Dissecting HeartOfZeus Philosophies #3

It is 3:08 in the morning, and I am naked. I am also very fucking stressed. At current, my life is a cacophony of uncertain futures, and I am realizing just how difficult dealing with other humans is. In a day and age where we are bound together with impunity by the internet, I am finding it nigh impossible to work in accordance with other people. Let it not be hidden: money is the number one factor of altercation between my personalities; it drives me, and because of this I am weak to it emotionally.
Here in lies the problem: it ain’t no fun waiting around to be a millionaire.

I find it difficult to maintain constant vigilance in regards to economic freedom, and am often tempted assimilation to the pre-existing, economic weave. I see A LOT of my fellow classmates and friends, especially the ones who are college educated (unlike myself), using their generationally manifested social media skills for entrepreneurial gain. Most importantly these young friends of mine are living their lives differently than the previous generations. They realize this: we have been a spoiled country!

If wealth was like energy, which it absolutely is not, there would be a finite amount of it, and it could never be created or destroyed. Now think about how much energy it takes to locate and accumulate 1oz of gold (and let’s say we’re panning for gold, since we can’t afford mining equipment). Quite a lot of effort, actually, to find gold. The profitability comes from panning for gold on a massive scale, or using the gold you find to buy mining equipment and drill for oil (it’s also 1905). What I am getting at is this: it takes a large investment of energy to get AU out of the ground, and getting it into the hands of consumers is an entirely different investment of time and energy.
Prospecting is also just damn addictive.

Now let us apply this view to marijuana. For these purposes let us say indoor marijuana is the best marijuana, and this means we have to take into account state-of-the-art lighting. The energy needed to produce very good marijuana > the energy needed to produce very mediocre marijuana. It certainly costs money to grow marijuana, and there are long cycles of invested time and energy. What one reaps from cannabis seeds is not simply of monetary, and sentimental value; can we say the same for gold? I’m comparing gold and ganja because they are both very pricey, readily available products, advertised very intensely to consumers. Gold, being the more difficult to obtain, still costs more than cannabis.

Why are people trying too hard to sell me cannabis? I don’t feel like there are simply offering it! Many people have a plant of some kind in their house, and how long before many people have a marijuana plant in their house? I do not see a booming cannabis industry in the future, and because of this I refuse to overpay for it now. Ganja for all, and at the minimal cost of operation! That is what I say…but I seriously digress from my point about America being spoiled af.

After WW2, the United States of America became a gluttonous mobster, and the individuals at the bottom were treated just well enough to not complain, and were just poor enough to think everything was normal. We see now the reality was very different; individuals hording wealth to the point of serious economic impact. I believe the large monetary gap present in the people of America was caused by both lies, and miscommunications. This is to say no one entities’ greed has brought us here, but the way the government has been behaving since WW2 has not been a good example for the people of the United States of America! Why the fuck does my boss think everyone should be working all the time? Because his government is run by lawyers.

Currently we are seeing an influx of freaks in society, and I feel bad for anyone who thinks the future is going to look any less fabulous. Now, consider the many governments that suppress their society, and realize America is a lofty place to live. I believe the craze of the modern day is simply a response to the actions of the people before us: surprise, fucking surprise! I await the day the citizens of North Korea decide they want freedom…

Holy shit I think I am done rambling. I will conclude with this: go watch the new Dave Chappell special on Netflix. He describes Donald Trump as the lie that could save America, but I see Donald more as the dying grip of pre-internet capitalism. Zeitgeist is a truly wonderful thing, and I wish it hadn’t been ruined by that awful movie for conspiracy theorists. What I am experiencing, is not that stupid movie.


Chris. 4:32am, 1/6/2018