Manifestation of Dreams iii

I am looking at my Google timeline, and I and taken aback by how amazing it is. People claim the technological age takes too much information, but the ability to look back and see where I went on February 14th of last year is amazing. It is the future of nostalgia. I drove to Texas in a U-Haul last year, and at the time I wasn’t aware I did not have a license. Google has the only proof of that incident (besides this blogpost{lets get real, prolly lots of proof}). I can see what I did on my birthday last year. I can see the day I went to Austin Texas. There is a large blotch of no activity on my Google timeline (phone broke), and honestly it is a shame. Imagine being 80 years old, and actually being about to go back and see where you went 40, 50, 60 years ago? That’s fucking insane. Is Apple doing this? Probably. In all honesty, it’s nice to have a little competition, I wouldn’t want everything everywhere to be Google.

When I think about how I spent 2017 completely washed over in love, I nearly weep from the beauty of the whole thing. I went back and looked at my trip across the nation just now (Google Timeline), and I felt the palpable essence; a blossoming parallel universe of love. To have that love washed away, and replaced by something rooted so deep, to discuss the particulars is taboo; a thing of embarrassing beauty; fucking mesmerizing. I should writer about it…oh wait.

I look at my Google timeline now, and I see what it offers me. Keeping my phone on, really helps to bring my life to reckoning. I look at the orange dots that are my Google timeline, splattered across the nation, and I can picture the times I had. Soon those dots will extend, digital digits, reaching across the globe as I travel far and wide. I am wet, but I want to get wetter. I want to live, and then I want to die; but at least I know what I want!