The People are Beautiful and they’re too much for Me.

I am a slow mover, but I am finally organized and feeling productive. I have focused my vision; ‘niched‘ down my interests as it were. I want to learn a second language: Hebrew. I want to learn a skill that interests me; I am going to learn to work with Arduino. My father bought me an UNO R3 starter kit, and I am excited to learn what I can do with it. All I know is I can use the Arduino to sense inputs; many kinds of inputs, and the possibilities are large. So my goal is to just spend a basic 15 minutes a day learning Hebrew, and 15 minutes a day learning about the Arduino. If my interests allow me to stretch my studies longer than that, than I will feel especially on the right path.

Apart from a focusing on my daily activities, I also am going to make a valiant effort to change my use of the written word. One of my favorite people on earth introduced me to a new author, who will probably grow to be one of my favorite authors. a man by the name of Charles Bukowski. Quite sadistic, and a man who’s glass was never half full OR half empty because he got impatient and drank the liquid. When I read his writing, I can’t help feel as but I have been lying to my readers, barring their existence. I don’t not share with you, intimately. some parts of my life. The fact that I am an alcoholic. The stories I have about crashing cars, and surviving death. The fact that I don’t actually fucking like anyone. Unless you’re a beautiful woman, or intend to make me rich, uninterest is probably what I have for you. Honestly it’s not awesome. I wish I played well with other kids, but I always end up yelling at them for acting like children.

I am going to make an effort to be less confusing, and portray myself more fully in the future. It’s 6:39 and I’m listening to Regina Spektor. Wallet.