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Discussing My Sexy New ASMR Channel And Blog Analytics

Today I started an ASMR Channel on YouTube. You can find my first video here. I made it on a whim, but really, nothing I do is on a whim. As you may or may not know, I’ve been writing a daily blog inspired by ASMR since April 1st, and you can find that at Since starting my daily blog I have been considering how to turn a penny from it, as I love to write, but I would be in love with writing if I got paid for it. With the addition of my brand-new ASMR channel, I am hoping to reach a wider readership

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Lost My Mind Finally

Frogs and sloths and polar bears and cacti. Slugs and all the marsupials. Jimmy Fallon and the tonight show band. Don’t you mean The Roots? Like, forreal, I think they are more popular than Fallon himself. Yeah, I’m talking about The Roots. Think about that name for a second… Some names you just remember, like Alex Haley. Sometimes when I jump into the deepend, it’s full of water. Tomorrow’s deep end is full of fire. Please do not resuscitate me for the love of ___. To be born into modern society is to be born into a world too heavy for most to succeed. Something is wrong.

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Cafe You 1

The time is 08:33 and I am writing to you from Cafe You in Cape Coral, Florida. About an hour ago I had already started writing a blog post – not unlike this one – but I got lost in a ramble that I just don’t have time for right now! However, rather than delete the writing, or try and rush it, I have simply moved onto a new article haha. Yesterday I decided to do 14 more days of featuring only black asmrtists on, and I also reached out to the asmrtist ASMRBellaBree because she had contacted me the first time I did this type

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The End Of Faith As We Know It

In 1000 years, everybody will know how to program a computer. How much sooner do you think that will actually happen though? It is true that we can never be certain of any such thing, but hear me out! All people can vocalize, right? I mean, we don’t all speak the same language, and some people have medical circumstances from which they literally cannot talk. Otherwise, All can communicate. With each other, not with animals, of course. How long before you think we can talk to animals? Will animals learn to talk to computers before we do? My latest theory is a bold one, and it’s one

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Java House 19

The time is 09:00 on the dot and I am writing to you from Java House in downtown Fort Myers. I think…I think I am going to post this today. Yesterday I watched this video from Kelly Stamps where she talked about blowing up on YouTube, and it kind of got me excited. Moving forward I will be taking my YouTube game more seriously than ever [I’m gonna Twitch af too. Last time I was involved with Twitch, I was interviewing for a job to fill their vending machines in SF]. Sticking to my guns of literature will remain forever a constant; Spark Twain is a writer

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I’m worried that even if people want to read my writing, they won’t be able to, because my website is too slow lol. Currently, I’m deep into tyedying and screenprinting my own shirts. I’m quite hopeful that this venture will generate enough of an income for me to dedicate more of my faculties to writing. Selling shirts to support writing seems like an honest gig, but if it works, why is no one else doing it? Unless they are…   I can see that people come to this website everyday, but most people don’t stick around. I don’t feel any pressure to post more often, because, well,

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