My Symmetrical Universe

“Rolling Marijuana, that’s a cheap vacation.” – Frank O

I had Frank on all night. Fell asleep to that shit; woke up to that shit. I’m writing to that shit. That quote is what was playing when I began to write. Do you believe in conincidences? I believe in the ever circulating energetic cosmos, and believe the word ‘coincidence’ can only describe energetic symmetries we cannot understand. My grandfather uses the word differently than I, and so I have examined how I feel about it closely. As I google the etymology, I see ‘occupation of the same space’ is that early 17th century meaning, and it comes from coincide. Now is means ‘a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.’ I can agree with that definition, the key word to me being: apparent. What is not apparent, but I believe to be true: buried deep in every coincidence there is a mathematical formula, and to some that is the most beautiful part.
Of everything.