Happy V day, ya filthy animals.

Today is red. It is Valentine’s Day, and I am excited none by the prospect. The overture of lust has settled, and a snowy landscape exhibits. I see footprints in the distance. San Francisco is one of the slushier cities I’ve been to, but it’s doesn’t snow, and it doesn’t frost. I feel the heft on my feet though; and I just got new shoes, which are even lighter than my old shoes. They resist water pretty well, unlike my old holey Adidas, but what I am getting at is: it’s not the shoes. This city feels like purgatory, which oddly feels exactly like home. In contrast, Seattle felt like a circus, and San Antonio felt like a beach, although it’s nowhere near the ocean.
Really I’m just crazy. None of that makes sense, don’t bother with it.

Today is pink! Because of this, I am going to speak about someone I follow on Instagram, a girl, Kelsey, who’s from the same part of the world as I. She’s not anyone I have met in reality, but I’ve been following her for quite some time. If you have ever heard me talk about John McCliment, you know how I feel about virtual bonds and the respect we as a humanity must give ourselves on them. That being said, this girl I follow is in a new ad campaign for Adidas Originals, and as I wrote about my old shoes above, things suddenly came together for the rest of this article. Kelsey is reppin the pink jumpsuit, part of new line by Danielle Cathari. The pink drops in Shanghai on March 28th, but Valentine’s Day is well suited to celebrate the color. Seriously, I think the jumpsuits are really fucking cool, and that’s why I’m writing about them. Not that I want to wear one, but I can think of someone I’d like to see in those clothes.

Today is going to be a good day, I feel it. Happy Valentine’s Day to my readers! Being that I have any today.