milwaukee day

April 14th ~ Milwaukee Day!

Today is 4/14, which means it’s Milwaukee day, because 414 is the Milwaukee area code. I was born in Milwaukee, at Children’s Hospital. I was breech, born by C-section at about five in the afternoon.

platinum birthdays

Platinum Birthday’s

El diablo cultura es supremo, muchacho This is a senseless sentence, but I just ate some [pretty bad] huevos rancheros, and so ig I’m just feeling a vibe haha. I never actually thought about the fact that I might be able to speak Spanish, until I went to Vietnam, then I realized damn, if this was Mexico at least I could ask where the bathroom is.

beats of the streets || el burrito flash


OH! I almost forgot to tell you! BEATS OF THE STREETS IS TONIGHT! Woohoo! That’s what I’m going to title this article. Idk why I didn’t write about that earlier in the week.

cosmic thursday march 18

Cosmic Thursday ~ March 18th

What is it, you know? We hangout everyday. I have a lot of things running around in my head. I could do a lot. I have a little bit of power, and a little bit of anything is dangerous.


Anyway…I am not so sure I am going to go to this Ja Rule show tonight…I mean I could…but will I? It all gets decided right now.


Just moments ago I sent a message, and then I found out Sin City Hostel is very open to having me work there. It sounds like I could move there today, actually. BUT! I am definitely going to go to Milwaukee.

dlnyz hze

Dlnyz Hze

My Wookie Debutante! That sounds weird. I’m rolling with it. You know what they say! The rolling stone gathers no moss. I’m rolling stoned. I’m rolling stoned heretic.

North Beach to Bonita Springs

North Beach to Bonita Springs

There is something amazing happening here in Florida, and that is with certainty. It’s a bizarre phenomenon that it is happening in coincidence with a pandemic, but then again, this shit was going on before I got here.

KCBS March 10th

The time is 20:28 and I am writing to you from Kava Culture in Bonita Springs. I just split a j to the face with my new friend. Honestly, I forget her name, but I think all humans can agree that that part doesn’t really matter, does it? I will someday again know. Names…they are important, but not until they are.

KCBS March 9th

The time is 23:32 on March 9th, and it’s 2021 ~ for all of us. The day is nice. Not cold, that’s forsure. The doors are wide open. Delaney is making drinks, but she’s not having to bust her ass right now, and I’m sure she is enjoying that.

KC Feb 20th – 25th

The time is 16:54 on February 20th 2021, and I am writing to you from Botanical Brewing in Downtown Cape Coral. The vibe here is