Hello, my name is Spark Twain! My passion for writing stretches back as far as I can remember, and in 2017 I took a big step forward in pursuing that passion when I started this blog. Since beginning this blog I have lived in four different cities, overcome a hardcore alcohol addiction, and traveled the world. Moreover, and more recently than all three of those accomplishments, I have started my own business. Well, multiple businesses actually. I believe strongly that rapid experimentation is key to success in the fierce world of capitalism. The homepage of this website, the page you are currently reading, used to host my personal blog. You can now find the blog here, or by clicking the link on the menu at the top of this page, and every page on this website.

Why did I move the blog off the front page? It’s because I started writing more blogs! I encourage you to check out my other projects, because I am putting a lot of time and effort into them. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the websites they represent!

ASMR.Community is where I post my daily blog about Addiction Recovery. Everyday I select an ASMR video, and I write a blog post inspired by both the selected video, and my struggle of overcoming addiction. My goal is to give individuals hope when they are stuck within the dark confines of addiction. My struggles are not over, but I haven’t consumed any alcohol in over two years. If you are an addict of any sort looking to hear from an individual who has fought through those dark times, The ASMR Daily might possess the information, tips, stories, and tools you need to finally, and seriously better your life.

ASMR Apparel is a subsequent project I developed to help support myself as a writer. This is where you will find clothing to show your support for ASMR, Addiction Recovery, and individual Asmrtists [the people who create ASMR videos!] I work with several Asmrtists to promote this brand, and every purchase made from the ASMR Apparel helps to keep The ASMR Daily running smoothly. I intended to publish The ASMR Daily with or without compensation…but compensation is greatly appreciated.

Twain’s Tyedye is an online store I opened to provide bulk, blank tyedye shirts to the world. I think everyone looks good in tyedye! We make a valiant effort to supply the best quality shirts for the lowest possible price. Don’t believe me? Five shirts for $80 is the best deal we offer over at Twain’s Tyedye, because who says hippies have to be dirty? Buy yourself 5 or 10 shirts, spend your time thinking about the broader possibilities of life. That’s what we say!

If I develop any more projects, you will find links to them from this page! Thank You for your continued support as a reader, consumer, and fellow human. If you would like to get in contact with me to further discuss any of these projects, the best ways are to fill out the contact for on this website [I use a contact form to reduce spam], or to find me @sparktwain and send me a direct message. I look forward to hearing from you!