Letter to a Wisconsin Judge

The Honorable Judge Michael Judge of Oconto County, Wisconsin;
The Medical Marijuana Doctors of America

In the case of The State vs Jared John McFadden I am requesting a medical examination prior to sentencing. I intend to prove the defendant, Jared McFadden, is in need of medical marijuana by physician’s recommendation, and that under Michigan Law, as well as 22 other states, he would be able to obtain marijuana legally with a medical card. I know this has no standing under current Wisconsin law, but the future appeals to the prospect of legalized marijuana both medically and recreationally. In congruence with Wisconsin State Representative Melissa Sargent’s LRB-2457 proposal, I propose to allow for a medical examination of Jared McFadden, and for the results of this examination to be considered upon his sentencing.

Governor Walker signed a bill into law which allows Cannabinol use for children with a physician’s recommendation. I deduce the case of Jared McFadden, many others, and I, is what occurs when the practical use of medical marijuana is not taught, and the knowledge on it shunned. Is it not clear, the result of withholding information is debilitated society? Jared is an adult with a son, Jayden, and a pretty decent job. Jared is a man with a chance at a decent life. Please do not subjugate him to suffering, forcing him to watch the legalization of marijuana behind the glass wall of probation. I know many individuals who have had their probation revoked because of smoking marijuana. I move to conclude that if the consequence of jail or prison is not enough to stop one from smoking marijuana, this is more than likely a symptom of a legitimate medical issue. The medical issue is mostly closely related to PTSD, and I move to conclude having marijuana illegal may cause PTSD in anyone who enjoys consuming cannabis.

What I need is for a medical marijuana doctor to come and examine my close personal friend, Jared John McFadden, Pro Bono. I am expecting him to qualify for medical marijuana in the 23 states which list PTSD as a qualifying condition. Up to 7-8% of the population will suffer from PTSD, and 11-20% of veterans in the United States. It has been proven cannabis has medical qualities about it, and just because someone has been self-medicating, should that truly lead to punishment?
I need your help! I need help from the Medical Marijuana Doctors of America!

Thank You for your time.

Chris Buckley, on behalf of Jared McFadden