I want to learn a second language, and write in it.

This week I applied for several jobs, and I expecting to get accepted to the positions. I am hoping to find myself staying busy, almost constantly. Work, work, work. That’s what’s on my mind. I have some other personal goals I have been developing. Everyone at my work is using Duolingo to learn a language, and I want to do the same. I am hoping to begin spending several minutes a day, at first, learning a second language. The dilemma hit me, ‘What do I learn?!,’ and in all honesty I realized I have to learn a language I have an interest in. Everyone tells me to learn Spanish, and I agree that I would get significant use out of being a Spanish speaker. People recommend learning Mandarin in the modern day, and I agree, as those people will be traveling and it would be a wonder to talk to them in their native tongue. I however am called to something different, a language I have heard spoken many times now, a language I think is absolutely beautiful both written, and spoken; Hebrew. I have no prior ties to the Hebrew language, and have never attempted to learn a second language, but it is the only language I find myself wanting to put in the work to learn. We shall see how my journey progress’ in that aspect.

I am looking at getting a different computer as well. Downsizing, as it were. My laptop is quite large, and quite heavy. I don’t need anything as such. I want to either get a new, smaller laptop, or a tablet/ Bluetooth keyboard combination. I have been doing significant research on the subject. At present, a laptop seems the better device. I am however troubled, because I am drawn strongly towards some of the new Bluetooth mechanical keyboards that are out, but I just can’t wrap my head around using a different keyboard with an already equipped laptop. I want to travel the world, and I want to be well prepared when I leave. Quality items, geared specifically for me to enhance my strengths. I figure a comfortable keyboard will be my most valuable asset, and might even promote me to write more (in a catch 22 sense). So maybe I invest in a really high quality keyboard, and probably a case for it, and then I get a tablet that’s on the cheaper end. I upgrade the tablet whenever need be, but the keyboard could last for years to come. I am currently partial to the NightFox keyboard, but the entire Kono line looks good.

Thanks for listening to me ramble about window shopping.