Blurb #2

I sit in a French Bakery on Columbus St, after walking in a rather large circle. I arrived at the hostel early today, prepared for a day of writing. When I opened my computer, I detected it was not happy with it’s personal moisture content. I had been afraid of this, as I walked from the Bart station in the rain, and my computer case in not waterproof. The case is however manufactured in Seattle…

So I set my computer in the office of the hostel to dry, and left on foot as I usually do. I exited and walked west; turned right on Columbus. I wander with complete aimlessness. I ventured past Burger Meister, a place I have heard great reviews about. I observed the many individuals sheltering themselves from the rain. Mostly solo individuals, under the available shop and bar awnings.

Once away from the main thoroughfare I simply walked and enjoyed the rain. No music today. Just the buggery of my monkey mind; of which late I have begun to tame. I feel a resonating in my soul, and I bet a doctor could feel it in my bones. My shoes have massive holes in them, and even as I sit currently, warm and inside, drinking coffee, my socks remain saturated. Hardly will I be brought down by something so simple, however.

I walked past the Cable Car Museum, and it was at this point I decided readjust my direction. I coordinated myself slightly, and headed into Chinatown from the north west. A hillside microcosm the area is, and the rain only made it more inviting for a morose gentleman like myself. I snapped photographs as I went, and breathed in the aroma of dim sum galore.

I completed my route when I arrived near City Lights Books, and in that same area is where I sit now. Still simply enjoying the rain.