I ate hummus in San Francisco

I just smoked some banana kush, and now allow me to tell you of my yesterday.

I ended up having the day off when I didn’t text my boss back, so I went into the city to explore. It was sunny, but windy in San Francisco. I’m beginning to realize a slight chill is normal, especially for December 20th, and I do have to stop and realize once and a while that this is the warmest winter I have ever experienced.

I left my house around noon. Some would call where I am located south Prescott, but I call it Lower Bottoms (these are neighborhoods of west Oakland), because Prescott is in Arizona. In three minutes walking time I made the BART station, then I waited an additional 5 minutes for the next train; any train would’ve done. I spent 4.5 minutes under the Bay before reaching the Embarcadero, of which there is a conglomerate of items under that same name in San Francisco, a street, the subway station in question, and several skyscrapers which are hailed as “Embarcadero Plaza.”
I did not exit the train.

I remained in my seat until the 16th and Mission exit, and it was one of the furthest trips I have taken on the BART. Outside I found myself greeted with sun, and a plethora of people. Some of them were homeless, but that’s the city life. The first thing I encountered after walking only briefly was a blustering spray paint mural, maintaining its usual habitat of an alleyway. A beautiful site, deep in San Francisco.

From that point I ventured, having basically no direction, and I ended up at the Egger Memorial Open Space, which is in the Bernal Heights area of SF. The EMOS, as we will call it, is little more than a section of hill that never got turned for a house. I has a quaint view of the downtown, and I ate hummus and a bagel whilst gazing upon the incomplete Sales Force Tower; I am not impressed by the building. The Transamerica Pyramid is by far my favorite building in the financial district, and thus my favorite skyscraper in the city. After my small picnic I headed for a close bus stop, and I rode the 12 for nearly an hour, well past my stop, and ended up in Nob Hill. From there I walked east, the direction the bus had come, until I reached the Green Tortoise Hostel.

I stuck around the hostel for dinner, and well past that. I sat on the steps outside shooting the shit with some folks until the cold became too much of a nuisance. I walked to the Montgomery BART station, passed through the Embarcadero, spent 4.5 minutes underwater, and then walked the three minutes back to my house. I then spent 7 hours on the phone, and some of that time was spent sleeping. That’s the end of my story.

Chris. 12.21.17