MMJ, and the following day

On Monday December 18th, I got my medical marijuana card in the state of California. It is easier than getting your girlfriend pregnant. It is streamlined, and it is a comfortable process. I used NuggMD, a website and online physician service. The entire process from “I’m going to look into getting my medical card today,” all the way to: “That was easier than I thought,” took about 30 minutes. Holy shit, I know, only 30 minutes from Google search to Gmail confirmation. That’s the future of marijuana, for you Wisconsinites showing love to a local, reading his blog.

So I obtained my MMJ recommendation, could immediately have ganja delivered to my house, and will receive a paper copy of my recommendation in a few days’ time, as I have yet to receive it. I did all this with a picture of my Wisconsin Driver’s license that, lowkey, is suspended from a DUI until February.

The remainder of my Monday was occupied with work around the property on which I live, followed by a trip to the Green Tortoise Hostel, where I work, for dinner. There I met a man with some potent and foot-fungus-odor-having cannabis. It is now Wednesday, and I have yet to use the medical card.

Ohad, Janie, and Ofir.

Tuesday was another eventful day, as I obtained my first piece of HeartofZeus merchandise: a black t-shirt with white lettering. The shirt I had made at a place called Bang-On, which is on Haight street in SF. I was very pleased with the service, and the custom shirts they make and sell at the shop are fucking phenomenal. They also have a fairly premium supply of vintage gear, but that’s not a world of fashion I choose to indulge in. The sad truth however, is that purchasing my merchandise online might be the only logical solution to the logistical issue a small time blogger like me is of course going to incur, but I will let you know how my next merch purchase goes. Check my Instagram to find me wearing the afore mentioned HeartofZeus T-Shirt all over the Bay Area!

Tuesday night I also made it to the hostel for dinner, where I met up with two friends and made a third. Ofir made dinner after concluding from a bout of sickness. He’s the one who’s face you can’t see in the picture. Sorry about that Ofir, but it was still the best of the pictures. Ohad is my coworker, and Janie left to return to Montreal last night after this meal. Everyday at the Green Tortoise Hostel is a unique and interesting experience.

That concludes my short update, and thank you for taking the time. More to come soon! Including a new section devoted to the many artists I know. You can expect it slowly, then all at once.

Chris. 12.20.17