Welcome, Facebook Friends

Today I have been doing a little work to the website itself. I updated the font, but am not sure it will stick around. Also, until today I had not integrated my website and my Facebook. That is no longer.

This post is specifically for my Facebook friends and my prior social media friends alike. Welcome to my website. I had decided I wished to practice writing, but also craved an interface to broadcast my words. I have found that here.

One of the main focuses here at HeartofZeus is climate-change awareness. The condition of our water as a planet is quite poor, and I feel the need to discuss that. Living at the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle, WA is giving me an opportunity to converse with a diverse group of individuals. I am learning quite a bit and gathering opinions about what various people think of the planet they inhabit. I talk to fishermen from the local area and both young and old world travelers. In the future I hope to have more contributors writing about the damage we as a human-race are doing to our planet, and what we can do to help evolve ourselves beyond our own extinction.

My homepage blog here at HeartofZeus will be filled with my personal writing, both non-fiction and its counterpart. I am still not sure what will become of this website or my overall online presence, but at this time all of that is in its infancy. Please feel free to contact me at chris@sparktwain.com, especially if you have any interest in contributing to the website. Thank you.
-Chris 7/18/2017