Strehlow; ThyWanderer; Shxde

I write to you from the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco, in the ballroom I sit, eating scones that I saved from last night. Free bakery flows through the hostel; the bread of life. Pondering my own future recently, I have begun to consider the sondering effects of those I know personally (I just found out Sonder is not an actual word, so I suppose I can do whatever tf I want with it). So allow me now to speak on a couple folks that I know, all from the same few square miles.

Firstly I will speak on a young man named Cristian, who is known quite well as Strehlow. Well-warranted in his accomplishments, Stehlow is an electronic musician, and the most success barring individual on this list. One day I will tell you a long story, of a 6 month period when I lived in Riverwest, a neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That story will end by telling you my friend Cristian moved into my house; the gentleman I speak about. Today is not that story. Today is the story of a wedding DJ, who rented a house in Riverwest and went h.a.m. making music. Today is the story of a man, a friend of mine, who’s Spotify boasted 356k plays in 2017. The current year will bring him even greater success. Check out, the label he works with, for a variety of great music! (Many of the artists on the label I know quite personally). Strehlow, I thank you greatly for your contribution to music, as it truly is a unique sound you possess. Check out his latest release!

Not a musician, at least by trade, Ryan DeWerth is a photographer, owner of, and young man I know very well. His photography is phenomenal. Deserving of prestige. ThyWanderer photography sits atop this article. His editing skills are a fine-tuned mechanism for prolific beauty. Every photograph is Ryan’s best one. Time is a friend of a friend here, and in a world where many people work seamlessly, seemingly, to make time their enemy, I believe the aforementioned is an important point to mention. One visit to ThyWanderer, and it is quite apparent the amount of hours my friend puts into his craft. Ryan also works with a group called King’s Tower Productions, run by an eskimo brother of mine (sorry to put you on blast, but I just tell the stories). KTP creates independent films, and although I am quite unfamiliar with: The Wayward Sun, as well as their newest production Batman vs Jesus, I am familiar with The Amateur Monster Movie; a comical film parodying famous horror films. One worth seeing twice. I highly encourage you to check out all of the above listed films! Head over to for more information.


Lastly, I will speak about my friend Josh, steering us back toward electronic music. A massively talented individual, a father, and like any gentleman on the verge of success, an asshole; Shxde is music with oomph. Shxde is a name I like quite a lot. I haven’t even asked him how it’s pronounced, but I am assuming it’s not Sade (low-key, this article is about smooth operators). Josh is a man I have known for many, many years. Certainly the gentleman on this list I know most well. Many hours did we spend in my grandparents’ basement finagling with musical instruments, finding our rhythm within those concrete walls. The residual ripple of youth resonating still today. An interesting individual Josh is, and an artist of many mediums. Shxde is not his first successful undertaking as an electronic musician. Let that be known, and let it hold weight as 2018 blesses him with victory after victory. Josh has always supported me in whatever I do. I am truly ecstatic to tell you of my friend who makes lavish vibrations; Shxde is music for the soul. Rich and interesting music for every soul.