The time is 04:50 and I am writing to you from MBSB. Really, I don’t need to be here, with my keyboard out, writing,but I am. I only got here like 10 or 12 minutes ago. Doppio espresso and a Spindrift sparkling water. I was debating about getting the water, cuz im broke af, but then it was the last grapefruit and I succumbed. 


The time is 04:52. My soul implodes with excitement. He will run a podcast!/ wait, fourteen podcasts! and write a movie! and write 42 blogs in a cycling 31 day period!


There is no way I am getting all of it done. Two things I need to do. 

  1. Make some decisions
  2. Read more

I don’t need to over complicate anything! Those are two things I need to do. 


You know, I liked the espresso here at Starbucks more in April than I do today. idk. I am so used to the Reserve espresso. It’s hella good. Last night I really got to talking to two of the barista’s at one of my favorite Starbucks. 


Omg I just laid down such a wicked fart. When’s the last time you had a shart? What if I told you: every fart’s a shart. Doesn’t that feel like it’s probably true though? How clean is your asshole? You know I like a clean asshole…


Speaking of clean assholes, I want to take a trip to Germany…after I co-write my first movie, and get my other 11 of my projects off the ground. I intend to do some traveling. First to Germany, quick, to find out if German women really have it all, and then jet over to Vietnam, and work backwards. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Nepal, India, India, India, Goa, Pakistan, and then I’m not sure. Maybe go north into Russia? That’s all a dream. But so is everything else I talk about! lol. Have a good Wednesday, January 8th, 2020! PEACE OUT from MBSB.



And then when I got to work it was not a normal day, so I had time to edit this.

Spark Twain

* * *

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My paranoia is getting the best of me. Or it isn’t. That’s the thing about having the knowledge that you’re a paranoid person…it is only sometimes true by nature. 


That is of no matter. What matters is this:


I am writing to you from Ravii, and I am having a bad day. It feels like every Sunday has been bad. Maybe it’s cuz I spend all Saturday carrying my backpack around? usually? and my shoulder is all fucked up so obviously that is not the move. 


Recently I have added so much to my schedule, it is undoubtable that I will fail. I have come to this realization today. Today I was so fucking beat I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything productive. I called my father, and my grandfather. I do enjoy talking to them, but it was played out today. I need new friends. 


I killed the vibe at one of my favorite Starbucks, and so I am going to minimize my time there. Maybe stop going all together. My blog has been getting a little crazY recently. I gotta get my mind right, and my head straight. 


This Dal Makhani smells like tomatoes, is that normal? I’ve had it here before and thought it was good, but I also read a review on the Google Maps page of someone who ordered tikka, or something, and claims they brought out tomato sauce. Is that what I have here? Lets dig in. 18:40 on January 5th, 2020. From Ravii. [5/10 I’d say, as I edit this]


*    *    *


The time is 04:01 and I’m at MBSB. It is easier to move mountains and rivers than change the ways of a human. Just your reminder on a Monday. In a world where everybody is focused on being overly positive, I’m bringing you that slice of reality on this Monday morning. 


Acai pudding and espresso. Breakfast of champion bloggers! Is there a blogging championship? 2020 is my year to get more involved in the blogging/writing community. I still haven’t even fucking read On The Road. I am behind as behind can be. I wonder how much time Kerouac spent at Montgomery Block? 


When I first arrived in The City I lived on Bartol street, and when I first heard about Kerouac [and all them. Ginsberg was the only one of the Beats I had heard of before my arrival to North Beach], I pictured him hanging out in Bartol alley. Now that I am sitting here writing about it, I still think that lol. Idk if he ever hungout in the alley by City Lights Books; City Lights used to be up the street at Grant and Filbert. I do laundry up that way, and I was outside the laundromat, up the road a little, smoking a bowl, when I discovered a plaque on the ground dedicating that spot as a landmark because it was the original spot of City Lights. Most of the time when I do laundry now, I go smoke a bowl standing on that plaque. If not there, then I go north on Grant a little more until I get to this short alley with steps. The position of the steps creates two crevasses, much large enough for a person, with walls on three sides, great for sleeping [Presidio. Don’t even come at me like that]. The first time I found it, I was like “Oh, so Ferlenghetti set up his book shop down the road from the place his friends were sleeping outside lol.” I have no idea if that is true. I bet Mark knows. I should ask him.


Where was I going? Oh yeah! So, I still think The Beats probably hung out in Bartol, because! Allen Ginsberg lived there. After living at that location for more than six months, I learned that Allen used to live in the large blue building across the alley, which is actually 1010 Montgomery [just up the street, this is all very close to both MBSB, and my house], but still the building has an entrance on my side [I had to go to the library to find this information out, although I bet if I went to the Beat Museum a second time I would find it in there]. Casey got to know the guy who lives in the green building, two north, and in fact, that man gave Casey an opportunity to rent his flat, but Casey fucked it up. Damn. Too bad I couldn’t intercept that. That blue building at 1010 Mongomery is where Allen wrote Howl. I haven’t read Howl either! I need to get on my shit! The rickiety building across the alley and behind the playground is where I wrote The Manifestation of Dreams. Not a comparable piece of literature, I am sure, but it’s still a true statement.


I need to step my poetry game UP!


You know what I’ve been thinking about a lot? Doing some poetry reading on YouTube. I got the idea from this girl Savannah Brown. I am to think she got popular doing poetry reading on YouTube? Hmm. Being that I have no friends, and no business partners, and my life is a clean slate with which I can do what I wish, I might left turn onto some crazy path and slam poetry into a tree, over and over again until it doesn’t look the same as when I started slammin’. Even if I take that left turn: What I am going to do is build a stream of income I can maintain from a computer and go back to Asia. I’ve been known that. Im sure I’ll put in all in the monthly email, but not this next one. I need to make a way for yall to sign up from here. Okay…I think I’mma step outside quick. Come back in…edit. Post…word word. 


…and that’s exactly how it went down. January 6th, 04:56 in the morning, Montgomery Block Starbucks. Twenty-Twenty vision ts.


Spark Twain

* * *

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The time is 04:43 in the morning, and this is one for the blog only, as it will not be saved anywhere else. Foolish? Yes. Unaware? Not at all. I am going to keep it short today.

The best part about the new year is that I have been on schedule the whole time. Day three, and I have acomplished all my goals! One of the most frightening hurdles will be overcome at 14:30 today, and that hurdle, is going to the gym.

I signed up for a more expencive gym, and I feel pretty good about it. The amenities are plentiful, and it’s not a contract or anything so if I don’t think it is for me, in a couple of months, I will cancel my membership. Until that time I am going to run hella, and meet people hella.

Oh shit! You know what though? I was in the middle of working on my new project when I decided to just post a quick one. Now I gotta get back to my project. Yall gotta wait to hear about this one! Maybe I send it out in the email on the 8th. Make sure you sign up by going to my Instagram, adding me [as of yesterday my profile is private], and sending me a message with your email.

Spark Twain

* * *

You can now support my work directly using Patreon or Venmo!
After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!

Hyde and Bitch

The time is 15:55 at Starbucks on Hyde and Beach, and it’s busy as a beach in summer over here, even though it’s the first of the year. 


I have been here for some hours now, and I wrote quite a lot, but as I started to edit [something else, still] I got quite tired. It’s definitely because I ate two cranberry bliss bars. My weakness for sugar got the best of me! I feel sugar hurts my fucking joints, no joke! Can it do that?


2020 = less sugar. But it didn’t start today. No matter what though I need to bring a Spark Twain blog post to light, because it is on the schedule. So I am going to post this before I leave. Then? Probably go home. I was thinking about getting a coffee or something…but no. I’m doomed for the day. I am dyyyyying for a good girl to chill with so I’m not alwayss thinking I need to work. Becuase I can take time off. I just don’t have anything to occupy my time otherwise!


Today I will go home and lay around and surf on ig until I fall asleep early, probably. Work tomorrow. Then hoping to talk to that girl. Pray for me.


Spark Twain.

* * *

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The time is 03:43 and I am writing to you from MBSB. I have started a new document because I have either 7, or 9 full articles to edit [two of them are untitled, so they could be blank. I didn’t open them, otherwise it bumps them to the top of the list, and I like my list in the order which it is], and so to be, even be as crude as, continuing the one from yesterday would be wrapping myself up into more work than I could manage [for thiz morning]. The day is December 30th. 


I am going to go stand outside the Chase Center tonight and, I think, get miracled into my first Dead and Company show. Pretty excited about that. Tomorrow my work closes early, but it won’t affect my schedule. It is also the last day of the year. I might go try and get miracled into the Dead and Co show that night also, but chances are I’ll film a video in North Beach instead. 


The holiday are officially over! I never called my mom. I really should. I’m thinking about you Mom! But I’m focused more on being able to go to Cancun with you, and stuff, which means I’m thinking, like, five years down the road. I don’t feel rude on the big picture, but I do feel rude not calling you at Christmas. In five years we can start our race away from the grave, while you occasionally help raise my kids; both when I need you, and when you’re bored. 


The holidays are over too quick. Is that every year? I feel good. Neigh, I feel great! Holy fiddlesticks, compared to how I felt in September I am a new person. You know what it was? The death of Spark Twain, and the birth of James Armstong.


Yesterday I bought three new websites: fromstarbucks.com, fromstarbucks.live, and starbucksthoughts.com [chances are I already wrote this yesterday, and so you may read about it twice]. 


With a schedule already so full how could I possibly decide to add more to it? I want it all, m***e*f*****s. I am finally taking that advice from Mark Cuban – “work like someone is trying to take it away from you” [I’m paraphrasing]. Plus Elon Musk’s advice to: “work 120 hours a week, that way, even if you are doing the same thing as someone working 40 hours, you will accomplish in four months, what they do in twelve,” [again, paraphrasing, and both I am just paraphrasing from some-thing! I saw on ig].


So! I posted about my schedule on ig last night. Only on my story though, so it’s not like you will be able to go back and look at it. I should have saved the text document, because it was intense to write out lol. Next month! Because I don’t think it would be a bad idea to post that schedule every month to help keep myself accountable.


As for my new project [an idea which came to me yesterday, and which I felt so passionate about I had to spring into action purchasing domains, and acquiring ig’s], I decided to cram it in on the weekly cycle vs the monthly cycle. On the weekends.


Every Saturday I will work on my new @fromstarbucks/fromstarbucks.com project, which is a compilation of other blogs written from Starbucks. I got the idea because I spend so much time writing from Starbucks, and I always tell yall when and which one! The @fromstarbucks project is to help promote the exchange of ideas, and we will all get along because we are bound together by the common belief: 

  • “Starbucks is a good place to get work done, both for the offerings, and the atmosphere. We always find one place in the restaurant to sit that we like, and we enjoy at least a couple items on the menu.”
    • The FromStarbucks Nucleus.

Maybe you write a tech blog, a blog in Hindi, or a stream of consciousness blog. Either way, welcome to the @fromstarbucks community. 


  • “We are, We.”
    • The FromStarbucks…Prayer lol.


Every Sunday I will work on my StarbucksThoughts blog, which is the same thing I do now, only with more direction, and scheduled. I will always write it from a Starbucks or Starbucks Reserve…and it will be appropriate for families. AYE! If you’ve got a problem with it, look into the history of that Jim Henson guy your parents like so much. js


The time is 04:22. 

The time is 04:33. I talked to Andre for a little bit when he sat down, says he spent the week in Sac. Then I went outside and did my thingy thing. I’m wavy now, baby. So wavy…so  w a v y…


fgvhbjnkm Monday? I’ve got to go the gym [actually, not today because: Dead & Co]. I divided my schedule into two cycles: a 31 day cycle, and a 7 day cycle. Last night I went through and put al my scheduled work into the calendar on my phone. I am scared as fuck to fail with a schedule this full, but you know what? I am just going to take it one month at a time, and before you know it, I’ll have room for even more. No thinking! Just doing! I did all my thinking the day I made the schedule. So this? MBSB 14 [I just burped up hella smoke in sb. my bad yall] will be one of the last rambles I babble up for the fucking year! Ha. I got lost halfway through that sentence, but I recovered. I still have it on the schedule to ramble, don’t worry. Every 1st and 22nd of the month. and next year, when I write something, I post it day of! 


See if I have the text from that schedule I typed out last night and only put on ig…I could just insert it here. I have the photo…


January Schedule, and a fortune that got stuck to my shoe.


Okay! It’s 04:38! I need to edit, and go to work for the first time in six days. wahhhhhhh I don’t wanna go. I just wanna blog! @fromstarbucks 😏.

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!

PS I don’t know why I never signed this mf’er lol
x. Spark Twain

Barbary Coast, December 10th, 2019

I am writing to you from Barbary Coast Dispensary, and I have been coming here pretty much everyday after work for like a week now, and they have been letting me in straightaway, but today I felt the first sign of friction. Nothing bad to say about that. On the contrary, I am happy they aren’t just letting people in. However, I do wonder how long I will have to keep showing up before they remember me. Okay. Time to smoke. 


Bong rip = successful. I am a little sweaty today, but not much I can much do about that. Today, I deal. I thought about going home instead of coming here. I could have taken a shower and come back out, but that isn’t how it went down lol. I decided to just come right on over. Good choice, I think. Yesterday I met Kalen, but I doubt he is going to rove through today. In fact, since I am thinking about going home to shower anyway, I will let him chill. Idk what it is with today, but anxiety is here. Probably when I get home and shower I won’t even come back out. Just stay in for the night. 


Holy shit I am supposed to do laundry. Lameee if I had thought about that I would have just gone home. I need a better way to keep track of my daily tasks. I just do it all in my head, and that’s not going well for me. Seriously. Okay. Well, I’m gonna puff another bowl and then hit the road. The time is 14:41 on December 10th, 2019. Peace from Barbary Coast. 

Spark Twain

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!

Starbucks Reserve 2

All over San Francisco I see these billboards that say “defy agism,” or something like that. At first I thought they were stupid, but now I am starting to get the point. I have been feeling my age. I am only 27! I have some issues with my body [broken shoulder, aches+pains] that maybe don’t make my life symmetrical that of a normal 27 y/o, but still I am young, there is no denying this. My grandfather has called 50 a “young age!” Everything is relative. 


The internet is fucking complicated. I want so badly to be integrated with it. I think Elon has a solution to this fomo I speak of. To not know everything, is to know nothing. Welcome to the year 2020.


It’s not actually 2020 yet. The day is Christmas Eve! 2019, and the time is 10:29. Today was a little more exciting than expected, because Jo brought me some bread. She messaged me and telling me ‘merry christmas eve,’ and asked if I wanted a loaf of bread. Is it weird that, pretty much, the only thing I was thinking about from the time she messaged me until the time she left was sex? The answer is yes. I am obviously very attracted to Jo, but I would have rather been thinking of something else. The thought of sex makes decision making difficult. When I broke up with Jo in October I really had it on my mind to never see her again. It’s hard to stop talking to someone you don’t have any problems with, you know? But obviously I have my reasons. I was not a good idea for me to accept this bread from Jo this morning. I’m going to eat it, I guess. It’s going to be good bread. But it’s going to make me very sad I think, and I don’t like feeling sad. I’m sad enough as it is. I need to do what is healthy for me, which means the only thing I need to do right now it meet new people. In the year 2020, I will be more aggressive to get the things that I want. 


I walked with Jo all the way to the BART station, and before she left I hugged her for a very long time. I didn’t feel good about it afterwards. I was, again, only doing what would make me feel good. I guess I don’t think she wanted to hug me. But then why did she bring me bread? It doesn’t matter. I’m spending too much time thinking about it. Most of the stuff I write like this, I delete straight away, because I literally don’t wanna think about it. 


The death of my progression has probably been my apartment. Still, I will continue to work around my apartment, instead of addressing the situation head on.


I feel a little better. Maybe it’s this coffee??? I am currently at Starbucks on Main and Mission. I went to El Faro after I left the BART station. Burrito for breakfast wasn’t a good idea, in hindsight. I ate a chicken, black bean, rice, and guacamole burrito, and when she asked if I wanted it spicy I said “ys,” and when she asked if I wanted a wet burrito I said ‘yes.” I paid $8.73. Good price. I stayed at El Faro while I ate, and I enjoyed my meal thoroughly. They must use good ingredients. That was my second time eating their food. Pretty sure I ate in the building both times…


Afterwards I walked to this Starbucks because they sell the reserve goods here. I be on dat goodgood nowadays. 


My arm has been having a weird twitch in it all morning. Carrying this backpack around with me is almost certainly not a good thing, and I do it everyday. My right hand often has a discomfort while I write. It’s not debilitating, but it’s not fun either. My right ring finger that feels tight. sxedrftgybhnumjik eye get a little squeamish writing about this right stuff, but once it’s out there, I won’t have problems with it’s existence. Maybe my arm feels weird because I slept on my side last night? Can you imagine a life of only sleeping on your back? For the rest of your life? That’s my situation. Sleeping on my side is certainly not good for me. 


The time is 11:08. I am going to finish this espresso and wander around the city. I need to be ready to 2020. I got about a week. [the time is 11:28 and I finished editing. That wasn’t so hard! I need to be more rapid with my postings. I wrote like 3 pages this week, and I have yet to edit them. I may never! Once the moment is gone I feel so meh about posting that stuff. A lot of the writing was about Miss Ambigram]


Spark Twain

* * *

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After writing for over three years, I have confidence my hardwork is showing through, and so I have no shame is giving my readers an option support my work. Thanks in advance!