Caffeinated Youth

I am fucking appalled at the lack of outlets in San Francisco. I just walked quite a vast distance to end up at Paramo Coffee Roasers, and I have simply settled on a meager number of outlets, limiting where I can sit. Definitely the coolest coffee shop I have been to in the city; the coolest one I could fathom going to rn. It’s actually the entry to an apartment building, so there is hella space available for lounging, which is what I do best. Paramo is a blessing, and you have to reside in the city for some time to receive it apparently. Perhaps I should indulge you all with a little history; my longevity in the coffee industry. I have never worked in a coffee shop, or been a coffee roaster, but on the consumption end I have many hours of servitude invested in the industry.

The entanglement of coffee into my life began long ago, in a place called John Harbor’s. A Coffee Shop. This was a location I spent many, many hours at during my teenage years. Located on Main street in Menomonee Falls (just like Ernie Von Schledorn lol) this was a beautiful place of business, blossoming with young artists and entrepreneurs. Truth be told the dedication to supporting the artists nearly went beyond the business aspect, as the coffee shop did eventually close its doors. I was there during the final hours. The story I have to tell of John Harbors is entwined with another story about a man named Devyn who lived with me for nearly a year. He moved into my grandparent’s basement with me, and both my grandma and grandpa were extra cool about it; everyone else in the family pretty much thought it was weird. I never had sex with Devyn, and I suppose that’s the weird part. I don’t find myself attracted to men however; it’s just not what brings me happiness. If having sex with men brought me happiness, I would imbibe, alas…

I digress in a major way! The point of those words is to convey: I have a plethora to spill about John Harbors and my experiences there; how it helped to make my youth foamy and rich, but today we are only focusing on why they helped to build me as a proper consumer of coffee. I was offered the opportunity to try many coffees from many roasters. I was a teenager with no job at this point, but still the coffee with abundant. I learned with it. I drank it all black. I smoked a lot of cigarettes at this point in time, as I smoked for 10 years. Coffee and cigarettes pair well together. The last night John Harbors was open I smoked a cigarette inside, along with some of the other folks who worked there. Not the owner, him nor his wife smoke. Those were good times, and also long ago.

Since then I have drank many cups of coffee in many coffee shops across the United States of America. One of the best cups I have ever drank, and certainly the best atmosphere I have experienced, was at a small shop in Seattle called Ancient Grounds. Lavish with masks and art. I was introduced to this coffee shop by the manager of the Seattle Green Tortoise. I spent many mornings at Ancient Grounds for the remainder of my stint in Seattle, and wrote some of my earlier blog posts there. The crazy thing is, as I write currently, I’m still writing one of the first blog posts. I have a long way to grew. A whole lot of coffee drinking to did. The absolute

My acct of yesterday.

constant in my life, is the maintaining of constant vigilance. I slack; I over-analyze. I practice. I practiced. I became one with…

When I set out to drink a cup of coffee, the factors are considered first. In a new city it’s easy to head someplace close and be fascinated by the newness of your neighborhood. Occasionally I still opt for the long walk. I have buried many-a-footstep into sultry pavement, and Google captures the richness of my travels in real time. Today I will share with you my account of yesterday, and know there are many days in my life which appear the same. I walk a lot. I really like walking, I guess. Recently I started jogging/running more. If you follow me on FB you would have heard about how I am always late, and because of this realized I enjoy running. Once upon a time, I went to the gym often. Nowadays I have a different body, and exercising it is probably best: left to the care of a medical practitioner. Ha. I beat this motherfucking body of mine pretty bad. Someday…I’ll tell you all about it. Someday, I’ll probably just get a gym membership and start running on an elliptical again, that’s what I used to do; easy on the knees. I’ve only two knees and I can barely keep up with oiling them.

I am the great digresser. I digress af. I digress all over town, come home, talk through dinner, talk through Jeopardy!, fail to teach my kids anything valuable because I talk until their bedtime, and everything I talk about gets lost in translation anyway because I never stick. to. the. point.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. I grew up on it. I love how it smells, and tastes. I love how it makes me feel, sometimes. Kinna makes me sweat more than usual, and that’s not super cool of coffee. There is no way I’m drinking de ’cafe, especially not yet anyway. I do love coffee, that is the one truth. On occasion you can find me drinking it all day long. Someday it will help me save the day like Fry. Now, I take to the pulic-transitmobile!