you’ve been thinking about, don’t wait until new years day to just have a resolution go south in three weeks. The things you want to do, like, don’t let people hold you back doing those things. Tell yourself you can do them. Do whatever you need to do to create that passion create that fire. Have this be the video to change your life, and do what you want to do, because I can tell you after putting in the hard work for years and years and just enjoying the process it’s rewardful for me and it’s just incredible to live the life I do, so, have this be the video to get off your ass and do what you need to do.” -Ike Weins, November 11th, 2019

I wouldn’t be following Ike if he wasn’t an inspiration to me, but when I woke up and watched that video this morning, a little bit vanished. First of all, you’re not actually telling people how to achieve their goals, and you also aren’t talking about any mistakes that you have made. When I am finished writing this, and I post it, I am going to walk outside of this Starbucks and make a video. In this video I am going to talk about how I lost $1200 in the stock market while I was traveling. I am also going to remind everyone that since I have been writing this blog I have quit smoking cigarettes, quit drinking alcohol, taken a trip through Asia, and am now starting my own business [even though I am at a bit of a standstill on that last one]. Now, the case is that, Ike, is part owner of a business, and I am under the impression that that business pays him monthly. When he puts the uniform on and goes to work, he gets paid hourly, as we all do, I am sure. Will he tell us how much money his business is making for him every month? I don’t know. I don’t know shit about business yet so it might [probably is] be hypocritical to say what I have, for in the future I could find myself wanting to withhold similar information from my readers. It’s that ‘love em today, fuck em tomorrow’ mentality. I’m a do as I do, not as I say type of motherfucker. and I say hella shit so this could get confusing.

The time is 04:21 and I am writing to you from mbsb. The day is 11/13/19 and I just had to get that out before I could move onto the next thing. I feel so much better now. I have never created “beef” for the purposes of publicity, but I am inching into it. Just wait until I kick off my hip-hop career. Spark Twain w/ the dis tracks! What do you think about that?

I was in the zone while writing that shit. I listened to that video over, and over, and over, and over while I typed out the context of it. I am truly sorry if I have made any mistakes Ike. I mean no harm in this blog post, and in fact, for the people who can find solace, peace, information and elevation in this blog, I just want them to know it exists. How many people who watched that video of yours were satisfied by wanting more? I think there were many people. I am satisfied but wanting more! Tbh I haven’t even watched that video you did with Q yet. Perhaps you have provided more and I have swerved the memo.

The time is 04:27. I haven’t ordered anything yet. Holy shittt and I forgot to tell you guys I fucked up last night and ate over 100 grams of sugar; maybe 150 grams. It was uggo-fuggo af to the maximum extent. I haven’t had an evening like that in a while. Maybe I am still on a sugar high and that’s where this energy is coming from.

Do you guys follow The Rock? That mf is up hella early. What I get here at 03:30 in the morning, he is already inside of his gym busting his ass with the heavy weights. If you need inspiration, I suggest following him. The Rock will not let you fail. Just like my old boss and current friend, Greg. When he told me he wouldn’t let me fail, I believed him. and you know what? I would like to extent the same invite to you. If you are reading this, you can know for fucking-certain without any shred-of-a-doubt, I will not let you fail! I am putting systems in place so I can’t go backwards in life, and if you read this blog, you will learn how to do the same. If you want to see some changes in your life, and reading this everyday is helping you stay on track and stay motivated, just know: I will not let you fail.

Greg, I want to take some time to tell you just how important that sentence has become to me. The words “I will not let you fail” should only ever be followed up with the response “I believe you,” and when that exchange of sentence’s takes place, it creates…well…you ever seen/read that Harry Potter where Snape pinky-promises he will kill Big V if lil dicky ain’t step up to the plate and swing the bat like a big man? Let’s just say, it’s something like that. The time is 04:38. I guess I won’t be ordering anything from Starbucks today! Because I am just going to edit this bad boy and hit the road. Peace!

Spark Twain

* * *

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