The Inevitability of Greed, and the Cannabis Industry

“It would be wryly interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led generally to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization.” Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden, Speculations on the Origin of Human Intelligence p 191 footnote.

Cannabis has followed humanity throughout the ages. For a majority of human history cannabis, and hemp cultivation has been encouraged by the people of earth. The truth is little has changed except for the implementation of laws against cannabis, and cannabis cultivation is still encouraged by the people. Irene Vorik was the Minister of Heath and Interior for Holland during the 1970’s, and she is responsible for the legalization of cannabis in Amsterdam. In 2012 two states in the United States legalized cannabis, and since then cannabis cultivation in America has grown significantly. As of current: 8 states have legalized cannabis recreationally, and 29 states have legalized it medicinally. Legal cannabis is the way of the future, globally.

The intention of this article is to bring focus to the importance of legal cannabis’ effect on the outcome of our future. Cannabis did not play a small role in the upbringing of humanity, it played a large one. As education about cannabis and its history spreads, the people of earth will be demanding legalization; and they will garner success. My focus here at Heartofzeus will be shifting to the general theme of cannabis, and the future of the cannabis industry. I think it to be of the utmost importance we as a human race maintain constant vigilance in regards to our lackadaisical attitude towards the difficulty of obtaining our marijuana. If we are not observant and voraciously vocal about what we want to see within the cannabis industry, it will get lost to big business, just like every other marketable product. There is no shortcut to legalization, we cannot rest half way to our goal, and we must stay loud until the end.

A website that reports on a marijuana worldwide,, is a great place to start when gaining knowledge about the current state of affairs in the marijuana industry. You can read about companies doubling in size. You can read about companies expanding their business to outside of their home country. As a species, we cannot lie to ourselves about our aptitude for greed, and how prevalent it is in our daily lives, how it permeates our culture as a planet; Greed is a world constant, not to say generosity isn’t as well, but their effects are certainly differentiated.

Large corporate involvement in the cannabis industry will alter the future of it, undeniably. We may begin to see marijuana strains with THC content far above 30%, as money breeds product evolution. However I move to assume for the better of humanity that this is not what we want. We the people, if it is possible, will in time figure out how to produce the best possible product. This fact of the human condition ‘curiosity’ outweighs any benefits founded upon corporate involvement.

If marijuana does not maintain small overheads with craft grow-ops, corporate interests could put a halt on marijuana legalization. A world where we can buy weed at a store, but still not grow it like we do tomato plants. This being regardless of the security on the property where one grows cannabis, the only concern being the intoxicating flower ending up in the wrong hands; children stealing from yards and animals bringing it outside of the normal confines. If we maintain craftsmanship, and do not allow our greed to overtake us, we will see tomato-plant-like-legalization of cannabis. Otherwise we are literally putting our future back into the wrong hands.

To be continued…

Chris Buckley