Good Morning!

Another Life

It is nearly the end of January, and what a rollercoaster of a month it has been for me. It began with me in Oakland, which had been perpetual for the previous 2 months. I now reside within the 49 square miles of city, and my home is the Green Tortoise Hostel (as you may be getting to know), and I am

Me in Eugene

quite happy to be here. I arrived in the Bay area on Halloween morning. For four months previous I had been trade-working at the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle (they have an indoor cannabis/tobacco lounge, only one in the city to my knowledge), which was a very unique place to live, and this was first time I lived outside of my home city. I lived with a woman while in Seattle; someday I will tell you a long, exciting story about a time I fell in love, but today is not for that story, and so I will leave it at that. Fast-forward 4 months from my arrival in Seattle, to my arriving in San Francisco; I am arriving in San Francisco on a Green Tortoise Bus, piloted by my now friend, Paige. Since my arrival in the Bay, I have been introduced to a variety of new stigma, all beautiful in their own regard. I kissed a women I know I could love. I loved a women I didn’t know I could kiss.

If I could put how I’ve been feeling into a glass jar, it would be too hot to touch.

Most positively, I have been writing more, and I feel great about it. If you are reading this, I am very glad you have chosen to imbibe in HeartofZeus. I am excited for life to whisk me away; and be well documented. My daydreams have a pragmatic sandman, and my nightmares are orchestrated by Poe. I do not fear the reaper, and the reaper doesn’t fear me. I am not alone. This is all true, and I am glad I am finding time to express it. The stories I will tell on this site are numerous, and at current I only hope to not diminishing their flame, speaking of them as such. I thank my readers, again.


I lost several friends in 2017, as every year has brought about more casualties. Some souls stray farther from the exosphere than others. It is at this time I would like to say Rest in Peace to John McClment, a dear friend of mine, and very much a part of my online life. His Good Morning posts pulled me through some hard times, and I am not even sure if he was aware. Waking up alone, feeling disgraced by life, John always had his Good Morning status along with a plethora of top quality memes to browse through; my exact humor. I felt comforted by partaking in his day…he helped me feel. The future is certainly a unique and vast landscape. We live on a planet where reality is being subjected to confinement by virtual-reality. John McCliment impacted me through his online presence, for sure more than many of the people I saw daily in the flesh. I went to high school with this man. I took mathematics with this man. I remember when he told me he was joining the Army. I remember when he posted a status he was going to try and stop drinking; those two moments were long apart. The saddest thing you will ever read is the last post of Eat Letters Shit Words. These will not be the last words I spill dramatically over John McCliment; he is an important staple of Menomonee Falls, and of the Facebook community. If it’s fifteen minutes to midnight in Alaska been dark for 3 weeks, and you run into the ghost of John McCliment, you say Good Morning god dammit.

I also lost my Grandmother this year. Peace and Love to her. It will take the rest of my life to find out if anyone has impacted me more than my grandmother.