Merry Christmas!!!

It is December 25th, 7:04 AM in Oakland, CA. I sit here, listening to Michael Buble and Shania Twain do their Christmas thing, and will let the words flow. Two-Thousand-Seventeen was one hell of a year for me. More than likely if you are reading this, you have joined me in 2017, as I adopted Heart of Zeus only in May of this year. The beginning of the year had me in Wisconsin, my home state. The middle of the year brought me to Seattle, Washington, and now I reside in Oakland, CA. 2018 will probably involve less moving around for me, but only time will tell.

When I began Heart of Zeus, I truly had no direction. I bought the website practically on impulse, after realizing I wanted a creative outlet; while investigating domain name availability I came across this, and bought it immediately. Bearing the roots of a travel blog, the tales of my adventuring in the archives, I have slowly shifted my focus. Heart of Zeus now revolves mostly around Ganja. This is due to a void in the cannabis community, where in I believe there is much room for cannabis content creators. Unfortunately for other aspiring Cannabloggers, I am the funniest, and will more than likely prevail because of it.
That is not a joke.

In 2018 you can hope to find a more intimate connection with Heart of Zeus, as I be embracing the art of Video. I will be getting more involved with the YouTube community, especially the ASMR community on YouTube, which I hold a personal connection to, as some of those artists helped to guide me through darker times. I speak of The Water Whispers Ilse, Springbok, SensorAdi, Gray Bailey, and numerous other ASMR artists on YouTube. As of late I have been less about new content, since I don’t use ASMR as much as I have in previous years. I still try to find time to maintain a healthy mind, and a healthy body, however. I started today with Gray Bailey. His ASMR at 5 videos are a calming way to wake up, but also a great tool to help optimize your day if you listen closely.

That will conclude my post for Christmas Day, 2017. Have a good day, and thanks for spending some time with Heart of Zeus.

Chris 12.25.17