Google Guideship

I am a Level 5 Google Guide. I’m under the impression level 5 is not very high, but I am not sure how high it goes. I gained this stature, if you will, by uploading photos, of course places I have been. Bubble photos seem to get the most views. The first photo I uploaded was of my friend Lee, at Fortune Cookie, a restaurant in West Oakland, and it has 167 views. Shortly after this I went to Death Valley with the Green Tortoise, and uploaded many photos to Google from this trip. One of the photos I uploaded was at the China Ranch Date Farm & Bakery, a bubble photo, and this photo has 5,950 views.

That first photo I uploaded of Lee was shortly before Thanksgiving, 2017. At the writing of this article, I have 85 photos uploaded. 11 of those I uploaded just minutes ago, and I am going to blog a little bit about the growth they experience. I uploaded 2 pictures of a Chevron, 2 photos of Gourmet Carousel, 6 photos of Cottage Row Mini Park (including the only bubble photo of topic), and one kinna funny picture of First Republic Bank. They all only have one or two views as of right now. In total my Google Guide account photos have 16,772 views in total. I will also be blogging about the growth of that number.

Yesterday I took a long stroll across San Fran, on which I took all of 11 of the newly uploaded photos. It was a beautiful day, about 70 degrees, and I bathed in the sun; yellow shorts and a red t-shirt. My new shoes, but without socks, which turned out to be a mildly stupid mistake. They didn’t tear my feet up as much as I thought they would in the end though. I like the shoes, and have naught to say further on the subject. While on my walk I encountered some things, to me brand new, which is a usual in this city. I ventured up to Nob Hill and was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture; I could hardly handle it. I took another bubble photo in front of a building labeled The Mary Mangano Smith House, only to find out later it has not yet been labeled on Google. So I submitted a request to add that location; I assume it will be accepted and I will be able to add my photographs to the Googleverse.

So this is the first of what will eventually be a series of my Google Guide adventure. I hope to upload pictures to Google from all over the globe. We shall see what the future brings. Today, I plan to do a little future research on south-east Asia, an area of the world I intend to visit, and the first place outside of the United States I will have ever traveled to, if everything works out for me in the end. I was in Mexico for like an hour when I was 6 months old, but I don’t count that as travel. I didn’t need a passport. Now however, I do need a passport. Obtaining money for my journey will be one of the most difficult parts, since I have to trade away large swaths of my valuable time to garner anything these days. However I keep myself a busy man with many hobbies, and Google Guiding has become a fairly rewarding hobby; an exponentially motivating use of my time.