Writing, and the internet.

The elasticity of mankind is held together by many threadworks, and any writer of words should consider themselves a builder and bonder of these threadworks. From cuneiform forward, the written word has been of utmost importance in our growth as a humanity. Recently we have gifted ourselves the internet, and now the written words of mankind are shared globally, instantly. Without an even exchange of goods however, the words of mankind would be lost to dust; money keeps writing alive. Writers do get paid, but just like any other person about their business, they must maintain voracity and focus in their goal of monetary comfort. If a writer want to get paid more, they can. If a writer decides to get paid more, they will. The resources available online are insurmountable, and not only can one improve their skill set as a writer or author, one can also learn how to properly market and eventually sell their work. Another obstacle writers occur is that they don’t diverge from their comfort zone. A creative writer could just as easily be a manuscript writer, but will get nowhere lacking the preparation and confidence of a business professional. Many writers may try their hand with non-fiction for the first time and discover themselves quite adept already. To have confidence in what you’re writing and present it with gusto will take you far. Don’t fear denial, embrace it as free education. Remember to ask too many questions. Take to the internet and learn how to sell your product. Maybe your first task is mastering the internet. If you are not immensely comfortable with surfing the web, buy a board with keys, and just search whatever comes to mind. Learn to spot the true information from the fake. Don’t read outdated articles. Using the internet is an art form, and anyone who knows how to use it properly will navigate the complex threadworks of mankind, just fine.
-Chris 7/10/2017