first morning in abq

First Morning in ABQ

The time is 08:02 and I am writing to you from Humble Coffee Company in Downtown Albuquerque. I’ve been here since 07:30ish.

7 Days A Week

I have a serious problem getting work done haha. The time is 02:38 in the morning and I am writing to you from my fathers

I’m Not Gone Yet Tho

We meet again…you and I, to dance this dance called life. Who are you? And what were you doing before you arrived? I mean, seriously,

From Botanical To Millennial

Yo, wtf? Am I a writer? Or am I a mute? Because I be mute asf too often. I haven’t gotten a whole lot done since I’ve been here.

I Believe In StormX

One of the more recent crypto currencies I’ve found out about is StormX. RIGHT NOW! They are having a Q&A on their discord server. I’ll

watching nate live

Watching Nate Live

The time is 10:47 and I am watching Nate Traveller spit what I believe are freestyles on his Instagram live.

kava at nite

Kava @ Nite

Thanks for reading. I love you, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

shameless plug cover

Still 4/20 ~ Shameless Plug

Until like 10 feet from the door, my f**king feet were dry! Idk what I was thinking leaving the house without my nikes haha.

GC morning of 420

Green Cup ~ Morning of 4/20

The time is 10:49 and I am writing to you from Green Cup Café. One of my friends is here, and I usually only see

downtown fort myers


I do not feel good today. x. Spark Twain