Cardi B tweeted about ASMR. #seriouslyunpredictable

Yesterday, January 8th 2017, I discovered that Cardi B tweeted about ASMR, and I have never been more pleased! This means big things for the ASMR community! To be honest, I have very many readers who utilize ASMR on a regular basis. I envision HeartOfZeus looking a little different than it does now. I would like to fit more content on the home screen, and a section for ASMR is how I intend to occupy some of that real estate

One major snag everyone has occurred in their life is lack of finances. I’ve found that owning a piece of intellectual property generates motivation to self-educate; parallel tendencies to entrepreneurship, these primal, acquired tastes. Take for instance my dilemma of revamping my website. If it was so easy, it would be done. The problem lies, for me, in the unforgiving and repetitive fork-in-the-road-task that is: deciding what the fuck to do next; I can either educate myself on making changes to my website, or I can pay someone else to make the changes for me. I suppose the honest truth: I never educate myself intensely on a subject in fear I will devote a hefty amount of time to learning something I don’t like. Am I afraid of commitment? Am I actually building my skillset right now?

I am not going to answer those questions. Instead, I’ve left a paragraph in the post script.

Chris B. 1/9/2017

As I sit and write; sit in my red chair and write, I have open behind my word processor: Grammarly. I keep receiving advertisements for it. I will say that I am by default put off by the entire passion behind Grammarly. When everyone uses the same system, things risk evolving to uniformity. A bleak yet wholly habitable future where everyone sounds the same and we don’t even fucking notice. I have not used the service, and don’t see myself utilizing it in the future. I do see the application for collegiate purposes, with side effects of a full on Google complex for grammar, which is disappointing since Grammarly may actually take the place of a teacher, if one lets it.