168 w/peculiar amount of sleep.

There are 168 hours in a week. Did you know that shit? I thought it was much less. That’s 6 hours of sleep a night, plus three 40 hour work weeks, and 6 extra hours! You can work two full time jobs, and still have 46 hours of time to chill the fudge out. Work three jobs and use your extra 6 hours to sleep, and be late for everything. Obviously life is not that simple; not this clean cut. However, I had never examined the time I have in a week quite as I have this morning. With proper organization and execution, a person could undertake quite a serious project if they wanted. Or if they needed to, God Forbid. Well anyway, that’s todays update. I have an article for the ASMR Magazine in the works, something educational AND relaxing. How awesome is that? Today I continue to seek work in the city of San Francisco. Although I seem to be much better at sitting on the internet and making connections. Woe is me!