A Dissection of HeartOfZeus Philosophies

Time rears its ugly head in the form of any light occupied field of vision stretching an incomprehensible distance no matter which direction one points. On Earth one defeats the principle by pointing down, but really it’s only the first 7917.5 miles that are subject to debate. Being born and then dying in a world fabricated of quicksand, never knowing there is any other way of life. We gift this slow progression of humanity to our children, so they may continue the process. Utilizing time the only way we know how, chipping away at the veil of mystery masking the enigma we call home, humanity has brought itself a mental comfort in occupying the universe. We are the only ones here, as far as we know, and we either learn to live with that fact, or fabricate a reality suited to our liking. We are mentally healthy enough to propagate our species and the quarrels of Man vs God will eventually playout to be fables of humanities infancy, one should be able to take solace in that. The main problems we face in this modern age are not new problems, they are just on a larger scale then ever possible. Previously extinction, if our ancestors had a word for it, would have seemed like the end of everything. However it is more likely that only a specific group of humans would have died out, while the rest lived on. The advantageous complexities of modern society allow for world commerce, but up until recently we have hardly used them to prevent the potential annihilation of our species. Granted our position in time is helped none by capitalism, including world commerce, but perhaps it is a critical point in existence any species of intelligent life must endure.

So we have divided up our different plant and animal species, mapped out our own genome, described the speed of light, found some interesting uses for radioactive isotopes, brought rocks back from the moon, brought flatware back from the titanic, our most expensive venture resulted us is a 27km tunnel, and our most well-read piece of literature is an archaic scripture blended of little fact and mostly fiction. This is all good stuff, and is has to be good stuff, because it’s what we have done. Let us not undervalue the role our ancestors who came before us played. Although ferociously violent and greedy, the humans who walked this planet before us gave the knowledge needed to progress through time successfully. Much as Jesus died for humanities sins, all of humanity has died for our continual triumph. Evolution is the work of God, and God is the work of man, so I deduce that evolution can be honed with a conscious effort.

Balance is key. This is something I have given many hours of thought to, and I have concluded as such. Balance is a necessity of life and only those who adapt to suit the needs of balance will prosper. A large portion of humanities upbringing was spent in constant hardship, and I believe a large portion of its future will be manifested into constant leisure. But even during these times I am sure balance is important to prosperity, and so it must be relative. In this modern day I sometimes feel we have lost track of that balance. I feel we are losing our humanity to the monotony of overly-intelligent life. The only hope of propagating the universe is to maintain constant vigilance. As humans, we get comfortable easily, which is a gift and a curse. We get comfortable with the way our career is going, even if we are not always pleased with it. Many Americans get comfortable in jail. In such a case as the modern day, I believe comfort kills. It kills like smoking corporate rolled cigarettes kills; slowly, but then all at once, and far too soon when you’re looking back at it.

We need our comforts. It just so happens that when books provide comfort, they provide a wealth of education as well. Art presents similar advantages. Can we be unified in saying we are pleased with what we occupy our children’s time with at the present day? At least where I am from in America, it is a lot of children with electronic communication devices. Obesity is a pertinent issue where I am from, but I am seeing progression. When humans balance there comforts with their hardships in life, they obtain a period of growth, and I am talking on a global scale. In a single lifetime we may bounce hither and fro, catapulting with ferocity through a vacuum on a rock, discussing economy and war, having our personal and singular experience full of ups and downs. In the great story that will be humanity however, we have had a near constant inclining plane of success, as we did not have the science to battle our own existence until recently. The internet brought us together, and it is a wonderful thing. How perfect of it to come around when we need to start having a global conversation about the condition of our planet, mainly the oceans.

Humanities greatest tool and most formidable enemy, time, we utilize for our own evolvolution, and we do so by finding a balance in our comforts. It is a strongly held philosophy at HeartOfZeus that communication promotes growth, and we must practice our communication as a species. My name is Christopher J. Buckley, and this is my blog. I have begun it after a long period of minimal writing, working many places, and not moving around as often as I would have liked. I think it is important in life for people to at least try what they think they might enjoy, and that’s all I’m doing here. At worst one doesn’t succeed. HeartOfZeus is all about communication and prosperity. So as I stumble through my first blog and my first website, I hope you can find pieces, if not whole parts of the site you enjoy. I encourage conversation and debate at HeartOfZeus, and welcome you to join me in talking about whatever we feel needs to be discussed.
-Chris 6/4/2017