Cream City Hostel 19

The time is 04:30 and I woke up over an hour ago. I laid in bed for a while, eyes closed, pondering life; I haven’t been feeling as good in the mornings as of late. I believe it to be my diet. Currently I write to you from the dining area of the Cream City Hostel, on the opposite side of the room as the kitchen. My coffee cup is full, and it says Alaska on it. The pleasure I get from choosing a coffee cup in the morning at a hostel…that must be one of those “little things” I have always heard about.

Today is a day for organizing. Spring cleaning! My website needs to be changed up a little. If you haven’t heard me speak on it before, I own 17 websites. None of them turn me a profit, but it is something I am working on.

Often times I fall into the same expression of thought, which is: I should put all my liquidated-eggs in the ‘Spark Twain’ basket, and then eventually I can use that brand to plug my other endeavors. There are reasons to establish my career in that direction, including that I write heavily to this blog, but also I have been going in this direction for awhile already. It is true that when I go back and read my blog, sometimes I am impressed, and sometimes I am bored-to-death, but I believe in trusting the process. For this, the process includes: be myself, keep writing, work harder everyday, and don’t make the same mistakes twice [I fuck the last two up routinely].

At 27, after traveling the world, and establishing confidence about who I am as a person, I am ready to work hard at something, and I know I could work hard in any direction! However I want to succeed! As you may or may not know, I am all about achevable goals.

With the work I have already put in, I am confident that is I put 1000 hours of sales work into my Spark Twain brand, that shit’ll sell. Awe shittlesticks, that shit’ll sell like toilet paper on a pandemic’s eve! Right off the shelf I tell you! I think getting my friend Will to help me promote is a keen move. I have been meaning to ask him how he is;
Hope all is well Will! I think I’ll text you right now.

The coffee is okay. I shouldn’t have added that last splash of water probably. But you know what? I figured I would rather have hella weak coffee, than slim strong coffee. Ya dig?

In the future, all digging will be done by robots. Someday, some company is going to build a robot that digs holes, and it’s gonna dig a hole, and they’re gonna say: “That’s the last hole man will ever dig!”

Nonono! That’s some shit outta the 50’s. In my head, the guy saying that was illustrated with dots, lol.

They are gonna say: “We don’t know who dug the first hole, but we will know who digs the last!”

Seriously! There will be a day that nobody digs holes, like, with a fucking shovel!

Meh…actually…You know what? I stand corrected.

I am positive that the evolution of humanity is allowing us to see clearly any possible discord brought by robotic assistance, both physically and mentally, and so I feel that people will always, occasionally, for ole’ times sake and to keep the balance of Talos in tact, dig their own fucking holes.

Fuck man, this coffee is hitting me like a ricochet bullet. That shit’ll fuck you up! You better watch out, you better not cry, because Canta Slause feeds on fear, and you=============this is your left, that’s your left. This is your left, that’s your left. This is your left, that’s your left. This is your right. You’re gonna die.

You ever get that feeling like the elevator ghost is going to show up in a couple of minutes [it never did]? There was a light outside, I noticed it when I first sat down, but it isn’t on anymore I know the street lights didn’t turn off, because I see some light from those. I wonder what light was on, it was hella bright! It could have just been somebody’s headlights, but that means it was only ever here for a couple of seconds. Not the right angle to be someone at the stop light. Someone could have been parked on the side of the building, I suppose…Meh. Not worth thinking about.

I am a piece of toast in the wind right now, and I need to reach a butter place.

It is not only cold in this basement, but dryer than two sacks of gravel. The time is 05:00 on the dot!!! Time to reorganize my website, consume a smoothie, and get ready to take hella boxes outside today. Let’s do it!

Spark Twain

* * *

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Cream City Hostel 18; How Social Media Handles Pandemics.

Instagram vs Reality Coronavirus: How Social Media Handles Pandemics. That is the name of the podcast I am listening to on Spotify right now.

I have been listening to Business Casual for a while now, but I haven’t been listening religiously. That is to say, I haven’t tuned in every single week. Since the outbreak of covid-19 however, they have been releasing episodes more often than usual. New episodes used to only come out on Tuesday’s, but the one I am going to talk about now came out on Friday, the 20th of March.

The guest for this episode is Sarah Frier, who covers social media at Bloomberg News. She has apparently written a book that will come out in April, titled: No Filter, The Inside Story Of Instagram. She also says that her job today feels less like covering a company, and more like covering a government. Heard! Hmm, apparently she works from San Francisco. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have literally been in the same room as her, probably getting coffee.

Right off the bat, Sarah jumps into the very real issue of companies, and individuals, not being cautious enough about what they post during this time. Unbelievable to my eyes! The things I have seen people post things on Instagram [and the like]. Upon seeing the posts, I always, immediately think: “bro, you shouldn’t be posting this because I don’t believe that you know if it is true or not,” [in reference to cures for Coronavirus] but I don’t comment or anything, because that is not how to solve the underlying issue, which is that social media gives us all [but especially influencers] a lot of power.

As I was preparing my coffee, I continued to listen to the conversation, and much of it came to be about facebook [and instagram, and whatsapp]. Now, I don’t really use fb, but you know what? Since leaving SF I have met many more people [and businesses] using fb avidly af, and it has made me think that I should get back into using fb to expand my brand, you know?

Oh shit! I give up! I am not going to review this podcast. I just don’t feel that what I am writing about this conversation is good enough to be considered valuable. However! If I switch it up to a random ole’ ramble, top 0 the morning to you Sally//? Now that’s in my wheelhouse!//!

So, with the decision having been applied, I will tell you: The time is 07:16 and the day is March 26th. It is the Year of the Virus. In front of me sits half a smoothie and a cup of coffee. I have to pee, but I also want to roast one. So! I am going to go do that! Might finish this podcast when I get back? But I might just put on something heady too.

Returned, but have not put anything on yet.

This girl, she is from Brazil, and she just yelled at me for waking her up. Damn. I do feel bad, but these doors are hella heavy, and I have no choice to be quiet with them. This hostel is quite nice, but it can occasionally give off some really stran ge v ibes. I wonder what has happened inside this building over the years…It was owned by the school district for a mighty long time, and the last thing it operated as was a daycare center. Now it’s the Cream City Hostel, obviously.

Sounds from 8/7/72 fill the air. This show is from Alpine Valley! On Spotify it’s called Dick’s Picks Vol 32. So…idk if Dick just has the rights to these shows…I recall Kalen telling me about this once, and how the earlier albums were all complications, but they didn’t hit so hard because that isn’t really what the Head’s want. I don’t remember what else he told me, but I have an image of him in my mind, with one of his eye brows raised, his irises turned to the sky, and his head cocked while he ponders after finishing the sentence “…so idk if he owns the rights to those shows or…” What would he go on to say next? Hmm. “August 24th 1974 though bro, you should listen to that one.”

It just occurred to me how cool it will be to include a deadhead in future my stories; fictional.

You know! The reason I started this blog was so I would get better at writing. Since I was young, I have always wanted to write a book. In fact, I think it is one of the few inspirations that got carried over from my childhood. The type of thing that, if I had to get motivated about it again, idk if it would happen. You only get one spark of madness! So don’t lose it! That’s what Robin Williams said.

I believe that strongly to be true, but I have also seen different kinds sparks, and seen how they can grow, and extinguish. My spark of madness to write a book has grown into a lust for greatness; I can’t explain exactly the feeling of knowing St Stephen will call your name…but it’s kind of like knowing someone else is going to give you an orgasm within a couple of hours.

My spark to become a computer programmer, and use that money to pay my bills and fund my dreams, what happened to it?! In fact, haha, I think many people have that spark. Once you understand how that world works, lives, and resides it’s like yeah I want some of that. Honestly I recommend this free class through App Academy. They teach the program in Ruby, and from the two weeks I experienced of it, the class was quite proper. There is no way! That, if you went into that [free, online] class with the right attitude! You can’t fail!!//!

You could absolutely go online and start the free class right now, and after two moths of intense learning, you would be so deep into the game that you would be addicted. Or…you will end up like me, and realize you are just dang bad at algebra.

Starting a business is an idea that started as a spark, and at this point my idea of opening a business is so intermingled with my skill of writing, it’s one big ass fire. I have a passion for writing, but I also have the skill of communication. When I write…I feel like I get the message across [at least when I want to], and that is something which can be translated into many mediums. It’s kind of like programming. Once you learn Ruby, learning other programming languages is going to be a different concept than learning your first one, and further even, solving problems in that new language is going to show-and-prove what level of skill you posses when it comes to programming. If you can solve any problem in any code, you are quite close to a master of the trade, are you not? Well, in the world of communication, I spiral the jockey, b!tch.

What I see as the most viable, immediately open career opportunity for myself is this: communicating the ideas of business [and corporations] into messages the people of the world can collectively understand.

If YOU have a brand, and you’re target audience is currently “anyone that has ever worn a Nike product,” I want to help you relay your message. Without clear communication, it will be impossible to get 10% of those people to initialize a relationship with your brand, and further still getting 1% of them to spend their hard-earned money with you is impossible without clear communication.

Let it be know that those are my goals. If you can pay to reach 1 million people, you should aim for 100k of them follow your advertisement back to your site, and 10k spend money with you, that investment in advertising will certainly pay off. [ten percent sounds awfully large now that I’m editing this lol]

Omg! The time is now 09:19.

I just spent a while talking to Tim, and then roasted another one. Whew. Heavy day! Now, honestly, I want to play some Civ 5. So I’m going to post this up, and then get that done. Peace! [the time is 10:02 and I am finished with editing. Do you see how long that takes! Almost an hour! For two pages!]

Spark Twain

* * *

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Cream City Hostel 8

Not very many minutes ago, I looked in the mirror, and a realization shot through me like a lightening bolt. I am not using this life to the fullest.

For a long time, I have been freestyle rapping, and honestly it is something I enjoy so much. There might be nothing I enjoy more than freestyling, except of course the things I enjoy more. I love to write as well, but right now I am feeling an imbalance. Too much writing with not enough rapping. One thing I have been hella hoping to do, is record some music with Super Ego. TBH he makes a different type of hiphop than I do, but as long as our vibes mesh, I think we could make some really good stuff.

In my ears right now is Roddy Ricch. This is the first time I’ve listened to anything outside ‘the box.’ I just hit the first song on Spotify, and I kind of forgot I wasn’t listening to an album, but regardless, every song was good. This is really good music. The beats are epic, and beyond that, Roddy paints us a rather vivid picture of himself. We know he uses cashapp, which I’ve never used [venmo me tho @robertplant]. He then says “slack slack.” I wonder how many things you can use the Slack app for.

I would do say some dirty shit, but I’m scared af. Oh shit, and look at that, it comes back around.

My eyes didn’t even meet their mirror counterpart before the realization struck me. Me! The HeartOfZeus. The time is 09:00 on the dot. I have probably been writing this for 20 minutes. I spent a lot of time thinking about nothing lol. That’s just an update. I accidentally deleted the last two sentences, and I thought that might be a sign, but I have decided to keep them. Whoa. One of these rappers is talking about how a girl put an ecstasy pill in her ass. That’s some futuristic shit. Am I really even living if I’ve never kicked it proper with a lady that sticks the occasional ecstasy pill up her ass? Hahaha. Maybe though, that’s some different shit. That’s a damn freak!

Kobe is dead. How many rap songs do you think he is mentioned in? I mean seriously. To get to his level of fame is…it’s something else. It came from hardwork! Mamba never looked in the mirror and thought “Why am I not squeezing more out of this life?”

I have no idea what went through Kobe’s mind. I tried to create something to say, but I realized I really really don’t know the man. With a little elbow geese, I could. You too can meet Kobe for the first time, even though he is dead.

Many things fly through my brain at the speed of fiber internet, and Meek Mill fills my ear cups. Perhaps! I should try and use the internet again. Twitch it up, or something. Meh. Idk if I’m feeling it. I am feeling this writing thing, however. Oh! I did think up the idea last night, that it wold be foolish to not use this time to edit all my writing. Ugh. That’s seriously like…hundreds of pages. Maybe as many as 420 pages. That would be ironic if it was exactly that. Idk if I’ll actually count,so we will probably never know if I really have 420 pages of unedited writing or not. Holy shit! I’ll remember all sorts of shit when I go through and read all that writing. It goes pretty far back. The time is 09:14, and I think I am going to give that a try right now. I am also going to…consume. An apple? Or some oatmeal? I can’t decide. I should be able to know the answer without getting out of my chair, really. I could eat sugar for breakfast! And not just in the form of oatmeal. Okay, here I go…to eat and edit!

* * *

The time is not 10:18, and I just edited everything above, but I don’t think I am going to edit my old writing anymore. Today..what should I work on. I need to pick something, and then just finish it. Not playing Civ 5! and not writing more for my lil blog. Oh, there is a nice guitar here now, so I might play some of that for a while.

For the Cream City Hostel I should also do some promoting, but the virus has really put a shock to my system. I think all of our systems, but definitely the hospitality industry is feeling the hella burdened.

Spark Twain

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!

Returned Emails

I feel good. The day is February 24th. Today, I opened a savings account! and I am not sure that I have ever had a savings account. But you know what? I am going to try and save my fucking money. I am just going to do it. A business, I will open, but as of late I have been thinking it would be in my best interests to do that with money I receive in the form of a loan. Tbh, I should have opened this account over a month ago. I blew crazy money while I was in Vegas. I should have saved that shit and put it to work for me. Today though? Everything changes! Today is the first day of the rest of my life! The time is 17:41 and I am writing to you from the McDonalds inside of the WalMart on Del Prado Blvd in Cape Coral, Florida. OoOoOo this cheeseburger is pretty mediocre, but you know what? McDonald’s feeds the masses, because somebody’s got to! Actually, it’s nobody’s job to feed the masses, and McDonald’s only does it because there is money in it, but I see nothing wrong with that. Now, as we move into the future, McDonald’s will have an obligation to uphold, to humanity, since they have integrated themselves so deeply into our…infrastructure.

OMGOMGOMGOMG The person from TMJ4 has emailed me back…I am hella nervous to open this email right now, and idek why! It doesn’t matter what’s in that email. No matter what is inside the email I am about to open, I am still going to tell the story of how I solved my alcoholism all across the nation. However, if TMJ4 wants to work with me, it will certainly accelerate the process. I can’t believe I received the return email while I am actively writing…okay…here goes nothing. Jeez. I had a dbl cubano at about 15:15, and it’s got my nerves on high. OKAY! Here we gooooo!

Okay…so here’s the deal: the person said they are going to confer with their “fellow Drive Sober team members” and then they will get back to me if they decide to do a story. Hmm. This is starting to feel like a No. Yo! I just sent an email saying I’m a drug addict! Don’t you realize I am the kind of person that needs closure lol. Either way, Umbrella by Rihanna and Jay Z is filling the air of this McDonalds…and that’s almost a damn reminder! Yall know I admire Jay Z; I quote him more than anybody. He found a very efficient way to tell the world what is on his mind. I can only hope that people find my content as easy to consume. That’s why I am expanding the mediums and methods with which I produce my content. I love talking; no reason to limit that to my blog!

Okay, the song is over. The nerves are still here. Honestly, the email I received feels better than if they simply said no, but, I don’t see why they would send me that email unless it was the equivalent of a no lol. I knew you would confer with her team members, and I actually assumed you would get back to me either way. Instead, you have told me you will keep me in the loop…but not really lol. Think they will ever read this blog post? My guess is…probably, actually. When you hear Spark Twain wrote about you, you are going to want to read that shit. However, they only have to do one Google search to learn that I write about licking buttholes and masturbating to women I’ve met one time, so…would you want your news station associated with that? Lol. Nah; prolly not.

Either way! I am going to take the written version of the story I sent TMJ4, and I am going to make my own highly-consumable video version of it. I have considered that I should acquisition the team behind Urban Misfit Ventures to help me with this process, but, I really am not sure that I need them. Or, actually, I am not sure I need them to help me make the video. Perhaps after I have this thing in video format, then I will move to pushing my story a hardaf. Can you imagine if I lost the rights to my own story? Lol. Not gonna happen. OKAY The time is 17:58, and my Dad is almost here, and we are going to do some shopping, and I will edit this another day. That’s peace out! From Walmart/McDonalds.

Spark Twain

* * *

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Java House 3

Welcome to Java House Three. I never knew we would make it here, but dangnamit look at us now! The time is 08:34, and the day is February 22nd, 2020. This morning I discovered a pretty badass song titled ROXANNE, by Arizona Zervas, and I discovered it because I was looking for the song Roxanne, by The Police. I added them both to my latest playlist on Spotify, More Butt Than Ashtray’s. Can you tell how I feel? I don’t get more butt than ashtray’s, but I firmly believe that my skills as a writer will get me laid in the future. Lately, I’ve been thinking I finally record that hip-hop album I alwayss talk about. It’s quite obvious [to me] that taking to a stage with some music will be one of the fastest ways for me to spread the word about my blog. Whoa! This Triple Cubano is friggen serious business. Sugar. Caffeine. Twain…that means two.

One time I was talking to this girl on a bus in San Francisco…it was the 30 inbound, and I was coming from the Starbucks Reserve on Chestnut; I told her about my blog, wuwu, and if I recall correctly she was beginning to think I was an egotistical asshole lol. Many times when I tell people I write under the penname Spark Twain [“My name is Chris, but I am also Spark Twain;” or: “My name is Spark Twain, but you can call me Chris.” Those are my two opening lines] they same something like “Wow, you must think your a pretty good writer using a name like that. You must think you’re the next Mark Twain.” The time of which I speak on the bus, I was getting that attitude, and I looked that lady right in the eyes and said “I think I am going to be much more popular than Mark Twain. There are 250 million English speakers in India, and 750 million more that want to learn.” Her jaw literally dropped, and she didn’t laugh. I continued to hit on her until she got off the bus. She wasn’t having it. And, either way, she wasn’t the girl with the grey jacket and tan Lulu’s. That means she wasn’t my girl! I don’t remember either of their faces, but I do remember the later woman’s ankles.

Some dude came up while I was writing that last paragraph and pretended to give the coffee shop owner the boot as he was cleaning the windows lol. It was a little funny. These old folks around here are pretty funny. Except when they beep at people and call them assholes at seven in the morning, like I saw yesterday. Trust me when I tell you that you will get a full examination of the people in this area, because since my father moved here, I am going to be spending ample time here, I am pretty sure of that.

This morning I ate at a restaurant down the street called Oasis. Bad choice. I feel like shiiiit. I might feel like shit because my father and I also ate at this place called Ford’s Garage last night, and I went HAM eating a burger and ¾ of a plate of nachos. I just had a yawn! It’s 08:57 in the morning and I just had a yawn. Yuck. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter. I am young, and my body will reset itself. Recently I have been getting back into the drinking coffee thing, but when I arrived here, I did take a pretty good about of time off. Maybe seven days in a row? Maybe ten days in a row? Maybe it was only five; it’s hard to tell sometimes, how much time has passed. I do know that I am a little sweaty as of recent. It’s gross, but I deal with it.

How do you think my life would be if I came back down here in a month, got a med-card [I actually think I need to be here six months before I qualify], and started chillin and blowing the dodie? I don’t know if I would go the med shops, but at least I could smoke on my own property and feel 100% safe. Right now…I don’t. Even though it is obviously very chill around here. One of the big problems is that I have a hard time living with my father. He ain’t living right! His health is in obvious decline, and his mind is in the passenger seat. You know what this mf tells me last night? Over and over and over again I keep telling him the same basic things, such as “Just try doing five squats in the morning,” or “just take one lap around the block,” and he doesn’t. He tells me that he won’t change because that’s just how he is. He admits openly that he wants to better his health, but he just doesn’t like people telling him what to do. So I tell him “Look, you will eventually make these changes, I know this for a fact, because a doctor is going to tell you that you have to change your diet and start excising. Why not just believe me, and start making the changes today?” and you know what this mf says? This mf has the audacity to say “Yeah but when I hear it from a doctor I’ll feel like, idk, like it’s my job or something.”

That is just one reason I have been struggling down here. My sister plays a big part of the picture, because my father wayyyy to nice to her. You know how some people give their daughter special treatment? Case, and point. They both just want me to leave them alone. Okay! I’ll leave you fools alone, but since I wrote this, I have to post it. I waited weeks before I wrote this, but now? Well now I wrote it…and I can’t unwrite it. My sister wants to be a writer, but she doesn’t take any of my advice. Literally, the only time she has messaged me unwarranted is when she was telling me that she’s gay, and she wanted to know what my father would think about it. I was nice to her, of course, but years after the fact I am definitely thinking…where is she when I need her?

Just returned from a lil bathroom break, I have, and a girl just walked in with the infamous elephant pants. I am going to ask her if she got them from Thailand. I have long been under the impression that anyone wearing those pants has been to SE Asia, but perhaps…some of these people just purchased them around here. I have seen some people wearing those pants, and…I’m not so sure they have been to Thailand. It is kind of weird to ask people these things…but I am still going to do it lol. Here goes nothing!

Drumroll pleaseeeeeee! The answer is no, she did not get them in Thailand [or SE Asia], but she did purchase them for only $1 at a local thrift store. At least that is something I can approve of! If she told me she copped them for like $20 I would have given her one of those ‘can you smell what the rock is cooking’ faces. She also told me her friend went to Thailand and got similar pants, so, at least she knew of which I spoke. Somewhere in this area though…I get the feeling there is a store selling those pants for $20. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, I’m not sure one could cop those pants in Thailand for as cheap as she did. My memory is so poor, it’s practically non existent, but I believe that pants would be like 120-150 baht. Maybe you could cop them for the good 70 baht, but even then…that’s closer to $2.50.

How appropriate is it that I just write whatever I want on my blog? Instead of going and talking to this girl for a second time, I am thinking about just writing some dirty stuff on my blog lol. Would I be happier if I went and talked to her? Hmm. Let’s…find out! This will just be a break from my writing today; something unusual this is, for me. Certainly! The time is 09:37.

How do you think that went for me?

Actually it went pretty well, but I am still not going to tell you what her name is. She is a nice girl, and she likely shares some of my same interests. At the end I asked if I could follow her on Instagram, and she told me she just deactivated all her social media. She told me she wanted to be more present. I waited…for her to offer me a different method of communication to contact her…but she didn’t serve it up, and so we agreed maybe we would see each other at this coffee shop again someday.

It’s possible that women think I am a slut. In fact, I believe it must be the case, otherwise I cant figure out why no one is interested in me. I’m just a dirty twenty-seven year old man! And although I am embarrassed to say it, I haven’t had sex in about six months. Now, that doesn’t mean I am looking to settle down; by no means am I ready to settle down. I gotta wholeeeeee-lotta fucking to do still. But, I am a pretty nice guy. I like to spend a week with a girl before I break her heart. At the end of the day, either you’ll have slept with Spark Twain, or you’ll have not. People will continue to choose the later, I know this, but once I get my money straightened out, I am going to be even more of an asshole. I won’t be getting laid more because I became more of an asshole either; that’s just a guess. But I will be getting laid more. Also, by writing paragraphs like these, I am certainly trying to attract a certain type of woman. I have mommy issues, Baby, and I am not going to be turned off when you tell me you have slept with 150 men, or 1,500 men [I haven’t experienced a women like that yet, but I would definitely love to love someone like that, until I get bored].

You know what the girl with the big butt and elephant pants told me though? She told me that Big Sugar has been ruining the water quality of the beaches around here. What happens is, they drain all the waste from the sugar production into lake Okeechobee, and apparently the beaches in this area are ruined by the runoff from that waste. She told me that for most of the summer there are signs up saying not to swim in the water. If I told you that “sugar causes dementia,” would you believe me? That information is something I read on @future4200‘s Instagram story. I can’t recall if he said ‘alzheimers,’ or ‘dementia,’ but I don’t think it is worth messaging him and asking him. Dustin, if you ever read this, know that I am very vigilantly trying to do you name honor. I’ve been following you on ig for over two years now, and I really think you are a positive influence on humanity. Many, many of the things I write on this blog are things I learn for you, or things that are inspired by the information you have provided for us.

It all comes together quite nicely when I learn that Big Sugar is fucking up the beaches in SW Florida.

Spark Twain

* * *

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Java House 4

The time is 15:18 and I am writing to you from Java House in downtown Fort Myers. Today was a good day! I actually started the day at this location, but instead of writing a blog post this morning, I wrote a letter to a local news station in my hometown. The letter I wrote is regarding
The ASMR.Community Program, which if you are unaware, is a drug and alcohol recovery program I run, and just to make sure I get the point across, I label it as “An Alternative to Alcoholic Anonymous.” Have I helped as many people recover as AA? Hell No! But in the future, some people will say of ASMR: “Isn’t that for alcoholics and drugs addicts?” The answer is yes, but it didn’t start that way.

Another exciting thing that happened today [apart from my sending out that letter], is that Cruz from New Fame [I think I’ve always added the LLC to their name, but that’s only their Instagram name I guess lol. Ooops! Either way, their music is hella good, and it keeps getting better [production wise, above all else]] messaged me this article, asking me if I wrote it! WOOHOO! I have been waiting for people to find my writing in an unwarranted fashion, and today is maybe the first time that has legitimately happened. Granted, they found my old website, but that same article exists on this website, and that’s where the previous link will take you.

Can you imagine if I actually became a popular writer? I have always been under the belief that, if I write it, they will come! But some days, discouragement seeps in all around. Not today! Today was an uplifting kind of day.

I also ran into Kirk at the 3 Peppers Burrito spot downtown. I was actually supposed to meet him, and that’s why I was chillin at the burrito place; just killing time. Still though, since I ran into him earlier that expected, we got to kick it for a bit and just generally shoot the shit, ya dig? This is significant because Kirk is the first person I have interviewed for my new podcast Spark Twain vs The World. I haven’t decided if I should include a period after the versus in that title, but I have time to decide, the podcast isn’t live yet.

Okay! The time is 15:37, and I have to catch the bus in 30 minutes. Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl just began filling the air here at Java House. Hmm…I don’t believe I posted my writing from the other day…maybe I should have been editing that. As I begin integrating myself into SW Florida, I am starting to wonder if I should take a different approach to love, at least here. I like sluts; did you know that? What I am saying is, maybe I should try to not let any of the local girls fall in love with me. Because apart from liking sluts, I also like timid women. However, sometimes I can’t tell which is which, and that is just from lack of experience.

Ugh. People be wanting me to share my writing with them, and I really have no problem with that, but do you see what I write about?! This shit is not okay lol. I’m not going to change, obviously, but sometimes I believe my words will make me more enemies than friends. At least, until I hit the tipping point. Then my writing will garner me more fans than I could possibly befriend, and then the sluts will cum.

Spark Twain

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!

The Green Cup 1

The time is 13:19 on February 18th, 2020 and I am writing to you from The Green Cup Organic Cafe. I have heard many people refer to it simply as ‘The Green Cup Cafe,’ but…for posterity sake, I am going to include the word ‘organic’ when I write about it.

This place is…a little chilly. I brought a long sleeve shirt with me; an under shirt if you will. So I could go into the bathroom and change up? I almost shoved my hoodie into my bag, and in hindsight I should have done that.

There is a beautiful girl here; there a beautiful people everywhere I go! I talked to miss for a quick second, but you know me lol, I just took to writing instead. This new computer is pretty nice, keyboard wise. I certainly thought that I wouldn’t like writing on this machine, and instead I would do most of my writing on that bluetooth keyboard still, but you know what? This isn’t too bad. The travel is pretty minimal, but the keys are fan enough apart where my Favre hands still have a decent chance at comfort. I haven’t spent hours in a row writing from this machine yet, and honestly, I doubt it will turn out to be as good as my bluetooth keyboard [idek about mechanical keyboards right now, but my guy Dom is building one. Bluetooth and all!], but for sprints? This machine is a perfect fit.

Throughout the past week I have been sending out emails to a bunch of hostels. Tomorrow I have a video interview with Madam Isabelles in New Orleans…but so far the process has been so disorganized, that I am already turned off from the operation. I have no desire to go to New Orleans. The only reason I looked into working at that hostel is because I know so many people that have recommended the city, and, just, everybody loves New Orleans. Me? I would rather go for pleasure, not for work. Alas, with a hostel things can be one in the same.

It’s too cold in here! I need to figure my situation out. The time is 13:30 and the day is February 18th in downtown Fort Myers. And…I’m going to eat this wrap and drink this kombucha, and probably talk to this girl before I hit the road. Seems like the move.

Spark Twain

* * *

You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!