The Rolling Stoned Gathers No.

It has been to long since I have written! Today I break that streak, I do however come in a sullen state, as I have been informed this morning of Stephen Hawking’s passing on. I read two of his books, both of which were illustrated, and very inspiring to me. Possessing an understanding of the physical world brings about a comfort as I meander through life on the daily. The patience that man demonstrated throughout his life is remarkable as well. He was able to write by looking at a panel of letters, and pausing his gaze on the letter he decides upon. His understanding of the universe combined with his monk-like focus, along with his improbable resilience to live, makes Stephen Hawking closer to a deity than a human, in my eyes. Long live Stephen William Hawking. Blessed is the museum that receives his chair, as they will gain my attendance.

In other news, I no longer work at Rosa Mexicana. In retrospect I wish I had held onto the job longer, regardless of the fact I was not interested in the position. I want to work with something I will use, and unfortunately I do not wish to cook. In between that last sentence and this one, there was a 7 hour gap. I sit now in a room with bunk beds; my room. It’s cozy, especially for the nature of the stay. I write because I want to write. I want to write more; for my blog, in a general sense, and for monetary gain. Not quite triage, even in reference to writing, but still tough. My goal is to find a paid writing position, and eventually be able to work remotely, with much less overhead somewhere else in the world. My problem obtaining these gigs, and there is consistency here, is that I have no systematic approach to tackling the tasks I am assigned. One belief I have, is that if I were a college educated individual, my skill set would be more formatted, and even some of the secondary skills one picks up in college would help me greatly now. My typing skills are mediocre at best, at: not even 70 wpm. Jo can type 90 wpm with ease, and it’s not because she took a lot of typing classes. The differences between out skill sets, and the contrast in hire-ability is palpable. All this makes me want to…go to college? Not entirely. It would be interesting if I could work remotely in SE Asia, while using my free time to write, and increase the skill which I am working to perfect. This is something I could be doing currently, as I sit amidst opportunity a-plentiful, and have free time most certainly, but my heart gets distracted, and my mind seeks ease. Asia will be a great environment to learn, if I maintain contrast vigilance in regards to my attitude and what I want. What I seek is comfort, and I mostly view comfort as property.

I digress hard af sometimes.


* * *

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