In Motion

Yesterday was Australia day, or Invasion day depending on how you look at it. A large group of people showed up to Score Bar, the bar below the hostel, as there was an event hosted by my friend, and technically an employer of mine. Congratulations on a successful 6th annual Australia Day party, Carrie! I, per the usual me, did not make the event. I wake up early, and I go to sleep early. The nighttime calls to me at portions in my life, and at these times I immerse fully. Vantablack sections of owlfication blot my calendar, and by the time these anomalies fizzle to the surface, my calendar is but a scrap. I binge on the stars, just like every other drug.

Today is a day of slight gloom in San Francisco, but I will spend the day inside maintaining high quality housekeeping standards at the Hostel in which I live, and at which I work. I enjoy my job, and I quite literally get to work from home. Someday I intend to consolidate my home, and work avidly to consider this planet on which I live my one true home; I will live the life of an internet vagabond; a lifestyle of sustainable travel. I have recently defined the term “Internet Vagabond” on, and I after several days I am still quite pleased with the definition. I define it in a small way, but as are the amount of internet vagabonds, at least comparative to how many I believe the following generations will bring, so the definition can evolve with the culture.

The internet cannot be burned. No more purging. These words are here to stay. Welcome to the future.

Update: The sun is out in SF! Suns out, Puns out! That’s what I’ve never said prior to that sentence. Now it is forever etched into the lackadaisical youth that is my blog. By lackadaisical I really do mean that sometimes I feel I am being slightly lazy by working harder. In example: I just asked the Bay Area for free weed on Reddit. TBH I wish that shit was a publicity stunt, but it certainly is not. The amount of weed that is smoked here at the Hostel is grand, and we are all young people trying to define our futures as best we can. Good weed can be a life changer. I do mean good weed. Great weed. Fantastic Ganja. Superb Cannabis. Nectar. CBD. We are the GREEN Tortoise. My boss is going to hate this article.
The best Garnder doesn’t even tamper with terpenes, to be honest.

So the life of an internet vagabond might look like a lazy piece of shit to the right person, this shall remain to be seen. Hopefully soon. NSTABP. I have tossed many a thoughtful hour into the vastness getting to this point, even if it appears I have garnered no traction. I am where I want to be.

When 1% of the population possess most everything, asking for a handout is showcasing education and hunger to succeed. Am I wrong to view this as a proper adaptation? I don’t aspire to be camouflage.