Google Guideship #2

The time has come, rather quickly, for a second article about my experience as a Google Guide. All this means is that I contribute information, and in my case mostly photographs, to Google for free. In turn, I get to feel good about contributing to society, but it’s a little motivating to see my photography get recognized, even estrangely (I had to make that word up, and so I defined it, and holy shit that took a while).

My first article on the subject was posted only 4 days ago, but life is moving fast; plus the first post was behind schedule. My Google Maps photographs now have over 20,000 views! Woohoo! As I stated previously, I only began contributing my photos to Google the end of November, 2017. My goal is to have 1 million views, and I will eventually see that number in all likelihood. What I intend to do with that goal is unknown, but I still feel good about owning the goal.

Woo! 20k!

I now have 97 photos uploaded in total, where in the last mentioning of the subject I have 85. The 11 pictures I spoke of last time have seen a little bit of action. This bubble photo of Cottage Row Mini Park, and this photo of First Republic Bank have the most views at 79 and 73, respectively. The other 9 photos have about 20 views each. I expected the bubble photo to have the most, but the First Rep Bank photo having 73 views is due to the location.

So my goal was to make a post at 10,000 views, and I was late on that, but I am here to announce the 20K view mark! I will be continuing to post photos to Google maps, and I will continue to let you know my progress on the subject!