Dissecting HeartofZeus Philosophies #2

Global connectivity is a concept that roots far back into humanity’s adolescence. It began before the Roman Empire, and every individual since the dawn of self-awareness has been gifted the opportunity to explore the world around them, simply by being born. Only in recent years has humanity been so tightly knit; bound together by a googolplex of waves and wires, finally able to address this phenomenon called life, every day, on a user friendly platform. The internet is one of humanities great victories, comparable to the wheel, or maybe the book. Just as these, the internet is a great and powerful tool. The Internet should be used responsibly, and administered with care. As citizens of Earth it is our duty to stay informed and maintain constant vigilance in accordance to our delicate gifts of life. One issue in specific has drawn my attention. The deteriorating quality of water, shown vividly in the vast sums of garbage and plastic in our oceans and covering beaches all around the globe. It is sad to say that nearly anywhere humanity extends its grip, the change to the environment is dramatic. Fresh water supplies are also in danger, rivers and lakes worldwide. The impact we do is pertinent, and should be observed and consociated. I believe the internet is a tool we have discovered at the absolute correct time, an age in humanity that will show in the end to be of immense importance.

I talked to a gentleman who managed a fishing boat. He didn’t seem optimistic about future prospects, and only concurred my dread that fishing in the ocean was producing sad results as of late. Crab numbers are down, and salmon numbers are down by 50 million pounds at least. The numbers are dramatic. He thought, and I may agree, that the issue and similar issues are handled regionally. The fish industry affects you much less if you are far from it, if you do not know someone employed by it. Plastic seems to be a massive killer of wildlife, and fish are hit especially hard. I talked to a young man from Brazil who spoke of a beach littered into the distance with garbage. Universally unique and important environments are being destroyed rapidly due to human exposure. A well versed young traveler I spoke with told me of Johannesburg, and how the garbage on the sidewalks is piled above one’s boots. The people burn garbage at night, and are unaware of the side effects the fumes carry with them. South Africa combines recyclables and garbage together for processing, routinely. As I hear more about the world I live in, from the people I share this planet with, I feel the more direct impact plastic and rubbish has on my life and longevity. This is coming from an individual who has been conscious of the issue.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but raised mostly in the village of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin I saw my fair share of litter and garbage. I spent a significant amount of time in the city, including some time living in the river west neighborhood. The trash is plentiful in Milwaukee, although the downtown remains clean overall. Areas between the downtown and the true suburbs experience a serious amount of street litter, and I would venture a guess that most of that litter is plastic. The village where I got my education is a clean place. I am thankful for the cleanliness, and it helps me see the real difference in other locations. Cities certainly have the largest problem, and motivating citizens to minimalize their impact on the environment is not an easy task. The goal here at HeartofZeus is to get individuals to stay vigilant of the deteriorating environment, minimalize their plastic use, and take responsibility in how they handle discarding of plastic and other harmful materials, such as oil and gasoline. I hope to avoid sounding vigorously dedicated, as I certainly do not want to scare any reader away. I am dedicated to freedom of many kinds, and I think those with the power of choice should live their lives any way they feel is necessary. I also believe in the power of education. Education will bring the awareness needed to change our path as a humanity. HeartofZeus certainly hopes to bring facts and information to those seeking them.

I now live in Seattle, Washington. I have heard many people say the city is clean, but the downtown is dirty in my opinion. The city sits right on the coast of the Puget Sound, a 1332 mile long portion of coastline encompassing the many bays near Seattle, however the true ocean sits over 50 miles away across the Olympic peninsula to the west. The first time I ever saw the ocean was on July 3rd 2017, and the location was La Push beach located within Olympic national park. Of course it was salty, but the weight of those words, which I have been hearing my whole life, are meaningless until you’ve tasted the thing yourself. Then you feel like you’ve got to tell someone, like you alone have discovered the phenomenon and everyone else should probably know about this water and its saltiness. The experience is so unique, I bet if I gave my landlocked relatives seawater for Christmas, they would think it a good and interesting gift. The beach of La Push itself was very picturesque. Rocks jut from within the sea and forests sprout upon them. Driftwood piled to chest level guards the entrance from those incapable of navigating the logs, and sand stretches farther than I had ever seen. We have beaches in Wisconsin as it occupies nearly the entire western border of Lake Michigan, however I have never seen a beach with as much sand as that Pacific beach. The difference in tide is not as drastic on Lake Michigan, and this is observed by the amount of flat sand on the beaches. I would say there was at least 100 yards of flat sand, and with the ocean and elevated islands behind it the beach was a glorious sight to behold. We hope to see Ruby Beach before we leave the state, and then I can start making some comparisons. There was no trash littered at La Push beach #2. There are three beaches, and although I only visited the second one, I would guess all three are pretty clean. So not every beach bordering the ocean is covered in garbage, but I would be interested to see a beach not so often visited by humanity.

We take garbage for granted as part of our daily lives, but it should not be that way. Change is coming in how we as intelligent lifeforms treat our plant and its many resources, the fight on climate change and water quality is only in its primal state. Profiteers of obsolete technologies will be ground up in the cooling fans of progress. Companies who don’t do their part to improve the state of the environment will be phased out as a more educated population grows to do the right thing.

In the future I plan to take a more newsworthy stand on environmental issues here at HeartofZeus. It surprises me what some individuals consider news; information far too old to be considered new. The internet gives us a more than worthy medium of connectivity, and it is everyone’s duty to discuss the problems effecting us as a whole. One extraordinarily large problem with the internet is not everyone agrees upon what the real issues are. This is a problem for future generations or greater minds than I to solve, so currently I just do my best to navigate the internet with vigilance.
-Chris 7/6/2017