Hyde and Beach

The time is 05:42 in the morning and I am writing to you from the Starbucks on Hyde. Technically the address is on Beach street, but I like Hyde St so much better. I’d love to live on Hyde. Love it. I’ve said that before and had folks ask: “won’t you be bothered by the cable cars?” Honestly I don’t know until I try it out, but I am thinking I would not be bothered. I want to live on Hyde because of the cable cars. I can just sit on my steps and blow loud in front of the tourists? Hell yeah, that is what I want lol.

I am having The Superhero Bowl from Starbucks. Hmm. It says greenheartfoods.com on the package, and it also says “handmade in San Francisco…” which is hecka cool. I love San Francisco. Alike any love, emotions can get heated at times, but truly, and deep down, I love her. Is SF a her? Kalen and I were talking about this the other day, and we decided that since it’s named after St Francis, it doesn’t make since to refer to The City using feminine pronouns BUT just as I was contriving this paragraph I remembered that before it was San Francisco it was Yerba Buena, and so I have sent Kalen a message to find out is that is a male or female word. I will keep you updated [he said female, basically]. We are deep into this paragraph now. Recently I have been inserting more breaks into my work because I know that is it good for readability. Today however, I am feeling old skool. What I intended to talk about when I began this paragraph was my continuing effort to learn about homogenized breakfast items. I told one of the girls at my work some of the discoveries I have made regarding the quality of various breakfast items, and that…I literally just stopped writing in the middle of that sentence and got sucked into Instagram, and then I got sucked into Google Guide, and then I got up and took a 360 photo in the middle of this Starbucks and now I have sat back down and realized that my attention span is that of a Goldfish. I am not disappointed in this, infact, I desire instead of change, to learn and live with how I am. I already love myself, but it’s an ever changing affection. I am kind of forgetful, and my attention span is meh. I just got sucked back into my phone for a little bit. The time is 06:20. I have only drank half of my espresso but it got me sweaty af already lol. It’s gotta be the coffee right? Hmm. Imma go smoke a bowl just in case. The time is 06:28 and I am back inside. It’s chilly af out there. I am right by the water, and that might make a difference. Hmm. So I might not finish this coffee. When I got here I was feeling really good about things. Apparently ordering that doppio was a mistake. Idk though. I gotta get ahold of my situation. High anxiety plagues my life and it’s like…I ain’t trying to have that shit. I don’t even understand it. I don’t feel like my anxiety is actually all that incredible high, so I can only imagine what other are going through…

As I grow older I observe my father and I have committed firmly to the belief that he is a hella anxious person. My father is the reason I went to India. He talked about it my whole life, and what did I do? I fucking flew there for my first time outside of the country! Why, however, would it be that he does not do something similar, when it is clear to me that he wants to travel abroad also? I conclude only upon anxiety. I mean we share the same blood, and my palms are sweaty right now! I am sure he has similar anxiety issues. We deal. I deal. I don’t know what my sister or my brother think about the situation, but I would love to learn, and thusly I probably will in the future. The time is now 06:44. I haven’t gotten diddly done this morning. It’s time I change that.

| |

Holy shittlesticks the time is 09:17 and I am still sitting in the same spot at Starbucks, BUT NOW I have this to show for my time spent here! Cooooool. I am really happy about that. Now…what do I do with the rest of my day? Have I mentioned that it’s November 10th? Probably not. Well, it is! My shoulder hurts a little bit. Meh. Also, I kind of lost my infatuation with finding a new place to live, otherwise it would be a good day to do some research! I hella need to save up some doe. I have a close friend I should follow suit with on that. All in good time. Hmm. Now it’s like…do I edit this when I realllllllly dont feel like it. Actually it’s only 1 page. It’s so little work. So I’ll post this, and then get outta here and head to the food! Peace!

Spark Twain

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Coffee in Luang Prabang, written from Mekong Coffee House.

I am in Laos, and I am feeling pessimistic today. I ordered a cappuccino and the thing is practically all milk. You know, I wouldn’t know the difference between a good Cap and a bad Cap before I left America, but now I feel like I can certainly make the identification. So here’s the rundown for Luang Prabang: Saffron Coffee has the best cappuccino, and probably the best coffee as well. Also, a lot of the proceeds go back to the coffee farmers, which is nice. I read online that Mekong Coffee has good WiFi, and so I came here to stream the Superbowl as it is February 3rd, but my stupid VPN isn’t able to trick CBS and so they won’t let me stream the game because I’m outside of the United States. Fuck You, CBS. Anyway…this Cappuccino sucks. I ordered the large…and maybe they just take a small Cap and add double the milk in this part of the world? I mean if I order a large, shouldn’t two shots just be a given? Seems pretty much like a trick in my eyes, but I’m starting to see what’s going on.

Mini House (which is a restaurant on the main-drag) doesn’t even have real coffee, they just give you NesCafe. It’s amazing how often you can order coffee at a restaurant and get NesCafe out here, and by amazing I mean despicable. The first cafe I went to in the city was Dao Coffee, and so far it’s actually my favorite shop. It’s not as busy as Saffron, and it’s got quality goods. Plus the WiFi works well enough for all the tasks I have tried. Man…I’m literally sitting here drinking warm milk. It’s actually pretty gross when you want the bitter taste of coffee in your mouth. What else could I tell you about…Oh! The best omelet with rice (my favorite breakfast) can be found at this place called ‘Lao Coffee,’ if you search on Google Maps, and they only sell rice after 10 AM. I am not so sure I would order their coffee…it doesn’t appear to be a coffee shop, and in fact when I saw the sign in the building for Lao Coffee I took it to be a retired signage. I would venture to guess that they serve NesCafe there. So, anyway, that’s what I have for you.


P.S. The music at this place sucks a double dick too. This guy is just playing dance hits…and its 08:15 in the morning. Maybe you’re into that. You can read my review on Google Maps HERE under the 2 stars category.

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You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through,
and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work.
Thanks in advance!

Caffeinated Youth

I am fucking appalled at the lack of outlets in San Francisco. I just walked quite a vast distance to end up at Paramo Coffee Roasers, and I have simply settled on a meager number of outlets, limiting where I can sit. Definitely the coolest coffee shop I have been to in the city; the coolest one I could fathom going to rn. It’s actually the entry to an apartment building, so there is hella space available for lounging, which is what I do best. Paramo is a blessing, and you have to reside in the city for some time to receive it apparently. Perhaps I should indulge you all with a little history; my longevity in the coffee industry. I have never worked in a coffee shop, or been a coffee roaster, but on the consumption end I have many hours of servitude invested in the industry.

The entanglement of coffee into my life began long ago, in a place called John Harbor’s. A Coffee Shop. This was a location I spent many, many hours at during my teenage years. Located on Main street in Menomonee Falls (just like Ernie Von Schledorn lol) this was a beautiful place of business, blossoming with young artists and entrepreneurs. Truth be told the dedication to supporting the artists nearly went beyond the business aspect, as the coffee shop did eventually close its doors. I was there during the final hours. The story I have to tell of John Harbors is entwined with another story about a man named Devyn who lived with me for nearly a year. He moved into my grandparent’s basement with me, and both my grandma and grandpa were extra cool about it; everyone else in the family pretty much thought it was weird. I never had sex with Devyn, and I suppose that’s the weird part. I don’t find myself attracted to men however; it’s just not what brings me happiness. If having sex with men brought me happiness, I would imbibe, alas…

I digress in a major way! The point of those words is to convey: I have a plethora to spill about John Harbors and my experiences there; how it helped to make my youth foamy and rich, but today we are only focusing on why they helped to build me as a proper consumer of coffee. I was offered the opportunity to try many coffees from many roasters. I was a teenager with no job at this point, but still the coffee with abundant. I learned with it. I drank it all black. I smoked a lot of cigarettes at this point in time, as I smoked for 10 years. Coffee and cigarettes pair well together. The last night John Harbors was open I smoked a cigarette inside, along with some of the other folks who worked there. Not the owner, him nor his wife smoke. Those were good times, and also long ago.

Since then I have drank many cups of coffee in many coffee shops across the United States of America. One of the best cups I have ever drank, and certainly the best atmosphere I have experienced, was at a small shop in Seattle called Ancient Grounds. Lavish with masks and art. I was introduced to this coffee shop by the manager of the Seattle Green Tortoise. I spent many mornings at Ancient Grounds for the remainder of my stint in Seattle, and wrote some of my earlier blog posts there. The crazy thing is, as I write currently, I’m still writing one of the first blog posts. I have a long way to grew. A whole lot of coffee drinking to did. The absolute

My acct of yesterday.

constant in my life, is the maintaining of constant vigilance. I slack; I over-analyze. I practice. I practiced. I became one with…

When I set out to drink a cup of coffee, the factors are considered first. In a new city it’s easy to head someplace close and be fascinated by the newness of your neighborhood. Occasionally I still opt for the long walk. I have buried many-a-footstep into sultry pavement, and Google captures the richness of my travels in real time. Today I will share with you my account of yesterday, and know there are many days in my life which appear the same. I walk a lot. I really like walking, I guess. Recently I started jogging/running more. If you follow me on FB you would have heard about how I am always late, and because of this realized I enjoy running. Once upon a time, I went to the gym often. Nowadays I have a different body, and exercising it is probably best: left to the care of a medical practitioner. Ha. I beat this motherfucking body of mine pretty bad. Someday…I’ll tell you all about it. Someday, I’ll probably just get a gym membership and start running on an elliptical again, that’s what I used to do; easy on the knees. I’ve only two knees and I can barely keep up with oiling them.

I am the great digresser. I digress af. I digress all over town, come home, talk through dinner, talk through Jeopardy!, fail to teach my kids anything valuable because I talk until their bedtime, and everything I talk about gets lost in translation anyway because I never stick. to. the. point.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. I grew up on it. I love how it smells, and tastes. I love how it makes me feel, sometimes. Kinna makes me sweat more than usual, and that’s not super cool of coffee. There is no way I’m drinking de ’cafe, especially not yet anyway. I do love coffee, that is the one truth. On occasion you can find me drinking it all day long. Someday it will help me save the day like Fry. Now, I take to the pulic-transitmobile!


Google Guideship #2

The time has come, rather quickly, for a second article about my experience as a Google Guide. All this means is that I contribute information, and in my case mostly photographs, to Google for free. In turn, I get to feel good about contributing to society, but it’s a little motivating to see my photography get recognized, even estrangely (I had to make that word up, and so I defined it, and holy shit that took a while).

My first article on the subject was posted only 4 days ago, but life is moving fast; plus the first post was behind schedule. My Google Maps photographs now have over 20,000 views! Woohoo! As I stated previously, I only began contributing my photos to Google the end of November, 2017. My goal is to have 1 million views, and I will eventually see that number in all likelihood. What I intend to do with that goal is unknown, but I still feel good about owning the goal.

Woo! 20k!

I now have 97 photos uploaded in total, where in the last mentioning of the subject I have 85. The 11 pictures I spoke of last time have seen a little bit of action. This bubble photo of Cottage Row Mini Park, and this photo of First Republic Bank have the most views at 79 and 73, respectively. The other 9 photos have about 20 views each. I expected the bubble photo to have the most, but the First Rep Bank photo having 73 views is due to the location.

So my goal was to make a post at 10,000 views, and I was late on that, but I am here to announce the 20K view mark! I will be continuing to post photos to Google maps, and I will continue to let you know my progress on the subject!


Google Guideship

I am a Level 5 Google Guide. I’m under the impression level 5 is not very high, but I am not sure how high it goes. I gained this stature, if you will, by uploading photos, of course places I have been. Bubble photos seem to get the most views. The first photo I uploaded was of my friend Lee, at Fortune Cookie, a restaurant in West Oakland, and it has 167 views. Shortly after this I went to Death Valley with the Green Tortoise, and uploaded many photos to Google from this trip. One of the photos I uploaded was at the China Ranch Date Farm & Bakery, a bubble photo, and this photo has 5,950 views.

That first photo I uploaded of Lee was shortly before Thanksgiving, 2017. At the writing of this article, I have 85 photos uploaded. 11 of those I uploaded just minutes ago, and I am going to blog a little bit about the growth they experience. I uploaded 2 pictures of a Chevron, 2 photos of Gourmet Carousel, 6 photos of Cottage Row Mini Park (including the only bubble photo of topic), and one kinna funny picture of First Republic Bank. They all only have one or two views as of right now. In total my Google Guide account photos have 16,772 views in total. I will also be blogging about the growth of that number.

Yesterday I took a long stroll across San Fran, on which I took all of 11 of the newly uploaded photos. It was a beautiful day, about 70 degrees, and I bathed in the sun; yellow shorts and a red t-shirt. My new shoes, but without socks, which turned out to be a mildly stupid mistake. They didn’t tear my feet up as much as I thought they would in the end though. I like the shoes, and have naught to say further on the subject. While on my walk I encountered some things, to me brand new, which is a usual in this city. I ventured up to Nob Hill and was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture; I could hardly handle it. I took another bubble photo in front of a building labeled The Mary Mangano Smith House, only to find out later it has not yet been labeled on Google. So I submitted a request to add that location; I assume it will be accepted and I will be able to add my photographs to the Googleverse.

So this is the first of what will eventually be a series of my Google Guide adventure. I hope to upload pictures to Google from all over the globe. We shall see what the future brings. Today, I plan to do a little future research on south-east Asia, an area of the world I intend to visit, and the first place outside of the United States I will have ever traveled to, if everything works out for me in the end. I was in Mexico for like an hour when I was 6 months old, but I don’t count that as travel. I didn’t need a passport. Now however, I do need a passport. Obtaining money for my journey will be one of the most difficult parts, since I have to trade away large swaths of my valuable time to garner anything these days. However I keep myself a busy man with many hobbies, and Google Guiding has become a fairly rewarding hobby; an exponentially motivating use of my time.


San Antonio to: Seattle

The vast journey began on June 14th when I ended up in Austin Texas. A pleasant city and one I would travel to again, despite the price of downtown luxury. Austin is an epicenter for Texas, gathering up young entrepreneurs and turning them into fine southern capitalists. I have heard good and better things about the Texas public education system, and I have great faith in it. The businesses in Austin proper do not offer you plastic bags when you purchase items. The lack of warning on this subject can become quite infuriating at a cash register, so consider yourself warned. Honestly, Austin isn’t enough though. Our plastic and garbage problem is massive, and eventually everybody will need to be doing their own part, or else. While in the wonderful city of Austin, I took to the river on a kayak with my girlfriend, who was basically my tour guide for the entire city. It was a slow river, but compared to Bradford Beach near where I hail from in Milwaukee, it was a gloriously clean section of water. On the way into Austin we made two stops, but both were out of the ordinary. The first stop was a place called Bucees, and in my opinion it sets the bar for a gas station, world-class if ever there was one. With over 200 gas pumps, a dedicated section for Go-Pro gear, and quality polarized sunglasses, as well as a medicine aisle offering the ever-expected singular overpriced eyedrop option, it was quite a store I was shown. I was later quite surprised to find they are only found around the Austin, Texas area. I expect you will begin to see Bucees pop up in your area. Since it won’t be a capitalization on food, I don’t necessarily expect a decrease in product quality or customer service.

The second stop we made was at Con Madres, a taco truck located directly off of the highway. It was a good place to eat, and I wanted to order more but there was so much I wanted to try in Austin. We also ate at P. Terry’s and Torchy’s Tacos, the latter being set upon a pedestal of expectation before I ate there. It was a decent taco I ate at Torchy’s, don’t get me wrong. But except for the sweetcorn, which was a fair offering, it seems expensive for what you get. I may even go as far as to say the food is overpriced. They do seem to funnel their profits into their community and in positive generally positive formats, which is admirable. I am interested to see what the future brings for Torccy’s Tacos, as I saw one in Denver as well. Go there with an open mind and be ready for great tacos, but much like a casino, don’t bring more than you are prepared to lose. Before tacos we ate P. Terry’s, and it made quite the opposite impression on me. Cheap food, to the point I was suspicious, but this suspicion became a wash as I realized the quality of the food was substantiated and my only mistake was ordering a burger, fries, and a drink instead of just three burgers.

I spent a single hour within the confines of the kayak with Danae, paddling with occasional ferocity the same water which runs through the Grand Canyon, and it was a calming experience. We chose the two person kayak, which took some discussion because I wanted to race. The spot was in-between the 1st street and Lamar Blvd bridges, and the water was moving gently enough to paddle up or down the river with ease. It was $15.00 for the rental, which was worth the experience. I had been in a canoe many times but never a kayak, and I do quite enjoy the more agile kayak quite a bit. So far the order is Buccees, Con Madres, used the bathroom in Voodoo Doughnuts, continued on to eat at P.Terry’s, took some photos at Graffiti Park, kayaking, thrifting uptown, and then we drove back to San Antonio where my girlfriend lived at the time.

Once in San Antonio we received two days of poor rest before setting onto the real drive. An 8 day journey from San Antonio TX, to Seattle WA where we are currently residing at the Green Tortoise Hostel. I will speak about the hostel later on. We set unto our traverse the morning of June 16th, a fine and sunny day for all that we saw. In fact the weather was fairly temperate for the entirety of the journey. Our first day was by far the longest. We left San Antonio at roughly 07:00 and reached our intended target near Buena Vista, Colorado at around 21:30. The most unique site seen about our journey was the bounty of magnificent ambitions; a highway covered in boulders the size of sedans making the northbound lanes completely impassable. Traffic was diverted onto the southbound highway, which was separated into a two lanes temporarily. I am disappointed to say I did not take a photograph of this wrath mother- nature concocted, nor can I find any information about it after fifteen minutes online. The first day of driving took us through hill country in Texas, the northeastern corner of New Mexico, southern Colorado (boulders), and then finally north-west off of the main highway into the depths of the mountains, only to get lost and return to a quaint town called Salida Co.

Overall things did not go well for us the first day. We reached our final destination just as darkness set in. Our phones worked in select spots on the way to Lenhardy Cutoff, but the people we were trying to get in contact with could not make contact back, as they had already arrived. On our final approach we drove up a mountain, on a forest service road, after dark, in a 2012 Nissan Vera, but it was one path west of our intended target. After substantial effort applied to finding our friends, we gave up. Looking back at the event, it was certainly a bad idea to attempt driving the car off of the road, and my girlfriend was far from pleased about my encouragement to continue. We risked doing damage to our vehicle as well as suffering injury on treacherous driving trails at night. Still, we made it fairly far up into the mountain before turning back. In the end we drove nearly an hour back into Salida and slept in a Hampton Inn parking lot, which was uncomfortable to say the least, but we thank Hampton Inn for their hospitality.

In the morning we awoke to find the mountains all around, blinding us with eastern sun. Unaware of how cold it would be in the mountains, we quickly changed into more suitable attire and drove to a nearby McDonalds, only to find mostly ineffective Wi-Fi. After an overly saturated but anticipated breakfast, we made our next stop at an AutoZone. It was in this parking lot that I changed the oil in our vehicle, making due with no oil filter wrench. It went quite well and the mess was minimal. I thank AutoZone for their continued hospitality and expertise. Furthermore we stopped at a local Walmart for provisions and following straight away we left Salidas, heading back toward Lenhardy Cutoff. It was now hot and we were overdressed. Once arriving to the proper Forest Service Road, we parked and within ten minutes our friends met us where we would be leaving our car overnight.

The camping trip to Lenhardy Cutoff was unlike anything I had experienced. I had been to Colorado the previous year and seen a real set of mountains for the first time in my life, but this time I had a more personal view of the mountains. Our home during the trip was a Marmot Limelight 3 person tent, and it satisfied every expectation I had of it. We were kept warm and the tent was easy as pie to set up. Nestled between two trees, we slept on a $15.00 air mattress and it was a more than good enough. Camping in the mountains allowed for glorious views. With constant vigilance, I would advise anyone interested in the view to seek Lenhardy Cutoff. Once we woke for breakfast in the morning, we were sent back to a reality in which we had many more days left on our journey.

Back in motion, we headed to Denver. The bright skies and thin air make the city memorable, and the second time we visited the city was just as magnificent as the first. We stopped at SAPP Brothers Travel Center for a shower. We stopped at a Love’s in Washington later on, and SAPP Brothers had the better shower with far superior pricing to boot. After the shower we supped. I made a mess of the Shamrock Burger as Sam’s no. 3 and Danae had a Buffalo Burger and Chili Cheese Fries. I finished my fries before digging into hers. Impressive service and atmosphere both visits I had. The servers have been interesting and also efficient. The food has proven itself irreplaceable and Sam’s will receive my continued dedication.

The drive north ended in Greely Co, a city we had been in prior. Staying at a friend’s house the third night put us behind schedule, but it was unavoidable with the sun setting, plus they have cats. We watched Ace Ventura and celebrated. I buried myself into my iPad looking for where to camp the next night of our journey. Big Horn National forest was still the intended target, and we simply took the loss of one day total in exchange for the shorter drive. I called the National Forest office and a nice lady directed me too a road called Sourdough. We camped on a river, where we roasted jalapeño sausages over a fire and for the first time in our lives, we saw a Moose. It was large, but less than I was expecting. But this was Wyoming, I later found out Moose in Alaska are much larger, so this may have been what I was picturing. I nearly walked right up to the Moose, before he moved his head and I noticed him roughly twelve meters away. Danae had recently been in the forest where I spotted the giant, so how close she got to this animal is information lost to time. Mr. Moose came out of the forest soon after, and strolled off across the river, eating everything on the way. He was within our sights for about forty-five minutes and 100 yards. Wyoming brought to us the perfect camping experience.

Day five began cold, but it was still an excellent morning. We left roughly at 09:30, and we were in Billings Montana soon enough. We ate at Great Harvest Bread Company, and it was impeccable. We bought two sandwiches, a scone, and a loaf of honey wheat bread. We drove through the rest of the day, stopping several times for gas, and ended our day at Norton Campground in Montana. We ate Tuna with smiles. I also beat Danae in Chess for the first time ever this night. The following morning we saw several Big Horned Sheep on our way back to the highway, which was pretty exciting. We arrived in Missoula Montana for breakfast this time, and ate The Catalyst Café. I had chorizo because it was the special, and it was good, but Danae got The Heap and it was better from the bite or two I had of hers. On we ventured for the remainder of the day, first through Idaho and then into Washington. We stopped at the previously mentioned Love’s, and then The Green Seed in Moses Lake. The service was good, and the prices were decent overall, but they were changing locations and I would be interested to see what the shop looks like a year or so, it has great potential as I see it.

The sixth day ended for us at the first campsite we found on national forest service road 3330 in Cle Elum Washington, right next to Taneum Creek. We took a brief walk to explore just a small portion of the state we would be staying in for the next two months, and then we ate tuna. We slept well, which had been consistent inside the tent at this point. Very satisfied with Marmot. Washington in the morning was very cold, and we packed our tent quickly to move on. We drove directly to Mt Rainier National Park and arrived at the section named Grove of the Patriarchs. I bought the $80.00 pass, allowing me entry to all National Parks in the U.S. until June 2018. We traveled around by car and on foot all day through the southern end of Mt Rainier. We ate tuna for lunch, and we hiked to Comet Falls, which was more difficult than we anticipated. As night approached we drove back the way we came, and then headed south for Packwood, Washington. We ate great burgers and then headed out of town to find camp. I am disappointed to say the only litter-covered campsite we stayed upon, was the one we found on my birthday, June 22nd 2017, on NF-52 outside of Packwood. We set up the tent before darkness set in I fell asleep quickly, filled with disappointment about the litter.

The final morning we spent in our tent was cool, but not as cold as the previous night. I took pictures of the garbage and we left. Off to Seattle we set. We stopped and ate Mexican food for lunch, it was no better than average, but the service was good. Arriving during rush hour was not a very gratifying way to end our quest, but it’s what happened. We parked in a tall structure close to our destination and took our first of three trips inside carrying our belongings. The Green Tortoise Hostel at 105½ Pike Street, Seattle WA. Just a single door in the side of short building. A Target next-door and a Subway across the street both feature downtown pricing, which is something I soon came to grasp the true meaning of. We were shown around the hostel and then to our room by a short and spry gentleman named Rod, then we loaded our stuff into the locker under our bed and returned to the car twice before settling into the room. We laid on the bed and took in the comfort it offered, which was gracious. The sheets, pillowcases, and privacy curtains are all green. Our room has four queen beds and two single beds, as well as a sink and mirror. The window overlooks the Hard Rock Cafe on Pike Street, and it has been open since our arrival. We walked around the city before falling asleep hungry for our first night in Seattle.

We arrived on a Friday and we were not on the work schedule until Monday, so we spent our first full day in Seattle, a Saturday, exploring the city and parking our car. We went to this place called Cycene for a truly outstanding breakfast sandwich and some phenomenal grits, I definitely intend to return. Afterwards we walked back a different path and explored the Public Market. I ate smoked Salmon at City Fish Co, which is far too expensive to consistently buy, however delicious it may be. We ventured into a store selling commercial quantities of spices, and a bookshop, but somehow have yet to see the first Starbucks. Soon after, we left the market and moved onto the task of parking our car. We settled into a parallel spot in the Capital Hill district, where we could only leave the car until the following morning. Walking back to the Hostel was good exercise, but not something we wanted to do forever. Within a week we found a free place to park our car, which is a short transit ride away.

It is currently the first Friday after our arrival, and much has happened. We have made numerous friends and many co-workers, including a handful from our home town oddly enough. The work can be tough in its own way, including every kind of cleaning and then some general housekeeping, there is a laundry shift, and Danae and I helped cook for our first shift. The City is dense with people and I have spent a lot of time walking around the downtown. The homeless people are abundant, but mostly harmless in our area. I have seen masses of pigeons and rats, two things new to me. We made a trip to the international district and I bought ginger. Coming to Seattle has proven an exceptional decision.

This blog is not strictly dedicated to my travels. I intend to focus on Climate Change and Fiscal Responsibility, as two separate entities, as those are just two passions of mine. At the time of this posting my website is in a state one would consider ‘under construction.’ I myself am still searching for meaning, and subsequently my website administration and blog captivation may be lacking, but I will continue to post. I hope to grow a community here at HeartOfZeus.
-Chris 7/2/2017