Blurb Nine

As my employment at Rosa Mexicano extends further, the situation seems to complicate even more. My initial assessment in which I determined a bunch of folks were forcibly removed from their jobs, seems to extend a bit too far. I don’t believe the recent ice activity in San Francisco is completely unrelated to my employment, but the situations seem further apart them appeared upon initial observation. I will leave my overzealous-self at the door in the future.

One of the larger pictures I am beginning to grasp in the magnitude of my audience. I still don’t even know who the fuck I’m writing to. However, I am not just writing to myself, clearly. I care what people think. It’s honestly pretty hard not to censor myself, which makes me feel like kind of a bitch inside. Alas, it is the future. In fact, it will be a taming evolution. You can’t just say whatever the fuck you want on the internet, or people aren’t going to like you IRL! It’s Newton’s law; it’s math. Now this is to have the possibility to be interpreted into a version of life where I have some pretty nasty stuff to say. That is however not the case. I have things to say, but they are just the normal amount of offensive for someone from the Midwest.

Go Pack Go!


* * *

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