Blurb #7

My goals are situated, and now it is simply the process of action. For the entirety of my life, idealism has lead my daily pursuits. Only within this last year have I begun to take action against the perpetual gravity of life, and have realized there is no such thing as hard work, only not working hard enough. Will I slowly add on tasks to my life, inevitably to find inertness? I doubt this outcome is what awaits. Some folks seem to pin me for a money obsessed individual, but I would argue that I am simply working with the tools this world has provided. My boss once told me he ‘wouldn’t want to be starting a business right now,’ and I will tell ya, I have been giving that some deep thought. It is quite possible the world of business is evolving; actually let us say it is without a doubt evolving, but it is quite possible to predict the future here. The world is certainly moving to international commerce. The internet is to thank for that; we are closer to planetary organization than ever before.

In America, money is readily available. This affect certainly has shaped how my fellow Americans view the monetary faction of society. The younger generations are certainly doing more research on their purchases than the generation before them. Possibly this research is easier now? It could be that successful people always did their research, it was just more difficult years ago. When I purchase anything, I consider very heavily many factors about the product: do I even like the person who makes this product? Reverie long ago stopped wearing Nike, and I fucking see why! Myself, I have taken to looking at ingredient labels. If I can’t pronounce that shit, maybe I don’t eat it. Or I Google it, but ain’t nobody got time for that, let’s be real.

I buy products with the best commercials, simply because there is so much to choose from, and I need a guiding light. One of my favorite commercial of all time (partly because it was independently made) is the Doritos super bowl commercial where the dude throws a crystal ball at the vending machine to get his chips. Pretty sure those guys won 1 million dollars for that project, and they well deserve it; a million dollars isn’t even that much money. That’s how living in America has shaped my view of money. I don’t think a million dollars is that much money. Can you even build a school with 1 million dollars? Not in America. So maybe if we don’t want a future with a small group of people possessing all the money, we need to learn to work together to get stuff done. Then 10 people can build a school, it’s still private, and 1 mother fucker doesn’t own it. Honestly I bet rich people only exist because any more than 1 person at a time trying to get shit done, and everyone gets arguing. It is easier to just get the money, and force your ideas down people’s throats, than to convince folks you have a good idea, anyway. No one even knows what they want, or what’s good for them. Chances are you’re feeling a bit insulted about now, however it is rather fortunate for me that the individuals I speak upon, are not the same individuals that imbibe in my blog.

Most of the folks that read my blog are stuck in the same middle ground as me. You’re ideas are good, and folks can see that. However competition is fiercer nowadays than it has ever been, and you need bigger proof than ever before. Think about it: same size planet, billions more people. With the internet we can all talk to each other. The meaning of life just got more defined, as no one individual is ever going to take over the planet. NO MORE BURNING OF BOOKS! Blockchain is probably going to work, as it promotes every human to journalist, judge, and jury.
Educate the people, and they’ll ask you to disassemble the bombs.

I am conversing with DL right now, one of my close associates. We are talking about the future of our monetary stature. Inevitably most will have to procure a loan if wanting to venture deep into the chasm of capitalism. However now everything comes full circle. Does one really take out a loan with another individual? What about several individuals? I see why everyone wants to work alone, economics are muy complicado, but perhaps it is because we are accustomed to working alone.

For the entirety of humanity, we have been a lonely race. Humans are dangerous to other humans; just a fact. Now a days, however, the internet gives us a more three-dimensional perspective on the lives of, well, everyone. So I would venture to say that trust is evolving. How we choose who we work with is evolving, and eventually the people who choose to work in teams will likely succeed over those who choose to work alone. Oh, but then we have the inevitable monopolization of the microcosms. I can’t go on!