A change in the winds

The final day of the month has arrived, and I could not be more pleased about anything. Just when I am thirsting for a fresh start, February pokes

Last Night

its midget head around the corner. When I was growing up in West Bend, Wisconsin, my mother would wake up before me, long before me, and prepare herself for the day. She did this 5 days a week, and in my elder teens I did some calculating. The time my mom spent getting ready in the morning summed up for the year, equated to the month of February. I don’t believe she still dedicated the same amount of time, but let it be known she did.

It is the second month of the year. How many people fucked up January and now it’s a wrap on the rest of the year? What a horrible disposition that would be; I hope no one. The year began for me on the highest of high notes and has since reduced back to the heavy cream of reality; certainly richer than any of its predecessors, but still too thick to swim in. Reality should be too thick to swim though. People are not meant to be at rest.

My feelings toward the world feel like bubbles, surging from my finger tips and toes, up to my brain; I am fizzy. I am confused by the people around me, and this is of oft. Why settle for meek? I feel the kinetic energy of life like never before, and energy cannot be created of destroyed. I do not wish to suck the energy from those around me for my own purposes, but holy shit it feels like that’s what’s happening. The world is huge, but still I am finding that if I want to achieve any sort of greatness, I need to maintain constant vigilance in regards to greed. In order to obtain anything, I find myself pushing other people out. A cup that shall forever overfloweth, spouted from the fountain of Gods; the beautiful latticework that is our civilization.

I have spent a lifetime being sorry, so you can’t expect that any more from me.