Blurb #5


Breakfast is in full swing at the Green Tortoise Hostel in San Francisco this morning! I entered the ballroom prior to my shower this morning in search of free soap, and was greeted by a lady I am growing quite fond of: Lan Ping. A lady my elder, hailing from Guangdong, China, Lan Ping is Brawn of Housekeeping here at the hostel (I have generated that title because she works very hard). Recently, she taught me to replicate her work, and someday I will apply the knowledge she has bestowed unto me kinetically, manifesting my entrepreneurial destiny. I feel quite on track to make a living with hostels, and I will be holding the makers of my beds to the LP Standard.

Another coworker I see oft in the morning, a man of enticing conversation; Egidio. This is the gentleman responsible for maintaining the kitchen at the hostel. The guests remember Egidio; if I say I work at the hostel they always say…
“Oh, so you work with Egidio? I am a friend of Egidio.”

F.o.G. is a term that some inhabitants of the Green Tortoise environment may know; standing for Friend of Gardner. Now we also have the term (although a much more aggressive acronym) F.o.E. Which I am sure you can by now guess stands for Friend of Egidio. Fogs and Foes are common place around the Hostel. That is not to say there is no validity in their assertions of association, and we much appreciate the returning guest, but I see these folks very simply as friends of the Tortoise. I am building a mature understand of how people communicate and interact at the Green Tortoise. I am proud to be part of the human race, and am excited to be human until I die.

I digress…my friend Egidio would understand the feeling. Also, allow me not to ramble. I simply wanted to mention two individuals I work with, both from which I am learning an immense amount. I was not aware this life is what awaited me, leaving my hometown. Seven months ago that was. Thank you Lan Ping, and thank you Egidio, for making me feel at home in San Francisco.