Blurb #1

The Peter Macchiarini Steps.

As I sit currently, I see the view above. I came over into the city from Oakland about noon, and adventured for quite some time. I exited the bart on Powell, and I walked aimlessly about the Tenderloin. I was on a quest for food, but was intending to partake in quite an adventure before conquering my hunger. I walked to Japantown, took some photos, did some reading online about the area. Korean prostitutes is what I found out. I then moved forward into the Filbert, and finally into the Mission. I ate at a Taqueria on 18th and Valencia. I took the Bart from 16th and Mission to the Montgomery exit. I then walked up to the Green Tortoise Hostel, my place of work, and also my home base when I traverse the city. Today is not a normal day on the Peter Macchiarini Steps, as they are shooting a scene for a movie. A motorcycle jump, for the upcoming Venom movie. It sure is quite exciting outside of the Hostel tonight. I now sit on Vallejo st., with my bluetooth keyboard and my iPad, and I write to you from there. I am going to be writing more short pieces, and suppose I will call them ‘Blurbs of Zeus.’