Airplanes and Internet

Two prompts conjoined. As I was walking down the steps (I walked up them to get my headphones), and am now listening to the Weeknd, I saw a word I see often, as it is posted on a main hallway in the hostel. Travel, and the T is an airplane. As I looked at it just now, I got to thinking about how revolutionary Airplanes really are. Throughout the history of humanity, comparably, no one has had the opportunity we have, provided from a healthy combination of competitive airlines and good ole fashion neutral internet.

Before that thought process occurred to me, I was going to write a little bit about how joyous life has been recently; I’ve been dancing around in the shower, singing, like I won the fucking lottery. I do not, not know why I feel as such. I feel some new typeaway, but I can identify the mass of this anomaly. In addition, quite possibly in turn, I have been writing more prolifically, and this is having a snow ball effect, motivating me to write more still. This happiness is a collaborative genus of realizations. Powerful, as is the densely propagated, yet vulnerable for same reasons that give them strength.

In a ‘socially’ connected world, it is easy to falter. The internet has caused a social flux. Emotional intensity at an all-time high does not sound unreasonable. You know things about people. Humans have never, ever been this…overlapping. Are we social or are we antisocial? That seems so fucking blasé, cliché, and overall riddualistic for my tastes, but it’s really how I feel about the situation. I can’t even decide how I feel. I mean we are being social! I want you all to be taking yourselves away from society and reading my writing, and by doing that you contribute wholeheartedly to my day. I suppose what I will conclude with is this: The internet is a dense and complicated macrocosm, and it works well that way. Imagine if everyone read the same blog? They would all think the same thing. Talk the same. Instagram has a nice model, where one can have 25k followers and gain sponsorships, practically support a life off of that number (depending on the loyalty of the followers), yet they are virtually unknown in the grand scheme of things. You find Instagram profiles based on hashtags, which randomizes things in a healthy way. One could have a following of 1 million readers, and still be a small fish in a big ocean. The internet is so important for small business, and this generation knows that. I am excited for what the future brings. I am starting to feel part of the progress instead of simply a bystander.