Blurb #4

I have been listening to Frank Ocean nonstop for nearly 24 hours now, and am only starting to throw some of The Weeknd into the mix. I should most definitely be preparing to leave my house. I am taking my exit in the morning, as I work at 10 AM. I still have a sizable amount of work to do before I go to sleep immediately after I finish writing this. I enjoyed my time at this house. Someday I will grow to miss this house. Sea foam green is it, and it survived the 1906 earthquake which rocked the Bay area to the fullest extent. I experienced my first earthquake in this house.

Several hours ago, I took yet another ride on the Bart, through the Tunnel of Death, arrived at the Montgomery stop, and walked to the Green Tortoise Hostel. The Bart tunnel across the Bay = the Tunnel of Death, and this is for many reasons; too many to begin to describe. I ate an amount of food at the hostel, and mingled ever so slightly with the continually rotating crowd. Got free weed, which is less common now; harvest season has closed. I took photographs and tried not to act weird. I bid adieu. That sequence of events has been a fairly common occurrence in recent months. I have relished in the experience at times, and as I did the action tonight I felt the weight of my many traversing’s of the Bay seep into my core. It’s nice to appreciate an experience. Healthy cherishment, capsulation, and compartmentalizing of time leads to a meromictic life,

One of my favorite intersections.

which in turn lends to readily accessible and pleasurable nostalgia.

The whole house shakes when the washer runs a spin cycle. The heaters percolate loud popping sounds as they cool; they produce fantastic heat. The property is a beautiful, albeit mildly disastrous at the current time. Eventually the empty lot next to my house will be occupied by something. I forget if I tried to convince my boss to build a park there, and donate it to future residents of Lower Bottoms, West Oakland, but I think it would be an extraordinary use of the land. I have no idea the cost of building a park, but I bet it is immense, and a time consuming project to the fullest…I highly digress.

Recently I have considered what my life would be like if I bought a sailboat, and sailed around the Caribbean for some time. I imagine the experience would be raw, and beautiful.