Writing and Readership Basics

One is a writer of words, yes?
One will lead a agathokakological life.

Balancing the creativity of a writer and the shrewd tact of a business professional is no easy task. Firstly, one decides they are a writer, secondly one realizes they need money. Here we are going to discuss navigation of the internet, and how we as writers can put the many tools available at our fingertips online to use.

As a wee lad, I wrote stories. This medium of expression dulled as time went on, and only recently have I taken to brightening it up. In dedication of a decision to write a novel, yet still unwritten, I realized I needed to practice my chosen art. HeartofZeus, my website where I took to practice writing a blog, has become quite a dedicated task in and of itself. Let me speak on the lifetime of experience traversing the internet that led me to purchasing my own website.

    Online Education Is Key:
Writers who can teach will be heard.

Online, available for free, are many ways to increase your knowledge on a many number of subjects. Edx is a resource I used to take a few classes free of charge. Of course one can find writing classes on Edx. The real benefit however many be found in deciding upon another passion, and learning it well. Using sites like Edx to increase your education on any number of available subjects, even learning a new language, can give you as a writer a new direction, and might help dictate your future work. Education on any subject is a hirable trait. This is often seen in the Information Technology sector, where individuals possessing no college education compete with hungry degree holders.

Life is long, and there will always be time to write, but if you’re reading this, now is the time to learn.

    A Good Resource, Or A Bad Resource:
Determining the reliability of an online resource can be a complicated procedure. Firstly, seek the publishing date of whatever you are reading. Regardless of the original reliability of the content, an outdated piece of writing can mostly be discounted as a non-citable resource, especially in regards to science. Providing your readers with accurate information is key, and if you are sure of factual content in an article, feel free to cite it, however, older pieces of work have a better chance of containing obsolete information. The second feat in authenticating an online resource is determining the fidelity of its author. A dedicated author gets my attention, and if they offer an abundance of content, checking the credibility of their work will be a better investment in my time than an author who only has one viable piece of work. This is what you should seek to replicate.

Painstaking volumes of research are rudimentary, but you will begin finding it less burdensome as time goes on.
Interesting information is available in every corner of the internet, and following links within sources you’ve already designated worthy of citing is a good way to safely traverse the ever-morphing terrain of the internet. Finding duplicate information will be part of process. Allow this to help guide your path. Articles that are well written and worded with professionalism are what you seek, and it should feel comfortable finding them.

    Researching Comparative Work:
Part of using the internet for business is tactful scouting of one’s competition. Facebook is a resource I use often, as well as google earth, maps, and street view. Even when negotiating something local, such as buying/selling a vehicle online, I use google to look at the area the vehicle is located, and I encourage buyers to maintain their due diligence as well. People who take care of their property are more likely to take care of their vehicle.
Writing online as a professional one hopes to maintain a reputation ripe with prowess, but needs also to keep edged the razor-sharp mental ingenuity brokered by Darwin and the fiscal-year. Do not assume all the work you find online is written by authors paid full time by their craft. The internet is fast paced, and since there is so much content available, don’t expect consistent readership at first. Despite developing discouragement, one also cannot quit the research process. If anything research will become an easier task, and thus a more viable tool. Utilize any criticism you receive, learn from it, show people your work so you can receive the criticism you need to grow as a writer.

    Why I Have My Own Website:
Once one has done their research, concluded they have the necessary skills and conviction to craft their work, and finally does construct paragraphs, one must then have a platform to spread their words.
The number of online blogging platforms is large.

The thing that displeases me about the lot of them is lack of control, also the lack of dedication in personalized name. What one avoids sacrificing is money. In general, most blogging platforms will be lower cost than a dedicated website. I used svbtle for a small while, and was very pleased with the minimalist pages. The whole platform was great and I definitely considered returning to it at one point, but decided to go the personal website path instead. I have my website hosted by a small, local company. However, most who are moving forward with getting their first webpage will host it on a site such as Bluehost.com or Gatorhost.com.

One could put the techniques discussed in this article to use by first compiling a list of all possible web host’s, and then conducting an evaluative comparison of price between them.

By hosting your own website you maintain full control of every aspect, while also holding onto the responsibly of its progress.
The first cost you will occur is the $12.00 or larger fee for the domain name, this is the actual web address, the name of your website. HeartofZeus came to me like a bolt of lightning, synthesized of nothingness in the disguise of human ingenuity. I need not ramble on about a name however, for everyone knows the grand importance in it. The second cost will be hosting the website, and with proper research one will surely get the best deal. The third cost is one we will never be untangled from, and it is the cost of our time. The time necessary to run a website is determined by the individual who runs it, but theoretically the more time one devotes, especially into marketing, the better results one will yield.

    In Conclusion:
The most important thing to remember about being a writer and publishing online is simple, content is king. Feeding your readership is the most important part, and it cannot be outsourced.
Creative design of your site can be purchased from a web designer, and some will choose to go this route. I use WordPress.org and there are many free templates for website designs, allowing me to save on the cost of web design. One should research the many options available for customizing a website.
Filling a blog with creative content is not only the main focus, but the personal goal for a writer. Regularity regarding readership requires relevance. Post consistently, possibly on a regimen. If you have content built up, don’t post it all at once. You want to give new readers something to look forward to, and show future readers longevity in content upon their initial arrival. Having content ready to go at a moment’s notice demonstrates vigilance, which one should always maintain.

Once your blog or website has content, people need to know about it. Finding rejuvenation in the balance of creative process and tactical business is a small victory one should seek. When your mind tires of producing the written word, awake the next day and put forth new energy into personal connection with your potential readers. Your first readers will more than likely be taking a personal recommendation from you, so make sure to go out and talk to folks you think might be interested in what you have to say. The internet is nearly infinite, but nothing beats the traditional word of mouth marketing generated by good ole’ fashion face to face conversation.
Chris- 7/17/20217