I Just Started ASMR Magazine

Welcome! To the temporary home of ASMR Magazine. If you are unfamiliar with ASMR, it is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Those who are familiar with ASMR, can usually agree to describe it as “a tingling sensation, usually down the back, but with the ability to extend into other parts of the body.” I am one who experiences the phenomenon, as it is commonly referred to. Spine tingles triggered by a variety of sounds and sights; my personal preferences in relaxation are strange, I promise you that.

It feels so long ago now, that my infatuation with the ASMR community commenced. MMXIII. Two-Thousand Thirteen. In these 5+ years, I have watched the artists grow in number, and considered strongly the perpetuating of my own videos. A lover of the arts, I did believe I was cut-out for ASMR videography. The day has not come for me in that aspect, but as you may have guessed by my writing to you, I have addressed my fascination with the medium of ASMR, and intend to partake, while taking advantage of my strongest skills. I believe there is a want, and thus a need, for ASMR literature. Right on time, and certainly better than never, I have arrived. A blogger, blogging about ASMR.

Just as I bought HeartofZeus.com in a brisk action, I have today acquisitioned ASMRmagazine.com, as well as asmrmagazine the Instagram page!

If you have an interest in ASMR, please join me as I sprout forth my first venture in regimented print, and a whole-on larger task than I usually upheave. There will be laughter and tears. There will relaxation and tingles. There might even be Calvin and Hobbs references. HeartofZeus and ASMR Magazine are not one entity, but they are both my births, and thus I have accepted the responsibility of raising them both into maturity. They both also, at current, share HeartofZeus.com as a home. You can expect updates on this.

Also, if my normal HeartofZeus content begins to slip away, DON’T FRET! I have not disappeared forever. Ideally, I’m working hard. God Speed to me.