Ole’ Bart

Just now I had to make the tough choice: edit yesterday’s article; bring about new content. Lattered that shit. So here I sit, morning time, 10:50

Random Photo

according to my computer, which is two hours fast, in the ballroom of the Green Tortoise Hostel, having just been informed upon last night that I am switching rooms, and in doing so I will be returning to my old stomping grounds. Bartol. A very unique house, in my eyes.

Now the morning has passed, and I have not done too much more than eaten yogurt, and what you see here. I now need to part with my computer and begin the switching of rooms; a process I am all too familiar with due to my time at the Seattle hostel. Yet it never involved moving building, so this is a nice change. I get to live with a close friend of mine, granted I only know him from the Hostel. Still the privacy will be enjoyed greatly. I spent one week in this house prior, and got very little writing done in the building. Let us see how this trip treats me.