This is Not a Drill

I am sitting in a very tiny room on Bartol Street in San Francisco. I just roasted some jilly bean I obtained from a dispensary, of which I visited 2.5, and walked past an additional 1.5. The name of the place is Basa, and it’s lit, fam. I also visited Sparc, and was very pleased with their selection, and disheartened by the expense. I knew what it would be, as I visited the website prior. I have been on the lookout for a good deal from them, as I know they exist (early birds, night owls). Alas, the quest is nether reaching; purchasing of any item requires vigilance, but repeated acquisition tells the story of constant vigilance. I need to broaden my wings, encompassing the whole of my day; Eagle by day, Owl by night.

The school next to my abode is alarming, courtesy of what I am guessing is a fire…drill. One thing that is new to my cerebral senses: public alarms in this city are accompanied by seismic voices of warning. It always feels like Half-Life 2 when that shit starts happening, and the fire drill (at this point I know it was a drill, the commotion is over) was no different. “There is a fire in the building…Please Exit Immediately.” It just seems odd to be accompanying a drill.

Update: this is not a drill I heard. I decided to get up and investigate, as one might, plus I heard some truck noises. Upon leaving my room and walking 3 steps, I saw the truck. One firetruck, so it couldn’t have been too large a blaze. So that’s pretty much a wrap on that story, and my poor examination of it. I ate a sandwich between this paragraph and the last one. I hunger for more.

The dispensary weed is leagues better than anything I’ve contacted recently, including Seattle. At $50-$70 an eighth, you get some incredible buds. At Basa today, the lady informed me that California will be moving over to the same format as Seattle; everything in plastic, no more smelling the bud in the store. Sad, sad news for the industry, and I am very disappointed to hear it. I am honestly too wrecked from a short day of cleaning carpeting to speak on the subject further. I must shower.