Una Colombiana Viajando; My Friend Camilla

I welcome you all to join me, as I embark upon my dream of traveling to Asia. I will be keeping you up to date with what I discover, and what I decide. First however, let me speak about a young lady from Columbia that I work with, and a YouTube personality. Una Colombiana Viajando is how you will get to know her, but I know her as Camilla. All of her videos are in Spanish, and I absolutely do not understand a lick of anything on her page. I do know she posts informative videos for Spanish speakers looking to travel. I have watched them, and I am impressed with both the aura of her videos, and her camera presence.

Camilla is a considerable friend of mine at this point, and I do hope that once we continue our travels, we will continue to stay in contact. I have spoken with her prior, but loosely forgotten at this point the next leg of her journey. Also it is of my interests, her area of virtuoso being the video format, which I have previously written about. I plan to venture into the format of video, hopefully soon. The writing of this article is doubling as a reminder for both Camilla and myself to work together, since we are both very busy individuals. Allow me to light the first candle of many, outlining our own collaborative quadrant; our virtual plot; this blazing bit of architecture zoned for ecommerce which we shall inhabit.
I’m tryna slide inna video. This post is the noteit warranting our next meeting.
Don’t worry, I confuse even native English speakers.

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen at the Bartol house, and the lady herself is actually expected to show up any minute, as she is responsible some days for the housekeeping at this location. A rather nice job, if I do say so myself (I have never done it, but I know what it consists of). I am drinking coffee, and eating a muffin that a guest left here. My next task was to be further research about SE Asia, possibly creating a second work away profile. However now it is getting late, and I hope to begin work at noon today. I will work until 5:30pm and that will be sufficient for the day; tomarrow I hope to work longer. The Green Tortoise, after 7 months of employment between both locations, has given me some expressive freedom in my hours, and I do appreciate that. This gives me the chance to, for instance, publish this article. However I still need to budget my time better and get more done. I need to be an extraordinary machine.
I live next to a playground full of kids, and they are just so lively and happy. It’s honestly too beautiful. Keeps my reminded of the good things in life. They are just running around listening to music out there. I must just be hearing gym class after gym class. I’m smiling about it. Maybe the coffee is just kicking in; I’m kind of tweaked by default.

I will wrap this up by telling of what I learned yesterday. It is cheaper to fly to Cambodia from SF than from Milwaukee, which is something I will now hope to work around. I realized as I did even the minimal amount of research I did yesterday, that I want to start making some moves now. Honestly I could probably wait another couple of months to proceed with my contacting of individuals, but sooner is always better, right? So I will be updating you on the moves I take next. More than likely creating a new Workaway that isn’t shared with my exgf, and hopefully all together spending more time awake. I need to get a second job, and with the blog it’s going to be a tough route. I am a lazy individual by nature. However I want more, so I must work harder. It’s practically basic math.