Good Morning ii

I am sitting in the ballroom of the Green Tortoise Hostel, and contrary to my usual timing, it is 18:45 (recently I have been writing in the mornings, I feel). James Brown is playing over the speakers, and about 15 people are scattered about, beginning their Saturday night proper. The Animals came on now, Don’t let me be Misunderstood. I got off work a little over an hour ago, and I am finding myself quite bored. I don’t have any money, but even when I do I don’t find myself out on the town.

Staff Only!

Well that was last night. It is currently 9:34am in Wisconsin. My computer never adapted, so the time is 2 hours fast for my location. After 7 months, I guess it’s just gonna stay that way. Yesterday I posted about my posting to Reddit, and I’ll let you know that they rejected me enquiry. I still hope to sequester free cannabis from local individuals who grow it, and but I am realizing it would be quite fitting if they were also readers of my blog. This is an endeavor I will put my thought into, and hopefully come up with a viable solution. There must be a Bay folk perched ready-already to donate cannabis to the artist. Here I am!

Last night I was rather left with not much to do, albeit Saturday it was. My thumbs led me to Instagram, and I unfollowed over three-hundred people (bots? Some). I apologize if you found this in bad taste, as many of these individuals I know from high school. As it sits however, I am having a very serious go at running a business, an empire if you will, and I had to minimize. If these individuals followed me as I them, then I can still find them on my page. If you are an avid viewer of my Instagram, and you feel I have unfollowed you based on non-interest or inactivity unjustly, Instagram message me and we can resolve to mend the situation. Just recently I had to do the something similar recently, contacting my friend Sarah via Instagram and letting her know I noticed being unfollowed, and very much did not approve of the situation.

Communication is key, and I am a fucking janitor.

For 3 months, I thought raisins were chocolate chips. That’s a lack of communicating with the raisins, however, that is quite obvious. So I had yogurt and raisins for breakfast, with brown sugar.
That’s a Good Morning.