One Tray to Rule Them Calls

I am the dumbest mf to walk the face of the planet. My dad shipped me a Google Pixel; the phone he has been using since it’s introduction in October 2016.

Tool In Question

When it arrived I was hella excited, but I decided to garner patience and wait until my phone case and screen protector arrived to turn the phone on and begin daily use of it. I did however take it out of the box and look at it. My father had the screen replaced under warranty before he sent it to me. What do I go and do with this brand new device? This phone which I am excited about! Well as soon as I found the little tool to remove the sim card tray, I proceeded to remove, and inevitably lose the sim card tray. I am suspecting I lost the tray on Saturday when the phone arrived, and I did not realize my folly until Monday evening; last night. Why I live a life of oblivious stupor I will never know. I am sure I’ll die in a fire, since that’s what I deserve. How do I consider myself an educated individual if I go losing a sim card tray? Clearly the phone is meaningless to me, or I would be paying attention to things as such. So here I sit. Wishing I could be using my phone, but instead I have to…hunt for a sim card tray?

I recently found out my birthday, June 22nd, is represented in Tarot by The Fool; at least according to the Birthday book at the front desk of the hostel. What a fucking travesty. The Fool. Here I was, walking around feeling like the Hanged Man, and I am the Fool! I should have known. Interesting enough, I just Googled ‘June 22 tarot,” and thanks to I have discovered I was born on the “cusp of magic.” Oh yay. However odd, this page does describe me pretty well. I definitely don’t believe in astrology, but I will say the argument is more convincing than Christianity.

Also, Happy Birthday Dad. I’m late to the punch with that though.


* * *

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Awake for Tarot

It is 5:47 in the morning, and I sit on pavement of Bartol alley, taking in the sounds of the night. I was outside for the good part of an hour before I retrieved my laptop. My computer is on 7% and I am certainly not happy to find that out. I was intending to write for quite some time. Alas, I will produce a meager paragraph and put the machine away. What I am pondering out here at 5:51 AM is how to go about creating a HeartofZeus logo, and beyond that I would like my own font. I…got cut off because my computer died; it is now 12:36 PM. I didn’t sleep, I just futzed around on my phone. Eventually I will sleep, as I am human, but not until tonight. A semi-long stretch of conciseness this will have been, at the end of the day(s).

I work tomorrow morning at 5 AM for 3.5 hours. I wake up pretty early, and the shift is pretty simple, so I enjoy it; granted I am new to it.

It is now 8:38 on Monday morning. The Sunday morning cleaning shift went quite well, and the rest of the day had a similar effect. The city was however quite windy. I visited the Presidio for the first time. The wind got more intense inside the Palace of Fine Arts, I saw a cannon from the late 1700’s, and decided that one line of trees does not forest-cover make. The Presidio is 100% federal land. It feels like every other piece of U.S. Fed land.
Presidio would be a great place to film a horror movie.

Allow me to travel back a few days to when I began this piece. Honestly it’s pretty jumbled, right? For all intents and purposes, this entry is practical, as this blog is just me writing about whatever I feel like writing about. The night I began this piece, in the hour I sat outside before grabbing my computer, I read my tarot cards. I have talked about my newfound interest in the tarot in at least one other post; the article actually focused on ASMR (which I am going to talk further about to an extensive reach. In fact, I am thinking strongly of starting an ASMR blog, since I watch often and advocate strongly for its use in my daily life) because Tarot Reader ASMR made a video in regards to the future of my website! You can video that video here and the old post yonder. Watching her videos is a sublime way to relax while honing ones aptitude of divination; learning the cards.  ANYWAY! So I read my cards in that hour before I began this piece. I cleansed them (ask me how), shuffled em a bit, and flopped three over with the arrow facing me. I just flip them and read them, and most of the layouts I make up myself; that night I only had clean ground enough for 3 cards.

The Magician. Death. The Devil.

Okay so now I’m staring down at these cards for like 45 minutes. I deduced their meaning in my life pretty much immediately, and then sat and thought about how that made me feel, and how I should proceed with that very intimidating instruction. I am under the impression my tarot cards will tell you how to get exactly what you want, which is usually exactly what people want to hear; but that is all the cards will tell you, and it’s very superficial, and it’s rather like getting yelled at by a mentor over, and over again for not being all one can be.

So anyway, I just wanted to share that. I would love to hear how others feel about those cards, if they are familiar with the art form. I am now rather hungry, and either about to go to work, or look for work. Okay, I am going to look for work, as my boss just set me free for the day. I am hoping to find writing work, and expecting to cook food. Let us see how this goes.