Modern Day Wine; Present Day Cannabis

Prefillossero is a wine produced by the Lisini estate in Montalcino Italy. This wine is unlike anything else available on earth, in that it is produced from grapes that are the only left of its kind; all the others fell victim to a plague of Phylloxera, which is a small insect. From 1863 until the peak of destruction in 1889, vineyards across Europe were devastated one after the other. Only small pockets of grapes remain, to this day, unaffected. Some grapes were lost forever; extinct. The grape vines were hybridized, as well as grafted together with the resistant American vines, in order to prevent total annihilation. In this process, the grapes were changed, and to the connoisseur, nothing in the wine industry has been the same. Prefillossero means in Italian: Before the Phylloxera. Now, let us talk about marijuana.

There are many, many, many strains of cannabis, but they did not show up overnight. Nearly every one of these strains was birthed into existence due to personal interest. Did you know Chemdog came from Florida? It’s was probably brought to life in a basement, and FSU students we’re probably some of the first to smoke it, all only about 10 years ago. Now Chemdog is a readily available and popular strain of marijuana; I can walk down the street and buy it legally, right now. When it comes to strains of marijuana however, landrace strains are the end all, be all.
‘A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of animal or plant that has developed over time…’- Check it out.
So landrace marijuana strains are the original strains, the ones that are different because of where they evolved, vs human intervention.

Cannabis has been illegal for the lifetime of almost any of my readers, and believe me when I say I understand the struggles brought on by this prohibition. However let us not forget, least of all when it should be most prevalent, that the history of cannabis is deep and rich, alike wine. The culture is just as important as the consumption. The basement grow operations of the 1990’s and 2000’s led to the glorious ganja of today, and it would be erroneous to change a system that has proved nearly errorless.

I am here to preach, and be heard, that corporate involvement within the marijuana industry will alter the history of humanity in a degenerative fashion. The devastation that is sections of our history has been brought to you by: Greed over Democracy. The involvement of big business in marijuana could easily lead to corruption in marijuana which could lead to the destruction of marijuana. Was the Phylloxera plague that swept the vineyards of Europe brought on by capitalism, or simply human curiosity and evolution? Without answering that first question, I will riddle you a second: what is the greatest invention since the wheel?
The Internet.

Our need and requirements for a government have vastly changed, and it’s almost as if no one has noticed. No one is preparing. The government in America has become an unarguable greed machine. It’s like the cost of shipping didn’t go down and the wheel was just invented. You’re not going to do business with the old fart who still sends his business by foot. You’re going to utilize the younger crowd putting their stake in the new-fangled wheel. The government just facilitates, a role that could easily be filled by a little Meditation and the Internet. We can’t get lost in any one pitch of our reality. We can’t be lazy, and the truth will unfortunately present itself; life is just fucking hard y’all.

I see a world with legal marijuana, and that is the basket I’m putting my eggs in. However that is not the only vision I see for the future. A society where Judges are as readily available as police. A land where people who mistreat the environment receive the absolute maximum in often revised punishments. A planet where education is prevalent and everyone understands why.

The real problem with disaster is that once averted, no one can learn from the consequences. We will not lose our marijuana strains to any epi or pandemics. This includes the 1st world pandemic of capitalism.