Coffee and Boots

I write to you for the second time from Brioche Bakery & Café. When I left the hostel today, I thought about three close options: Brioche Bakery, The Station, and Reveille Coffee Company, all of which look quite comfortable viewed through the windows. I simply chose what I have become comfortable with. I walked past The Station. I have had their coffee, and I remember it being rich and flavorful, however their den of café has not enticed me back in. I bet their breakfast is great, it just has that aura about it. I also strolled directly in front of Reveille Coffee, and although it looks the most modern, and probably the most comfortable for a writer like myself, as I believe I saw couches on the *second floor*, it looked too busy. Several more steps only until I arrived at Brioche Bakery; all three cafés are within a 1 minute walk of the hostel. Brioche is connected to Maritime wine tasting studio, which is am grateful for because that is technically where I write from. I am not sure what deal these two establishments have worked out, but the wine place doesn’t look too boujee (slang for the French word bourgeoisie), and I would certainly explore what they offer, if I was in the market for wine tasting.

That is, however, enough about the café I have chosen to write in; the café I will more than likely continue to write in if I can continue to afford the coffee; the reasonably priced coffee. What I will stroke broadly into now, are leather boots. In fact, between that last sentence and its predecessor, the time gap was hours. My mother is helping me to acquire new boots, and I got to texting her whilst inside Brioche, which lead me to leave mid article and head directly to Alden Boots of San Francisco. I walked through the front doors of that shop, 15 minutes from Brioche, and I will say most certainly, I felt welcomed. I showed up in flip flops and clothing mismatched, despite this I received outstanding service, and excellent answers for all the answers I could produce. I have not settled on a pair of boots, but will more than likely still need to save a little cash to afford them anyway.

After spending over an hour in the store, and trying on three pairs of boots, I took my leave. I ventured back to the hostel, and once I got there I took to Instagram. I filed through a couple of hashtags, #aldenarmy being one my favorite. I learned about some other boot brands, Viberg and Chippewa, and I learned a little bit about boot materials. Chippewa boots are from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and being as I am from Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, I have taken an interest to their boots as well as Alden. I messaged @imaunit, a dapper young gentleman I came across surfing Instagram, and soon after received a message back. I asked him several questions, and was given several recommendations: Alden Indy 403’s in Brown Chormexcel, for they well and provide great color variation, and the Reverse tobacco Chamois Indy on a commando sole (sold by Alden of Caramel), which turns out to be more what I am looking for. I am grateful for the assistance, @iamunit. After several hours online I feel much more confident in my knowledge of leather boots and navigation of the high end boot market. Instagram is an indispensable tool for product and consumer research, and my favorite form of social media (if you hadn’t noticed).