Milking Tortoises

Lan Ping still has the vacuum running, and I am set to take over the early morning cleaning shift following next Sunday. 2.5 hours it is, but in total I will work 9.5 hours that day. When I first arrived in SF, currency flowed easily. That well has since dried up, as promised, and I am currently making a valiant effort to generate fund through the hostel. I recently met a fellow named Sam, a real hippie, with absolutely no discretion. He told me to ‘milk the tortoise,’ and I immediately told him I was going to write an article called Milk the Tortoise. Here is that.

The Green Tortoise is a proclamation. I see that now. The best business I have ever worked for, and a small business model I intend to learn volumes from. I am honored, and feel privileged in having gotten to work side by side with the owner. One day, I will write long-windedly about the strive, my time with Gardner. An educator; gentleman of crass oral tradition; generator of monolithic wealth. A real estate mogul. Owner of the Green Tortoise Hostel and Green Tortoise Adventure Travel Co in San Francisco, and part owner of the Green Tortoise Hostel in Seattle. How much has modernized North Beach been effect by the businesses he birthed?
The answer is, probably, a lot.

One gets out what they put into this life. Some folks are blessed; a graced beginning, and some individuals are beckoned to a discerning start. All people are, in relative terms, created equally, but they will not die that way. I have been saying a version of that statement for quite some time, and I still believe it to be true. Should it not be that a phrase with evolution demonstrates conscious effort? Conscious effort being, of course, the gasoline for our skilled and bountiful society. It is very proper of one to have a motive in life, and very specific goals. I am not a man of skills, maturely, but I am giving an advent to this writing. Coinciding with my long pandered infatuation of small business, as of late gravitating around the opening of a hostel (I am of many ideas), my monkey mind has gained sentience; become a cacophony of bittersweet obtainable dreams, and harsh realizations.
“I have a million ideas. They all point to certain death.” – Marvin the Android.

I have full intent to evolve my Heart of Zeus brand even further. I feel not obliged, but singularly happy to talk openly about what I intend to move forward with, (some ideas need kept lock, and key) but more importantly where I still am obliged neutrality by my habitual indecisiveness. I can’t even fucking decide if I should put spaces in the name. HeartOfZeus or Heart of Zeus. I like the simplicity of the second, although up until this point I have thought polar. I am working with an artist, and a close personal friend of mine on the development of my logo. Colors, look, and future prospects of evolution are all coming into play. Imagery is destined to evolve just as the world around it, I figure this to be so, and as such I naturally find myself planning for it. HashtagDL makes imagery pop, and stick like futuristic glue into people’s brains. Together with him, I hope to produce a logo that both relaxes, as much as it excites; the Mona Lisa of blog logos. Quite not mi amigo’s magnum opus, but perhaps a glimpse with a glint of what it will possess.

When Sam told me to milk the Tortoise, I knew no one could be upset about the prospect of it upon the immediate. Besides this, his disposition about the whole matter was ever to peachy. The wonderful thing about capitalism (no matter its bright and shiny future), is that as it promotes contest; eliminable competition has a certain grace to it, in of which one is always vulnerable, and tested continually; assertively herded toward constant vigilance. Life practically follows a formula. Proper and early education lead to a successful and bountiful youth, the maturity of the explorative soul, and finally the settlement upon gratification; all of this preparatory for the inevitable death. Is that poetic? Still, I have not finished the book Outliers; within it describes the construct of success in ways that I have been itching to define. True stories. When one lives their life, they have no choice but to contribute to the story of everyone. What you do is important; or it is not, but that may not be for you to decide. One can only propagate towards the manifestation of greatness.

Unforgivingly, we live in a monetary society. Economic security is a practicality, and it can come in many forms. It is what I speak on when I speak of gratification. One must find a way to support their life, and how one perceives their existence most certainly determines how they procced with their everyday. The world is changing, so what will happen to the people that live with it? That is the question that guides me economically, as well as morally. I want do my part for the planet, but I still must build my walls.
All my minds mycology congealing.

Californian milk is worth double that of Wisconsin milk, but they taste the same. Milking the Tortoise is easy; I had decided I needed cheaper milk and then simply migrated to the better fitting area. First Seattle, and now San Francisco. The building of great future is less precise a science than I thought; perhaps not a science at all. However proper planning and generation of feasible hypotheses are still the best manifestations of constant vigilance I can muster, and so I will continue.

I intent to work for the Tortoise until at least May. If the money is good I would enjoy much so to keep my employment for the determinable future, however I also need leap upon the opportunity to tour while I am young; the mesmerizing prospects of foreign landscapes and seaside’s are palpable; I must go. Confoundedly, my dreams are my lover, and it us who will be journeying. All travels have an end however, at least for me (at this point), so the prospect of returning to San Francisco is more than enticing, it is what I hope to garner. Confoundedly, again, I intend to return with my lover, and at this point begin the conquest; the stockpiling of all my treasure and the lucrative gathering of more. I will buy property, and holy shit if I can convince myself of it fully, I will draft and commission my own building; another dream of mine.

The Tortoise is bursting with milk and I found it like this. I am fed. I am bathed. I arrived knowing some of the intricate complexities of the universe, yet the world has returned to the back of a tortoise shell. The prospect of continued forward motion compels me to stay; in combination with the ingenuity of the place. What I could gain monetarily is just a slice of the pie.