Taking the Tortoise’s Shoes.

I have for some time considered the writing of this article. I now see it will probably turn into a series of articles. I once wrote about Milking the Tortoise. Today I write about the Tortoise again, but in a different aspect. The tortoise needs help. Not from everyone, just from me; just like everyone, except for me. Far into the future, the Green Tortoise will be different, just as everything will be different. This we can be sure of, in fact it is one of the only things we can know. Change is coming, otherwise death is coming. That is what makes Earth the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived.

Futura Tortoise starts in the kitchen. Constant vigilance in regards to the needs and wants of weary travelers is what keeps the Green Tortoise a top performer in the Hostel universe, so they fucking feed the people. I’ve never seen food in such abundance, and still almost nothing is wasted! The dinners and food distributions at the hostel where I work are the star-shining embodiment of hospitality done right. Other hostels in the city try to bring people together, but they cannot do it in the same way. They don’t have the right location; they don’t have the right history. They haven’t garnered the right respect.

Every business encounters hiccups. Democracy is a living, breathing organism, effected as much by the good as the bad. The internet (it’s the future) is a hiccup for every business that predates it; until it’s not. Promotion at the Green Tortoise is issualistic, and I will leave it at that. The tides of change will not wash over the Green Tortoise for many-a-moon. This is why I think now is the time to begin channeling change into the heart of the Tortoise! The kitchen! Time is on the side of the Tortoise, but as entropy is its destiny as much as mine, we know not how long that luxury will last. As I watch the man who runs the kitchen slowly lose his mind, I can’t help but wonder if he would be losing it less if there was a different system for washing the many dishes. The problem with the Tortoise is, since we serve food, all the dishes come back at the same time. Normally, this only happens in a restaurant, and they have a machines to feed the dirty dishes into, so they can clean large quantities of dishes all at once. Working in a restaurant is mostly just preparation for the short, yet extraordinarily busy times. What’s plaguing the Tortoise is that they cannot have a dish washing machine. It is not safe for the customers, and if we had one, we could probably not let customers in the kitchen. So now we have one man working very, very hard, forced to empty and refill sinks which drain very slow, over and over again. The water gets dirty at lightning speed on dinner nights; often. The obvious answer is to have one trained professional deal with all the dirty dishes, because the signage does not help, and it only takes one individual to destroy the process and require the refreshing of the sinks. The Tortoise is being forced to have someone in the kitchen to direct the flow of dirty-dish-traffic, and they are in need of a new system. I do believe that this is the first inefficiency that needs to be addressed by the Tortoise, and the future will quickly follow suit in front of this change. In all honestly, there will be no way to maintain the same fashion of business without lobbying for new laws. I do however believe the new laws are close at hand, as many new hostel owners are popping up, and they all want more than the previous generation in regards to freedom.

I think the Green Tortoise should guide in the future for Hostels in America. We know the change is coming. We can be certain the change is coming. What I am telling me readers, very blatantly, is that the best possible future for hosteling in America rests in the hands of: This Man.