Fresh Off The Press

In the past I have considered venturing to Hollywood. The first time I considered the plunge was in 2012. I recall sitting in my car, a 1991 Saturn SL2, in the driveway of my grandparents’ house, and I had $2000.00 in my hands. All my money (this is relevant because I often would be in possession of other people’s money). I thought to myself “I could drive to California right now and just start doing porn.” I decided not to leave, obviously, since my first border crossing into California took place in October. The thing that held me back was none to pretty. I was comfortable with my life, which consisted mostly of drug use, selling weed, and freestyle rapping, all of which I did alone. I never had a partner in crime; all my acquaintances and associates have been short lived. Furthermore, working with other humans throws an unincorporated cog in to my well oiled Machine. I should have gotten a dog, that’s what I should have done. Me and scruffy (not the janitor) could have gone to California and fucked our brains out. That’s my life in a parallel universe; what a hard-body, that other Chris.

The second time I considered the pilgrimage to Hollywood was during the progress of my departure from Seattle 4.5 months ago. The third consideration is still boiling. My continued interest in the city (Los Angles), in combination with my close proximity to it, makes the decision to migrate almost unavoidable. As a writer, spending a few months in the Hollywood area might not be a bad idea. The prospect of making some new friends directly prior to traveling the world is tempting; also a very practical way to go about marketing myself, while meeting individuals I can learn from.

Let me wrap this up by saying: I STILL DON’T KNOW WTF I’M GOING TO DO. Now I will move on to a different subject before putting a wrap on this whole article, because I have to get to work at the hostel soon, and I want to learn more about the very thing I am going to talk about: transcription work.

I have been researching how I can make money while traveling abroad, and earn an American wage while doing so. Transcription work is the first, and seemingly the most obvious choice I have come across. Most folks in this day and age are familiar with a keyboard, and if they aren’t they can easily gain access to one and begin practicing. So I have been accepted to work for Babbletype. I have not done any assignments yet, but I have begun to get the emails, and wish very much to venture into them. That is what I will be occupying my time with this morning upon the completion of this article. Working for Babbletype will allow me to earn $5-$8 per hour (until I get better at typing, which is the goal. I am a writer! I want to pump out books!). This is not very much in contrast to the minimum wage in San Francisco of $14.00 an hour (most places pay $15). However! If I am living in Cambodia, and working on my computer as a freelance transcriptionist, making $5-$8 per hour in a country that costs $5.00 per day to live, I might actually be able to save some money! I also have an interest in finding a way to print my HeartofZeus t-shirts in Cambodia or India. I plan to be in Asia for quite some time. I believe my desire to travel will coordinate quite well with my intention to market via selling clothing. My shirts will encourage individuals to read, while also inviting them to the HeartofZeus blog. The shirts designs will be tied together nicely with a bit of art. Okay that’s all I’ve got for now. Peace & Love.


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